Baltimore Brat – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Starring: ,
Approximate Running Time: 49.29 minutes

Kelly Payne is a very strict disciplinarian and is well used to dealing with brats, but she has her work cut out when she meets the Baltimore Brat. When you watch this classic from the Kelly Payne Collection, you’ll understand why it was the 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release for Spanking.

Annie finds herself standing in front of Kelly – attempting to wheedle her way out of the punishment she knows she’s about to receive.

Baltimore Brat is being little Miss Innocent

Her boyfriend, who loves her dearly, contacted Kelly asking for her help. He’s at the end of his rope with Annie. She is constantly rude and thoroughly badly behaved so he hopes that Kelly really can sort out his bratty girlfriend.

Annie immediately tries to lie her way out of trouble. First, Annie feigns surprise at meeting Kelly. Then she denies being a brat to her ever-loving boyfriend.

Kelly is ensuring Baltimore Brat does not escape

Kelly is too smart and won’t stand for any nonsense. Her job is to turn a spoiled brat called into a sweet and loving lady. She is not going to let Annie get away without a heavy spanking.

Kelly starts off with an OTK hand spanking on Annie’s pert little ass. Then Ms. Payne realizes that she’s going to have to bring out the implements-paddles, straps, and the dreaded cane-because her Baltimore brat is still back-talking to her and insisting she is innocent of all accusations.

Kelly immobilizes the pretty blond by binding her wrists together and making her lie face down on the bed. The strapping, tawsing, and caning continues.

Baltimore Brat is being crack caned

Then Kelly has a change of tactics and tells Annie to kneel up on the bed with her very sore, red ass sticking up in the air. She gives Annie instructions to stay like that or else.

When Kelly returns to her brat, she’s wearing a pair of tight-fitting surgical gloves. What Kelly Payne does next takes Annie by surprise. She inserts her finger into Annie’s asshole and finger fucks her there.

She then tapes Annie’s bottom cheeks apart and gives the poor girl a crack caning.

The final method of torture is really cruel: Kelly gives Annie an enema and warns her not to let it out. But unfortunately, some of the water escapes and Annie tries to mop it up without Kelly seeing her. However, Kelly doesn’t miss a trick and gives her Annie yet another spanking.

Filling up the Baltimore Brat

When she does allow Annie to go to the bathroom, she tells her to be quick.

Now, it’s obvious that Annie still hasn’t learned any obedience because takes her time, even after Kelly’s warning. When she returns from the bathroom, she admits to Kelly that she was in there masturbating.

The Baltimore brat just earned herself another uncompromisingly heavy spanking, strapping, and caning from strict Kelly Payne.

A big hug the Baltimore Brat has been tamed

Only once Kelly is sure that Annie is going to be a sweet, little angel does she ask for a hug and ends Annie’s ordeal.

Big Bottom Girls Caned – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 53.04 minutes

This is the story of how and why big bottom girls get caned.

The alarm clock was ringing out shrilly.

“Turn it off for goodness sake,” he grumbles irritably. “What time is it anyway?”

“Seven o’clock,” she replies, banging down hard on the turn off button. Then there is silence.

She starts to get out of bed, but her husband coaxes her to come back to bed for another half hour or so. She protests that if she’s late for work again she’ll get fired.

Half an hour or so later, she gets dressed hurriedly and leaves her husband still in bed.

Meanwhile, her boss is in a stew because her secretary has been late for the second time in the past two weeks. The boss has meetings to attend and she is in need of some documents that her secretary took  home with her.

Flustered, her missing secretary arrives.

Her boss is hopping mad and tells her she’s fired. She needs a secretary she can rely on. And to make matters worse, the secretary has left the briefcase with the documents in it at home.

But the boss relents when her employee begs her not to fire her – she needs the money. She’ll do anything her boss wants.

She obviously doesn’t expect what her boss suggests: she’s going to be spanked.

The spanking starts -- big bottom girls caned

First, the secretary receives a hand spanking. The boss spanks her secretary on top of her skirt and then on her bare bottom. However, that is only the start. Her boss goes on to strap and finally cane her.

Now for the cane because big bottom girls caned

Back home at the flat, her husband has discovered the briefcase, so he gets dressed and hurries round to her office to take it to her.

When he arrives, he witnesses his wife on the receiving end of a vicious caning. He demands to know what is going on.

He comes to a quick decision. He is going to do to the boss all she has done to his wife, including the spanking, strapping, and the caning.

He spanks straps and canes the boss - as big bottom girls caned

Both the boss and the secretary have very red sore asses.

Finally, the wife keeps her job and her boss keeps her secretary.

All’s well that ends well in Big Bottom Girls Caned.

Finally he gives his wife's boss a taste of the cane - big bottom girls caned

First Report – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Arnold and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 13.32 minutes

Arnold is sat relaxing after a hard day at the office. He’s checks the mail and finds an official-looking envelope. When he reads the contents, he is not pleased at all – it’s a first report from Maggy’s headmaster.

When Maggy comes home, unsuspecting, he waves the report under her nose and demands to know why the Headmaster had to cane her in front of the class.

Maggy denies what the Headmaster has written in her first report

She tries to deny it but the Headmaster explained all in his report.

So Arnold takes matters into his own hands. Maybe Maggy doesn’t care about her poor marks in her exams, but Arnold does. He puts her over his knee and starts to spank her on top of her school skirt to prove it.

He starts spanking her -he's disappointed at her first report

As the spanks reign down upon her ass, Maggy wriggles and screams. She tries desperately to escape, but he’s too strong and holds her down easily.

Up goes Maggy’s skirt and Arnold continues with the spanking on top of her pristine white panties – then he tugs them down to her knees and quickens the pace of the spanking. She pleads with him to stop, but he has no intention of doing so until he’s good and ready.

Her sore bottom is due to her first report

He lets her get up off his knee and orders her to fetch the leather strap.

Then Arnold has her bend down while he straps her ever-reddening bottom.

Only when her bottom is glowing a deep, cherry red that he stops the spanking.

Next, Arnold tells Maggy to sit on the couch. He hands her a writing pad and a pen, then dictates to her.

She finds herself having to write to the Headmaster on Arnold’s behalf. He thanks him for the first report and for caning her, and he definitely approves of the punishment. He also tells the Headmaster that he has also punished her.

Therefore, in the future, Maggy’s behaviour, as well as her studies, will be greatly improve. Arnold would appreciate it if the Headmaster would keep him informed of her progress. There should not be any more repeats of the first report.

Demoted To The Fourth – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Emily, Annabel, and Miss Hayworth

Approximate Running Time: 42.25 minutes

Emily and Annabel, two senior girls at St. Stripes Girls School, have been summoned to Miss Hayworth’s office.

The Headmistress lectures them about their many absences from class. However, they are both quite smug – they have notes from their mothers.

She announces their punishment - they are to be demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth examines the notes carefully and compares the signatures with signatures she has on file. The girls’ notes are forged.

Also, the girls’ attitude annoys the headmistress. They are downright rude and insolent.

Miss Hayworth announces that they are going to be demoted to the fourth. This means that all of the privileges they enjoy as senior girls are to be taken away from them. Plus, they must go to the dormitory and dig out their fourth form uniforms and return to her office wearing them.

Both girls protest loudly-it’s going to be embarrassing, but Miss Hayworth has made up her mind.

Their punishment also includes being spanked, strapped, and caned.

She spanks each girl in turn - they know they have been demoted to the fourth

The Headmistress deals with Emily and Annabel  in turn.

Even with very sore, bare asses, they still have an attitude that Miss Hayworth is determined to knock out of them.

The Headmistress doesn’t give an inch. Rudeness, disobedience, and back talk  just increase the number of cane strokes.

being caned - part of their punishment of being demoted to the fourth

Miss Hayworth does win in the end, although it’s quite a battle of wills.

For their final humiliation, the humiliated girls are to stand outside Miss Hayworth’s office in their fourth form uniforms  with their panties around their knees and their sore red asses on display. The real fourth formers will be able to see how the two senior girls have been demoted to the fourth form.

She’s Got No Right – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Samantha, Trudy, and Miss Parker

Approximate Running Time: 31.50 minutes

Trudy Marshall is a bad influence on Samantha, a new girl at the school. While Trudy is always in Miss Parker’s office for being rude and disruptive in class,  Samantha is a new and is easily led astray.

Miss Parker overhears Samantha saying that she’s got no right. The teacher then goes ahead to prove to Samantha just how wrong she is with a harsh spanking.

Samantha regrets her words - she's got no right

The two girls stand side-by-side waiting for Miss Parker.

When the teacher comes into her office, the first thing she notices is that Samantha is not wearing the regulation school uniform. Samantha timidly explains that she is in a highland dancing class.

Miss Parker doesn’t want to see Trudy in her office again;  therefore, she is going to give Trudy a very severe punishment.

Her foolish words - she's got no right - come back to haunt her

The teacher starts off by giving Trudy an over the knee spanking on top of her navy blue panties. The panties are then pulled down to mid-thigh, and Miss Parker continues spanking Turdy on her bare ass.

Trudy then must stand facing the wall with her skirt up and her bright, red ass cheeks on full display.

Now it’s poor Samantha’s turn to go over Miss Parker’s knee.

A few minutes later, the two naughty schoolgirls stand side by side with their skirts up, knickers around their knees, and the inability to soothe their sore asses. Miss Parker leaves the room – but returns with a leather strap a few moments later .

As it turns out - she's got no right is not true

Trudy and Samantha are in turn bent over a vaulting horse to have their sore ass cheeks further beaten with the leather strap.

Finally, Miss Parker uses a cane on the girls.

It’s after the punishment is over that Miss Parker hears Samantha’s unfortunate remark that – ‘She’s got no right.’ So in order to prove to the silly girl how wrong she is – she gets another eighteen strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.

Bad Attitudes – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Elin and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 10.54 minutes

Michael sat in his office to check the reports of some of the students at Girls Boarding School. One particular report took his attention – Simone, a new girl, had been expelled from her previous school because of her bad attitude.

And now at GBS, it seems that she is still being rude and disruptive in class. Three of the older, experienced teachers have complained about her. She contradicted them and called them rude names.

Michael calls her into his office. When he asked her to explain why she had such a bad attitude he got a mouthful of bad language from her.

He’s disgusted with her and tells her he’s going to punish her. She tries to argue but he’s having none of it and orders her to lie bent over the table.

spread eagled over the table having her bad attitudes spanked out of her

For the next few minutes he concentrates on turning her smooth, creamy, white, tight, little ass into a blazing inferno.

The pain, the humiliation having her bad attitudes beaten out of her

After leaving Simone to kneel on a chair in the corner to reflect on her attitude problem, Michael returns and orders her to remove all her clothes. She protests about the humiliation, but he tells her that is part of the punishment.

Michael then has her bent over in various positions while he canes her.

touching her toes for the final six strokes of the cane - goodbye bad attitudes

As a grand finale he gives her six strokes of the cane – she has to count each one and thank him for it.

She is sent to her room to get dressed.

Simone promises Michael that she will no longer have bad attitudes.

Never Steal Again


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Dana and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 04.28 minutes

Dana was caught red-handed by Headmaster Tom – she’s been stealing from his office. Now she is about to be punished so that she will never steal again.

Her bottom is being paddled - she will never steal again

For the first part of her punishment, Dana must bend over a chair to have her bottom paddled. She’s counting the strokes, gasping and crying each time the big, wooden paddle makes contact with her quivering bottom. After forty strokes she is told to stand up.

However, Headmaster Tom is determined to drive home the lesson. He needs to be sure Dana will never steal again. So to make the punishment fit the crime – as she was caught red handed, he’s going to strap her hands.

He tells her to hold out her right hand, then he brings the strap down on the fleshy part of her palm. She shakes her hand and clutches at it. But Headmaster Tom wants to get it over with and tells her to hold out her left. As she does so, you can see her hand trembling.

As she was caught red-handed he reddens her bottom in the hope that she will never steal again.

He straps each hand alternately – ending with both hands at once.

Her hands are red and sore - she will never steal again.

He leaves her looking at her red hands. She will never steal again.

Head Girl


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Mr. Lewis and Justine

Approximate Running Time: 14.20 minutes

Mr. Lewis, a teacher at Girls Boarding School, contacted a Domestic Help Agency in order to find a trustworthy, young lady to be Head Girl while he went away on holiday for a week.

The agency sent Justine – she was well recommended. When Mr. Lewis met her, he explained what he wanted and was impressed by her credentials. She seemed to be just the right person to be Head Girl.

Instead of being away for a week, he cut his holiday short, returning home a couple of days earlier than he intended.

Where is the Head Girl?

What a surprise he got when he let himself into the house. It was in chaos.

The Head Girl has left a trail of chaos

The coffee table was covered in empty bottles and cigarette packets, which overflowed onto the floor.

But Justine was nowhere in sight. He called her to come downstairs. She was just as surprised to see him as he was to be greeted by the mess.

She apologised for the mess, but he was in no mood to listen to excuses.

He reads her the riot act – how disgusted he was to come home to shambles.

Mr. Lewis told Justine he was going to treat her in the same way that the girls who stayed at Girls Boarding School were treated when they misbehaved – he was going to give her a spanking.

She protested loudly, but found herself lying over his knee.

Mr Lewis spanks the Head Girl

She wriggled and screamed, but he ignored her cries of distress and carried on spanking her.
Telling her to stand up, he assured her that the spanking was not over yet – he was going to carry on but with his belt.

He uses  his belt on the head girl's bottom

She had to remove her skirt and bend over with her hands resting on the seat of the couch. Then, with the belt doubled, he brought it down hard on her upturned bottom. He did this time and time again, until all the anger he felt was used up.

He ordered her to remove her knickers and in that state, she was to tidy up.

Justine the Head Girl has to tidy up

Her bottom was a deep, rosy red when he told her to go and stand in the corner with her hands on her head, and to stay in the corner until he returns.

He made up his mind – his Head Girl is going to be a student at Girls Boarding School until she learns how to act more responsibly.

A Matter of Taste


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Lisa and Mr. Lewis

Approximate Running Time: 18.08 minutes

Mr. Lewis, a master at Girls Boarding School, settles down on a lounger at the side of the pool.  He raises a glass of beer to his lips – he’s looking forward to the ice-cold, golden liquid cooling his parched throat – when the phone rings indoors. With a big sigh, he puts down the glass and goes indoors.

Along comes Lisa, a student at Girls Boarding School. She’s bored as all the other girls are away on holiday.

She wanders out of the house and her sharp eyes take in the scene – one empty lounger at the side of the pool and a glass of beer asking to be drank. She takes a cautious sip – she quite likes it – and takes another and another. The taste is growing on her. Then, at the sound of Mr. Lewis returning, she replaces the glass and makes a hasty retreat.

Sitting down on the sun lounger, he lifts the glass to his lips and stops. He’s puzzled, he hadn’t taken more than a sip of the beer prior to going indoors to answer the phone – now how strange that it’s half empty.

He calls Lisa to come outdoors. Obediently she comes out onto the patio, and sits down opposite him.

They discuss what heppened to the disapparing beer

He plays cat and mouse with her. But the truth will come out. Although she denies having drank the beer, he smells it on her breath. Inwardly seething, he deliberately speaks softly to her, telling her to go back indoors and wait for him there;  she’s going to be punished.

She waits for him, nervously fidgeting about and shuffling from one foot to the other.

Now he's getting to the bottom of  the mystery

Once indoors, his quiet voice is replaced by shouting. She has broken at least two of the rules at Girls Boarding School.

1. Students at Girls Boarding School are not allowed to drink alcohol;
2. Stealing is not allowed,

He orders her to remove her shorts and knickers and get over his knee.

The sound of hard hand hitting her bare bottom reverberates around the room, as do Lisa’s shrieks of pain.

Her bottom is red and looks very sore, but he still hasn’t finished with her.

Telling her to stay – he goes off to find a strap.

On his return, he is surprised to find her still in position.

He swings his arm and brings the strap down onto her gyrating bottom.

The end of the punishment is when he tells her he’s going to give her six more strokes of the strap and they are going to be hard and fast. She has to count each stroke, then finally apologises to him.

she realises that it's a matter of taste

She promises never to drink alcohol again – after all it’s a matter of taste and wasn’t to her liking.

Too Many Mistakes


Eleanor Powell


 Starring: Maggy and Headmaster Tom

 Approximate Running Time: 09.02 minutes

Awaiting Punishment







Maggy has made too many mistakes and Headmaster Tom has had enough of it.

Maggy is bent over the back of a wicker chair, her bare, plump bottom twitching as she waits for Head Master Tom to come and deal with her.


The Cane Leaves Its Mark


However, before he punishes Maggy, he lectures her. She was in his office two weeks earlier and the marks are still visible. Now she is back for the same reason as she was previously since she is still making too many mistakes.

Head Master Tom checks through her homework of the previous four days and is dismayed at the number of mistakes she has made. He counts the mistakes and finds twenty-six in all. That is far too many mistakes.

But the worst part is the essay she has written. She was told to write a five hundred-word essay on the Meaning of Life. Her masterpiece read “Life is no picnic…”

Now her already sore bottom is about to find out that life really isn’t a picnic. First he hand spanks her bare bottom and makes it into a deep rosy red. The spanking is followed by the strap. Finally, the cane bites into her tender flesh.

As a further part of her punishment, Maggy is to keep her position – bent over the back of the chair, bottom red and sore in full view. And she is to rewrite the whole four days of homework in two hours.

Maggy tries to rub away the pain

And this time there are to be no mistakes. Because the last time there were too many mistakes.