Women Who Spank Men Vol. 1

Video: Women Who Spank Men Vol. 1
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Shadow Lane presents one of their hardest punishment spanking tapes. Two dominant women give Tom Byron the thrashing of his life. Excessive amounts of over the knee spanking, hair brush spanking, paddling, strapping and finally, caning, fill this tape with wall to wall whacks. This is very severe action with no huggy-bear kissy-face mercy. Highly recommended to those who really like a punishment session to go on and on and on.

Stars: Jennifer Antone, Christine Justice, Tom Byron

Mister Attitude

Video: Mister Attitude
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection

Daisa’s sister-in-law calls because she needs a caring ear and shoulder to cry on. Her husband, has been a real prick lately. Daisa gives her sister some advice on how to stop his terrible behavior she tells her that maybe what he needs is what his mother used to give him…a good, sound, over the knee bare bottom spanking.

When her husband walks in, Daisa tells her brother off and decides she will show her sister in law just what she means by taking him over her knee and spanking his bare ass. Then his wife takes a turn and realizes she really likes this. He becomes somewhat humbled by the spanking, but his wife feels he needs some more direction. So she takes him into the bedroom and tells him to pleasure her by eating her pussy. Every time he fucks up, she disciplines him…first with her hairbrush, then she makes him worship her feet over and over again until he gets it right. After getting aroused she decides to sit on his cock until she orgasms. This video has a lot of spanking, foot worship, and red hot sex.

Stars: Miss Daisa

Tony’s First Enema

Video: Tony's First Enema
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Tony had an appointment and did not seem to have any respect for Kelly Payne or her business. He showed up over 30 minutes late. She was really pissed. As they began his enema session he insisted on giving me a hard time. Getting smart and answering her back. So Kelly had to teach him a lesson right off the back with a good sound spanking over her knee which he was not expecting. He had a nice ass. His ass really turned her on, which is evident in the video. He gets his ass hole worked over in this video with Kelly’s fingers, a long rubber anal intruder which made him moan and a prostate massager. His ass hole was so tight she had to use dilators to open him up. He was given some fleet enemas along with a 2 qt bag enema with a large nozzle which made him whine. He continued to be smart and question Miss Payne so once again he was spanked this time harder, he squirmed a lot. He was so smart he began grinding into her when she had him in a scissor hold and she almost had an orgasm. He wanted to see me lose control and I did on his bottom.

Stars: Kelly Payne, Tony

Tracey Adams Girls School

Video: Tracey Adams Girls School
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Lili Xene tells Tracey Adams the girl slaves are just not working out at this school and she doesn’t know what to do anymore. Lili instructs the slave to bring in the other slaves. Tanya Fox comes into the room and her garters are wrong and must get fixed. Tanya has to put on latex accessories and must tie up Lili’s boots and fucks up. There’s a spanking from Mistress Tracey and also humiliation and bondage from Tracey’s assistant Lili Xene.

Stars: Tracey Adams, Lili Xene, Sue Nero, Tanya Fox


Video: Obsession
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Watch what happens when Obsession takes control! A man “Obsessed” with lady’s panties is caught taking a whiff in a ladies bedroom with hands all over her panties and clothing. Hard spanking, discipline, and servitude is the punishment for his obsession with woman’s underwear, Daisa and her friend administer hard paddling, spanking, and have him administer foot worship to them in the 45 minute action filled video.

Stars: Miss Daisa, Miss Rebecca, Greg

No Pain No Gain

Video: No Pain No Gain
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Studio: Gotham Gold
In fitness circles it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “No pain, no gain.” Well, that’s common in fetish circles too! In this classic fetish title from 1992, these fitness freaks are about to get a whole lot freakier with some light rope bondage, toe-sucking, and super-sexy spandex spanking. Let’s get physical!

Stars: Michelle Gabriel, Gianna, Spikette, Sharon Sands, Julian Starr, Spike

The Delivery

Video: The Delivery
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
A delivery boy is caught stealing when the lady turns around to get money to pay him. Instead of calling his job, she decides he would be better off learning his lesson with a good, sound, old-fashioned over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking. He resists at first, but she does not care. This young man needs to be taught that stealing is just not right, and after she is done with him, he promises he will never do it again.

Stars: Kelly Payne

Threshold Of Fear

Video: Threshold Of Fear
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Studio: B & D Pleasures

It all started for Rick and Linda as a normal day, with Linda tied up in her daily activities (with Rick doing the tying), but a chance step through an unlocked door turns into a leap across the Threshold of Fear!

You know the feeling. Every now and then life takes you passed a threshold; a place where pain, fear, and anxiety are comforting thoughts, where dominance and submission blend and the most bizarre acts are taken for commonplace.

Stars: Tina Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Ashley Renee, Jay Dee

Super Spanking Revue 5

Video: Super Spanking Revue 5
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Studio: Shadow Lane
It doesn’t matter if you’re a naughty girl or super kinky stud. These dominating men and women are going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget! Welcome to the 5th “Super Spanking Revue” where the kinky are put over the knee, caned, flogged…and some are even tickled until they learn the error of their ways! Some girls even plug their assholes with a dildo to take the sting out of the spankings they receive for being the bad girls they can’t help being in over an hour of cheek tingling stimulation!

Stars: Ms. Venus Divine, Violet October, Eve Howard, Ten Amorette, Samantha Grace, Sophia Locke, Cheyenne Jewel, Casey Calvert, Sarah Gregory, Koko Kitten, Ashley Edmonds, Miss Chris, Snow Mercy, Stephanie Locke, Maggie Mayhem, Joelle Barros, Clare Fonda, Zille DeFeu, Christy Cutie , Chelsea Pfeiffer, Nikki Rouge, Ralph Marvell, Rifferus, Lawrence Selden, Keith Jones, Walter Whipple, Henry Rider, Butch Simms

Jaded Mistress

Video: Jaded Mistress
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Studio: Gotham Gold
Louis is visiting Japan for the first time and has set up an appointment with Mistress Kembra. She explains that in her Geisha he must entertain her. She orders him to give her a strip-tease and she then paddles him. Mistress Kembra really likes to give him a beating on his ass. Louis gets blind folded and gagged. She enjoys practicing her kicking techniques. This dragon lady teaches Louis how to be her prefect slave.

Stars: Mistress Kembra, Louis