Santa Jane

Video: Santa Jane
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Christmas time is about giving. But Jane has been giving all to herself. Instead of playing Santa, she’s sat around eating all the candy and chocolates meant for the girls. And when Mr. Lewis, the Headmaster, discovers that she’s sold all the other girls’ gifts for makeup for herself, he is livid. How selfish can a girl be? Did she not think of her punishment for such bad deeds?

He puts Jane over his knee and begins to give her a hard, hand spanking, first over her uniform skirt, then on her bare bottom. Eventually he has her hand him a nearby paddle. To further her humiliation, she will have to explain, bare bottomed, to the entire school what has happened to their Christmas presents.

Stars: Jane, Mr. Lewis

Stand Up!

Video: Stand Up!
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The Headmaster tries to help Dana with her homework but she’s just not getting it, leaving him no choice but to bring out the punishment tools. He must try in his own way to teach her mathematics. He has her stand in front of him, lifts up her skirt and gives her a hand spanking while she works on her lessons. Dana’s plump bottom is already welted from previous punishments.

When this spanking does not seem to work, he continues using the leather tawse. Soon, after every wrong answer to the equations, the tawse gives way to the paddle. Eventually he puts Dana over his knee.

The Headmaster then leaves, urging Dana to finish before he returns in five minutes or they will have to start again; with the hand, with the tawse, with the paddle and maybe with the cane.

Stars: Dana, Headmaster Tom

Spanking In Progress

Video: Spanking In Progress
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The sign on the door says it all – “Do Not Enter! Spanking in Progress.”

Her face obscured by a mop of blonde hair, a student endures an over the knee hand spanking by Headmaster Tom. At first, she remains fully clothed, in jean jacket, cargo pants and trainers. But the spanking scenario graduates from her bare bottom to her completely unclothed naked body. The prolonged spanking draws whimpering and struggling but in the end the student is left in the corner, her hands above her head.

Stars: Headmaster Tom

Playing With The Ball

Video: Playing With The Ball
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Playing with a ball in his office, silly Jodie has broken one of the Headmaster’s pictures. There must be a punishment that follows such careless behavior.

The Headmaster summons Jodie and makes her bring a chair so that he can give her a hard hand spanking over his knee. He makes her fetch a hairbrush so that he can continue the spanking, and it progresses from her jeans covered bottom to her bare, red behind. She’s left on the floor, massaging her poor, sore bum.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

Russian Slaves #85 – Discipline In Russian Convent Part 2

Video: Russian Slaves #85 - Discipline In Russian Convent Part 2
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
For these two attractive, slender Russian girls, discipline in a Russian convent means erotic spankings. Watch as the girls are disciplined into good behavior and very red asses. They beg for their father to take them home, but it seems they’ll need another six months of correcting!

Stars: Nadya Dozorova, Nina Govorkina, Alla Novikova, Nikita Mihalkov, Ura Zotov


Video: Spellbound
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Studio: Fantasy Island Clubs
The witch's coven leader has disappeared; Witch Crystal calls the rest of the coven together. Together they decide to hold a conjuring to find out what had happened to him. Mina and Carly are put into positions of pain by Crystal to conjure the Pain Demon Mooredread. When Mooredread appears, he is controlled by Carly who has stolen the coven Leader's Pentagram, and teases both Mina and Crystal. Moordread subdues Crystal, and under Carl's command, he proceeds to tease both Mina and Crystal. In her excitement over taking control of the demon, and help with the tease of her sister witches, Carly looses the amulet, and her control of Mooredread... Who immediately pounces on her and places her into severe pain.

Stars: Crystal White, Carly Daniels, Spooky Nottingham, Marc Wolfe

Detention Day

Video: Detention Day
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We’ve seen the sign on the door – “Detention Day! Do Not Enter Clothed.” When Jodie approaches the door she seems a bit taken aback. But she immediately begins to completely disrobe, leaving her clothes on a bench on the patio.

She rings the doorbell and the Headmaster answers, flinging her against the nearest wall. He leaves and returns with a list of her transgressions, including an encounter with the local police. Even Jodie agrees she deserves a punishment, maybe even a caning.

She assumes the position over a chest of drawers. The Headmaster begins the caning, leaving long, red marks on her bottom. When finished, he leaves Jodie standing against the wall, arms over her head. Detention Day has begun and it is only 9 am.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

Innocents Taken

Video: Innocents Taken
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Welcome to the school of hard knocks where young neophytes are instructed on the sexually sadistic ways of the kinkier side of sex! When these mischievous ladies are caught red-handed, they are bent over and spanked until they’re bottoms are beet red before being fed a fat cock…or made to dive face-first into a tight slit! They are led into complete depravity – and love every taboo minute of it! Tender young teens spanked, punished sucked and fucked! Their innocence snatched away in repeated acts of debauchery including lesbian strap-on fun, lesbian anal penetration, male-on-female anal penetration, facials and much more! These are hard lessons to swallow for these novices, as no holes are left virgin in this dirty playground of decadence!

Stars: Tarra White, Blue Angel, Cindy Hope, Lola, Kristine, Yvette Balcano, Nick Lang, J.J.

I Hate Spanish

Video: I Hate Spanish
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Mr. Lewis summons Taylor to his office. After admonishing her for her poor studies, he says he must leave for two hours. But he leaves her with tools to study her Spanish exercises. She protests that she would rather be out in the sunshine but he insists there will be no recreation until she has studied. Unfortunately, Taylor soon realizes that the cassette player Mr. Lewis left behind also plays the radio. So instead of studying she begins listening to music.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Lewis returns unexpectantly and catches her bobbing her head to forbidden rock music. This behavior deserves punishment. He bends her over the office table and begins a caning, first over her plaid uniform skirt, then over her white regulation panties, then on her bare bottom. When he is finished, Taylor is standing in the corner, knickers around her ankles, rubbing her bum and practicing her Spanish. Badly.

Stars: Taylor, Mr. Lewis

Taboo Teens Get Their First Spanking

Video: Taboo Teens Get Their First Spanking
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Their bodies are soft and supple. Their skin is soft to the touch. Their asses are round, and beautiful, just waiting to be tanned to a slightly reddened state. This collection of ten newcomers begs and pleads to no avail. These helpless (legal) teenagers get the relentless spankings they deserve, revealing their true, dirty, secret desires.

Stars: Helena Sweet, Valentina Blue, Debra Rush, Honey Lovely, Lolly Cat, Lana, Felicia, Nikita, Naomi, Olga, Ben Kelly, Jigster, Sexy Sunny