The Project 69

Video: The Project 69
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Studio: Vid Tech
VID Tech presents this outrageous showcase featuring the timelessly sexy Blondie bound up and punished good and vicious, by a bald, bearded master! She needs to be trained so that she learns some respect! Oh, she will, and our master will use clamps, whips, and various spanking implements!

Stars: Kerri Downs, Nick Long (i)

Wheel Of Pain 6

Video: Wheel Of Pain 6
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Studio: Elite Pain
It’s time for two new contestants to step up and prove their endurance. In the 6th installment of Wheel of Pain two lovely ladies are ready to compete to see who is the bigger pain slut. After taking a few strokes across her bottom, the first contestant bows out gracefully; leaving room for the challenger to take it all! The blonde haired challenger is bound standing and laying to receive her lashes like a trooper and to be crowned the new Champ.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp

School Girl Punishments

Video: School Girl Punishments
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Alpha Blue Archives presents you the movie from an old century packed with naughty schoolgirls ready to be punished. This is a school where girls are nothing more than helpless students begging their masters to punish them any way possible. If you like seeing schoolgirls punished, you won't want to miss out on this.

Anal Invasion

Video: Anal Invasion
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Studio: Wasteland
Master Johnny has much in store for his slave Debbie. First, she is bound in a kneeling position, as Johnny administers a flogging she won't soon forget. He's not quite done with her yet though. She is bent over a bench where her pierced pussy is subjected to a fierce rubbing. Johnny can control himself no longer and inserts his cock into her ready asshole. He leaves her with a milky load.

Stars: Debbie, Master Johnny

Southern Discomfort

Video: Southern Discomfort
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Lloyd Kern had disappointed Mistress Nikki Rouge like never before. While on a trip to Vegas Lloyd blew all his allowance in strip clubs. When he asked for more money; Mistress Nikki gave him a good spanking! She pulls him over her knee and swats his ass until his bottom is beet red and he has learned his lesson!

Stars: Nikki Rouge, Lloyd Kern

Training Of Sharon 2

Video: Training Of Sharon 2
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Studio: California Star Productions
Cal Star presents "Training of Sharon 2," starring Ronni Dixon and Michael Sharp. Sharon, now happily married to Kev, becomes bored with being the little housewife, and asks Ken for the old fun and games to put some spice back into their lives. Ken, more bored than Sharon, is more than agreeable to putting her back into obedience training. Watch as his gag silences, his ropes bind, and their love overpowers both of them!

Stars: Ronni Dixon, Michael Sharp

Lomp’s Court – Case 9

Video: Lomp's Court - Case 9
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Studio: Elite Pain
Lomp's Court is a strange case. Two girls have their own dispute and the judge's duty is to find who is right and who is wrong. This task usually requires the use of the well known Electric Device which usually makes all girls "sing". As it frequently happens, in the end it turns out that both girls are eligible for the most severe punishment.

Stars: Nicole Brown, Maximilian Lomp

Lady Shiva Bitch – Lektion A. Fur Meine Sissy Zofe

Video: Lady Shiva Bitch - Lektion A. Fur Meine Sissy Zofe
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Studio: Amator
The basic training for the studio maid is announced for the little sissy today. She has been waiting in her uniform for 8 weeks now. It is her first complete transformation to Sissy and she is nervous, of course and even spills the champagne. Then only a resolute punishment by her mistress helps to get her back on track. After a whipping and caning; her little repentant sub offers up her ass to the mistress to be fucked. She may beg, but won’t be set free until the mistress deems it so!

Stars: Lady Shiva

A Strict Affair: Lessons in Discipline And Obedience

Video: A Strict Affair: Lessons in Discipline And Obedience
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Studio: Bizarre Video Classics
Mistress Jacqueline is not only skilled at bringing her submissives to heel, she's also rather adept at making them engage in super sexy activities while she punishes them! Watch as she spanks her naughty slaves Courtney and Flame, blindfolds them, puts them in restraints, and basically just uses them as she pleases!

Stars: Courtney, Flame, Mistress Jacqueline

Lomp’s Court – Case 10

Video: Lomp's Court - Case 10
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Studio: Elite Pain
Appearing before Lomp's Court is always a risky obligation. The mad judge has very harsh methods to find out the truth in each case. Once the truth is revealed the sinner can expect even harsher physical punishments from the insane judge who acts in the name of the prosecutor too. No attorney is allowed in this courtroom, so you can be assured that the girl standing before the judge is going to have a really hard time. The hard caning is just the beginning.

Stars: Jasmine, Maximilian Lomp