Whipped Ass – Featuring Cherry Torn And Savannah Fox

Video: Whipped Ass - Featuring Cherry Torn And Savannah Fox
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Studio: WhippedAss.com

Big Booty Lesbian Slut: Bound, Spanked and Anally Dominated!

Mistress Cherry Torn gets her hands on the beautifully notorious, and notoriously horny anal slut slave Savannah Fox! Gagged, bound, flogged, cropped, slapped, and finger fucked, Savannah has multiple orgasms while she sits in a pool of her own pussy juices. Ass worship, pussy worship, face sitting, and anal strap-on fucking warm Savannah up for a DOUBLE PENETRATION pile driver that makes her come all over Cherry's dungeon floor!

Stars: Cherry Torn, Savannah Fox

Elite Pain Interviews – Cathe

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Cathe
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
The thirst for power is an integral part of modern civilization. Although, more correctly, this is the main instinct of humanity at all times. The sight of pain always attracts and fascinates as the burning of fire or water flow. All of us at heart are sorely lacking abuse…we want to watch someone being beaten, humiliated, bullied. And some are even interested in taking the place of the victim. So, no surprise that in almost every country there are secret elite clubs, where wealthy people are able to disguise themselves and meet their most perverted desires and fantasies. Chosen for punishment are usually some delinquent young pretty girls who will live through flogging, needles, genital piercing and electric shocks. In the elite club of pain, there are no prohibitions or restrictions – they must endure the pain to end!

Stars: Catherine, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Lilly

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Lilly
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Lilly is a chubby girl with severe financial problem that made her visit Maximilian to take part in his Elite Pain Interviews. Max starts with a nipple play followed by the body whipping and painful pussy punishment. Check out and see if Lilly is able to pass this test and therefore be approved to participate in Maximilian's next masterpiece.

Stars: Lilly, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Chanel

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Chanel
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Studio: Elite Pain
Shy kindergarten teacher Chanel is in an urgent need of money. She decided to visit Dr. Lomps as she thought it would be the fastest way, but there was one thing she didn't consider...Pain nearly destroyed her as much as her pussy. She thought she was ready for it, but Lomps proved her wrong. By watching a movie, you can see the pain in hair eyes, shame of not being able to hold the pain of clamps. Lomps doesn't pity her, because she's a really bad bitch as she's cheating on her boyfriend right in this movie. Enjoy the movie as you are getting to know about the details of Chanel's private life.

Stars: Chanel, Maximilian Lomp

Top To Bottom

Video: Top To Bottom
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Studio: Shadow Lane

Miss Gregory explains to her supervisor, Mr. Osborne, that Miss Violet is the subject of the session he is about to observe. Miss Violet has bad eating habits and Miss Gregory plans to correct them. Mr. Osborne takes a seat and promises to stay out of her way. Violet arrives late, sullen and disappointed that her favorite therapist is on vacation. Miss Gregory scolds her for being late. Violet tries to reschedule for when Miss Rouge is back, but Miss Gregory won’t permit it. She warns Violet that she has already cancelled two scheduled appointments without proper notice and informs Violet that under her contract, she can be charged up to two hundred dollars for every missed appointment. Miss Gregory promises to waive these penalties if Violet promises to behave and accept her discipline therapy. Violet agrees, but seems inclined to fight Miss Gregory every step of the way. Miss Gregory decides to immediately correct Violet’s bratty attitude with an over the knee spanking. Mr. Osborne makes notes. Miss Gregory gets Violet to admit that she is completely ignoring the healthy eating recommendations she has been given at the clinic.

Miss Gregory tells Violet to take her clothes off while she prepares her therapeutic enema. Violet complains that Miss Rouge always lets her change into cute pajamas for her treatment. Miss Gregory brings her some pajamas to change into but tells her she won’t be allowed to keep them on for long. Miss Gregory places Violet face down on exam table, lubricates her and takes her temperature rectally. Presently she uses a lube shooter to better lubricate Violet for her enema. Miss Gregory gives Violet the bag enema, with a clever dildo nozzle inserted to deliver the warm water. At Miss Gregory's request, Mr. Osborne assists by holding the bag quite high. When Violet claims she can’t hold it any longer, Miss Gregory is very strict and tells her she must, spanking her and squeezing her tummy while Violet is on all fours. By now Violet's pajama bottoms are off and her beautiful little bosom is exposed. When Violet can’t hold the water anymore, Miss Gregory escorts her out of the room, holding the bag. Violet is still plugged with the wiggly dildo nozzle.

Miss Gregory promises Violet a finishing caning, which she deserves for being a disagreeable patient that day. Violet is caned over the spanking bench. Twenty-four thwacks with the cane are administered to the platinum blonde, leaving her ivory bottom scored with pink lines. After the caning, Violet is told to put her clothes back on and depart. As this happens Miss Gregory corrects and scolds Violet for her improper grammar (“Where’s my dress at?”) while taking her by the ear. Violet departs, but she doesn’t go far. Mr. Osborne takes issue with Miss Gregory’s harsh, bossy methods and lack of compassion towards her cute patient. He tell her that she, Miss Gregory, is the one who needs correction most that day and that he has decided to administer it, then and there. He starts with an over the knee spanking.

Violet sneaks back into the room, crawling on all fours, to witness the subsequent correction. Suddenly, a giggle from Violet alerts them that she has come back to watch her dominant get spanked. Mr. Osborne tells Violet she needs a bit more discipline, and from him. The girls are made to kneel, side-by-side, on a leather bench, for more hand spanking and a strapping apiece. Violet doesn’t mind about her extra spanking because she loves that Miss Gregory is getting it too. But then she protests, “She should get the same kind of humiliation I got, the anal kind!” Mr. Osborne tells Violet to be quiet but orders Miss Gregory to produce at least a butt plug to make the punishments more even. Miss Gregory protests but Mr. Osborne threatens to write a scathing report on her methods if she doesn’t submit, so she does. While Miss Gregory receives her plugged, hard strapping, she cries real, visible tears that shoot from her eyes. Finally Miss Gregory begs to be allowed to leave and Mr Osborne gives his permission. Violet enthusiastically hugs him, telling him this was the best session of her life.

Stars: Sarah Gregory, Violet October, John Osbourne

Flaming Asses 2

Video: Flaming Asses 2
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Baylock, Jasmin, Tara White and Marcy need to be disciplined…but this kind of discipline requires only the most willing and the naughtiest of the naughty! Like all good subs it seems they need another punishment session because they didn’t get enough the first time around! Watch them get ball gagged, bound, caned and flogged until those sexy asses are glowing cherry red before they are fucked as a reward. Their marks are the badges of ultimate submission in order to receive the ultimate orgasm. How would you like to play?

Stars: Jasmin, Daria Glower, Marcy, Tara White, Baylock, Victor, J.J.

Lesbica Slut Girlfriend Training

Video: Lesbica Slut Girlfriend Training
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Studio: Brat Perversions Films
Roxanne Rae wants to be MissBratDom’s new girlfriend. In order to be her mistress, she has to be trained in the art of submission. Roxanne is bound in a kneeling position – all the better to take a stiff spanking and whipping before the Mistress inspects with a sniff or two. Next, Roxanne is bound missionary style as pumps are placed on her nipples and her shaved muff! Mistress is impressed by her sex slave’s endurance so she’s rewarded with a massive dildo drilling and clit vibing until she screams with pleasure!

Stars: Roxanne Rae, MissBratDom

Elite Pain Interviews – Nessie

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Nessie
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Nessie is a hot blonde witch who enjoys taking pain. She visited Maximilian to participate in his Elite Pain Interviews and get compensated for taking Max's painful strokes. He starts with a nipple play, followed by the painful body whipping and pussy punishment. Take a peek and see how Nessie passes her first test!

Stars: Nessie, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Bella

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Bella
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews

The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation.

Bella is a 20 year-old cute redhead. She visited Maximilian to participate in his Elite Pain Interviews and earn money in return of taking pain. Max first starts to play with her nipples by attaching clamps to them, followed by the painful breast and body whipping. All ends with electric stimulation and pussy punishment.

Stars: Bella, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Jessica The Painter

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Jessica The Painter
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews

The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation.

Jessica is 19 year-old artist. She came here willing to pass casting director Maximilian Lomp's test in endurance for pain and get paid for that. She want to buy a present to her boyfriend with this money. Jessica is so afraid she can’t stop shaking. Take a peek and see how Max makes her scream and cry!

Stars: Jessica, Maximilian Lomp