The New Principal

Video: The New Principal
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Studio: PunishedBrats

After a series of wild parties and other problems, The Amber Wells’ Academy For Girls dismissed the beloved principal to be replaced by Miss Veronica who has a more traditional view of discipline. Things that used to fly by under the old principal’s watch will no longer be permitted under the New Principal’s regiment. She’s strict and believes in corporal punishment.

Scene 1: Getting to know you

Miss Veronica introduces herself to the student body, and was in the process of explaining the new disciplinary process when Cadence decided to mouth off. Suddenly, Cadence was taken to the front of the class for a humiliating and hard bare bottom spanking. After her punishment the tearful girl was informed that she will be spending the week in detention with Miss Veronica.

Scene 2: Cadence Protests

Cadence arrived on time for her detention but felt the need to complain about being spanked in front of the class the day before. Cadence was shocked to learn that she will receive corporal punishment for the rest of the week. She was made to remove her skirt, bend over Miss Veronica’s desk; her panties lowered and was then spanked to tears with a leather paddle.

Scene 3: Sleeper Awake

Cadence was summoned to Miss Veronica’s office early in the morning. She arrived still in her pajamas. Miss Veronica informed Cadence that she was called out of town on a family emergency so they would not be spending the afternoon together. At first, Cadence thought she had escaped that day’s punishment, but suddenly was made to bend over a chair, her PJ bottoms lowered and fund herself being punished with the academy strap. After her punishment was over, Miss Veronica made the tearful girl walk back to the dorm without her PJ bottoms so all could see the result of the punishment as a warning to all.

Scene 4: Three Cheers

Cadence, asked Miss Veronica if she could be excused from detention as she needed to participate in cheer practice if she wanted to cheer in the big game on Saturday. Miss Veronica agreed but not before she was spanked in standing position on her bare bottom. Before allowing the girl to run off to practice, the principal confiscated her panties so the all could see her freshly spanked bottom.

Scene 5: The Apology

This is her final day in detention and she apologizes for her bratty behavior. Miss Veronica noted that the best way to show her remorse was to accept her spanking with a minimum of fuss. When told to come over Miss Veronica’s lap she did so without complaint. Soon, she found herself unable to control herself as the principal’s hard hand fell upon her bottom.

Stars: Cadence, Miss Veronica

The Lost Key

Video: The Lost Key
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Pig-tailed redhead Amy trudges up the stairs to the gathering room but, once there, realizes she has forgotten her key. Again. When she rings the bell Headmaster Tom pulls her into the room and lines her up in the corner to wait for his return.
,br /> When he returns he orders her to remove her trousers and knickers and to bend over for punishment. Headmaster Tom remarks on the sores already on her bottom for losing her key previously. Now here she is again for a caning. Afterward he makes her leave - semi-nude and sobbing.

Stars: Amy, Headmaster Tom

Pure Spanking Punishment

Video: Pure Spanking Punishment
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Punishments take many different positions. Jenny begins with a paddling while she’s on her knees with only a top on. It continues with her lying flat across a table. Then the Headmaster has her on her knees again, this time atop a chair and the cane is the instrument of choice. He finishes the caning with Jenny completely nude and bent over a table.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Original Classic Stags 008 – The Whip

Video: Original Classic Stags 008 - The Whip
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Studio: Alpha Beta Media
Original Classic Stags features a threesome between a male and two females…The male is dominant while the blonde is submissive…The brunette starts out as a dominant participant but then everything heads into a downward spiral when the table turns on her and she experiences what it’s like to be on the receiving end on a whip and dick!

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My Pantyhose

Video: My Pantyhose
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The tables are turned once again as one student administers punishment to another. Abby is caught wearing another student’s “borrowed” fishnet pantyhose. So in order to cut to the chase, Abby, on the ground and on her toes, is given a spanking with a strap on her borrowed panty-hosed bottom.

Stars: Abi

Learning or Swimming

Video: Learning or Swimming
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The Headmaster leaves Samantha to do her homework and then go to bed. She has barely done anything in the last two hours. After he leaves she immediately doffs her clothing and runs to the pool. When Headmaster returns unexpectedly, she reluctantly leaves the pool dripping wet. But that’s ok because for what’s coming she doesn’t need any clothes.

She climbs the stone steps barefoot and with just a towel as a covering. Headmaster bends her over a table and gives her a proper punishment with a paddle.

Stars: Samantha, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Susan – Flooded Floor

Video: New Resident Susan - Flooded Floor
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Mr. Lewis is inspecting the filthy bathroom. He calls in Susan, who is employed as his housekeeper. She claims she did her best but he insists it’s disgusting. He gives her 30 minutes to do a proper job. Mr. Lewis leaves and she gets to work.

When he returns, Mr. Lewis promptly slips on the newly clean and wet floor and lands on his bottom. He intends to show her how his girls are punished but giving her a hard, hand spanking while he chastises. Soon he makes her take down her trousers and panties and then the spanking really causes her to grimace. And before he leaves he gives her a toothbrush to being the cleaning again.

Stars: Susan, Mr. Lewis

Her Special Day

Video: Her Special Day
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Planning Session: Bridezilla Brittney is unhappy with every detail of her upcoming wedding. When she berates her wedding planner, Uncle David takes her aside for a lesson in proper behavior.

Seating Arrangement: Brittney is livid that Aunt Millie is seated at the head table. She pitches a fit and demands she be moved if she’s to be allowed to attend at all. David asserts control and uses a paddle to get bride Brittney to see the value of her elders.

Conflict: Brittney is spanked for smacking her fiance with her phone in a fit of rage. She promises to tone down her hostile attitude but her uncle David is going to make sure she has changed her ways before letting her off his lap.

The Talk: Brittney is pitching a royal fit over minor wedding details and her event planner is on the verge of quitting. Time for Uncle David To have another talk with her; this time using the strap for added emphasis.

Locked Door: It’s finally Brittney’s wedding day but she is having last minute jitters and suddenly hates her dress. She has locked herself in a room and refuses to come out. Uncle David is sent in to reason with the girl and see to it that she makes it down the aisle.

Stars: Brittney, David Pierson

Borrowed Clothes

Video: Borrowed Clothes
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Jane’s in the bathroom trying on a skirt when Mr. Lewis barges in and accuses her of stealing clothes. When she confesses the clothes are not hers, he bends her over the toilet and gives her bottom a right hard paddling with a strap.

Jane’s bottom grows redder and redder with each crack of the leather strap. It goes on and on as he places her in the tub and continues. He leaves after making sure Jane will return all of the clothes. She sprays her hot bottom with cold water before sitting down in the tub and sobbing.

Stars: Jane, Mr. Lewis

Russian Girl In America

Video: Russian Girl In America
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Studio: Desert Wind Videos
A stunning, young Russian girl comes to America and ends up with a much older boyfriend! But as payment, the submissive brunette agrees to be the submissive in their burgeoning relationship! The older boyfriend wants his Russian lady to be even more obedient and do more things around the house for him! The older boyfriend gets his kicks by spanking the beautiful Russian girl right on her firm buttocks! If you like seeing a breathtaking Russian beauty get spanked, this movie should be right in your wheelhouse!