Elite Pain Interviews – Angie

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Angie
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Angie is fit and beautiful model and dancer. In her Elite Pain Interview, she is probed by casting director Maximilian Lomp to see how much pain she can take. All starts with her smiling, but soon enough tears start to flow from her eyes caused by Maximilian's painful strokes.

Stars: Angie, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Angel

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Angel
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Angel is a model and she's 29 years old. She came here willing to pass casting director Maximilian Lomp's test in endurance for pain and get paid for that. Max first attaches clamps to her sensitive nipples, then starts to whip her butt, vagina and tits. Angel ends up with teary eyes; serious pain is shown on her facial expression.

Stars: Angel, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – 18 year old Candy

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - 18 year old Candy
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Candy is a mere 3 months past her 18th birthday but she is ready and very curious to see how she can fare with Max. She removes her shirt and is immediately subjected to breast clamps and nipple twisting but that doesn't deter her in the least. So, Max instructs her to remove her panties, sit on a stool and spread her legs in preparation for the remainder of the punishment he is about to bestow.

Stars: Candy, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Anna The Artist

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Anna The Artist
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Anna is 23 year-old artist and this is her first time trying BDSM. To test her endurance for pain, Max first uses the multi-tail whip to strike her thighs. Followed by an intense pussy punishment. All ends with Max piercing her nipple and vagina! Anna has definitely passed the test.

Stars: Anna, Maximilian Lomp

Elite Pain Interviews – Andy

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Andy
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews

The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation.

Andy is 28 years old, looking nervous and scared at the beginning of Max's test. Andy's not sure if she's willing to obey every order her casting director is about to give her. Max starts with clamping/whipping her nipples and tits, followed by the pussy punishment. He makes sure her butt gets some of the serious whipping too! At the end Andy's body is covered with red cane marks.

Stars: Andy (Female), Maximilian Lomp

The Journalist

Video: The Journalist
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Studio: Elite Pain
A female journalist enters the Elite Club as a spy to report on what happens in the club. Dr. Lomp finds out her purpose and submits her to a severe interrogation including electro stimulation on her pussy. The journalist is strong and able to withstand the pain in the beginning. But, will she tell the truth in the end?

Stars: Clarissa, Maximilian Lomp

Delinquent Daughter-In-Law

Video: Delinquent Daughter-In-Law
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Studio: Shadow Lane

After blowing $7,000 on nightclub bottle service at a bachelorette party, Summer scrambles to pay the bill before her husband finds out. Going to her wealthy mother in law in desperation, Summer gets down on her knees and begs Sylvia to pay her debt and keep her financial misbehavior a secret from her husband. Summer's wish is granted, but at the price of her lily white bottom. Sylvia spanks, hairbrush spanks and leather paddles some remorse into her carefree daughter-in-law with determination, and not a little satisfaction, as she always suspected her daughter-in-law was a spoiled brat.

In the first act, Summer receives an over the knee hand spanking, over her skirt, panties and on the bare bottom. A hairbrush is then firmly applied to Summer's lush backside until the auburn haired minx yells out for mercy. After a short pause, the admonitory punishment resumes. Summer's creamy globes go from white to pink to red, as the naughty girl squirms and squeals.

In act two, a nude Summer Hart reveals more curves than a scenic highway as Sylvia bends her over the piano bench for more corporal punishment. Now Summer is disciplined with an oval English leather paddle and the dreaded wooden hairbrush as well as Sylvia's hand.

At the conclusion, the chastened Summer is made to kneel before her new mistress and kiss the palm of the hand that has just spanked her. Extremely fair of face and exquisitely proportioned, Summer Hart has the figure of a fertility goddess and the demeanor of an innocent and well reared girl, an irresistible combination in a spankee. Venus Divine is back with a sleek new look, and her own Boston brand of dominant energy. No mistress takes greater wicked delight in reducing a submissive to stammers and blushes than this powerful top lady. Terrific action, delicious reactions and hot button dialog are the hallmarks of this instant Shadow Lane woman spanks girl classic.

Stars: Ms. Venus Divine, Summer Hart

Uber Die Schmerzgrenze

Video: Uber Die Schmerzgrenze
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Studio: Eronite Movie Productions
Today really isn’t Anja’s day. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time! While taking a walk in the park, the merciless and sadistic Monsieur Desdenova was out patrolling for a new slave – and guess who he picked? She’s quickly sequestered to his dungeon where she gets a crash course in being an obedient submissive. Just when she thought she could make a run for it; she’s caught by her master’s brother…who is also a Dom. Before you know it Anja is rebound, DP’ed, coated in cum and flogged for her trouble before her debauchery is completed!

Stars: Anja, Monsieur Desdenova, Olaf the Beast, Bernd deNova

Fem/Fem Spanking

Video: Fem/Fem Spanking
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Studio: Julie Simone Productions
Eden Alexander, Nikki Sebastian, and Julie Simone all think they’re pretty tough when they talk about how they’re going to spank your ass, but when their bottoms are the ones getting spanked it’s a very different story! Elena DeLuca, Kelly Payne, and Julie Simone have them kicking and pleading in no time, but the three women show no mercy and keep spanking until the offending bare bottoms are a nice, deep shade of red!

Stars: Julie Simone, Kelly Payne, Nikki Sebastian, Eden Alexander, Elena Deluca

In The Moment

Video: In The Moment
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

Mistress Evie dominates big slave David under Her ass and pussy. Tongue service is demanded and she spends quality time having her pussy cleaned and her lips sucked before turning and having him clean her brown hole. She grabs a vibrator and applies it to her young clit so that more juices run down his throat.

Insatiable Mistress Evie continues to demand tongue service. His face stays buried the whole time mostly in her ass. She loves queening him and has another small orgasm while he is rimming her. Mistress Evie does some final face sitting; putting her high heels on either side of his head and having him lick her asshole clean one final time. All this tongue service has made Her very horny and when she is horny she gets mean. She uses a crop and then a spanker to redden his ass.

Some final spanks with the spanker and then Mistress Evie uses the hard wooden paddle on his red ass. She climbs up on top and he can feel her wet pussy on his back as she punishes his ass. She moves to the cane and beats his ass while standing. This makes Her very horny as she knows it really hurts. She fingers her pussy harder the more he squeals and the harder she hits.

The cane strikes come hard and fast and so does Mistress Evie. Beating him has made Her so horny she fingers herself to climax as she finishes punishing his ass with the cane. Now he is standing and she has put weights on his cock. She laughs at his humiliation as she ties his cock head up to his neck and torments him. She sits him in the chair after having a good laugh at his humiliation. She smears a bit of HEAT to add to his discomfort. She slowly removes her blue corset giving him a perfect view of her perfect breasts. She whips his cock topless.

Mistress Evie knows her perfect tits drive him crazy. She wants him very horny for the milking so she allows him to worship her breasts. He sucks on both her perfect tits as she whips his cock. She gets the violet wand and shocks his cock as he sucks on her tits. Time to finish him off. She sits down on his knee and milking him out into a small vase. She slowly pours it all down his throat while smiling.

Stars: Mistress Evie, Slave David (Male)