Taboo Teens: Brats

Video: Taboo Teens: Brats
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Studio: Bizarre Video

It’s a bad bad day for our Janice. Caught in several detractions from the school rules, she arrives in the principal’s office for a lecture and an unexpected castigation. The principle is determined to give Janice a lasting impression to change her bad school behavior. Janice finds herself in for a blistering experience at the end of the principles implements. A light slippering starts it off but the day rapidly warms up as she is made to endure a strapping followed by a hard paddling and then a dose of the cane. After promising to reform all of her behaviors she is allowed to leave and comfort herself. Janice does just that in an ending that surprises both her and us.


Valerie’s smoking habit does not sit well with her mother. A surprise visit by her mother while she is lighting up, leads to an unfortunate dilemma for the poor young girl. Deny, deny, deny becomes her strategy when she is faced with a torrent of scolding. This response only infuriates mom who decides to teach her daughter a painful lesson about smoking in the house. First it’s a hand spanking over her panties then she is stripped naked for a dose of the paddle. Valerie’s once smooth creamy posteriors are gradually turned to a blistered cherry red. She wails screams and cries as mother employs the paddle with frustrated enthusiasm and shoves a cigarette up her ass to emphasize the point. Bruised and sore and finally left along, Valerie rubs herself down back and front and then but finds her habit a hard one to kick.


Little Zara’s pert round bum is in for a butt blistering at the hands of her mother. The recalcitrant student has been skipping school and lax in her studies. It’s over the knee with her for a hand spanking that leaves her smooth rounded bottom pink and smarting even through her panties. But when Mother catches her with her hands in her pussy instead of on her books, it’s on the bare for the young tart. Mother smacks and slaps away until Zara’s alabaster cheeks are red and bruised. The warmth in her blazing backside has swelled to the front of her body. She rubs her burning bottom and quivering quim to a subtle but satisfying orgasm, while dreaming about her next spanking.


Summoned to the Principles office for a lecture on her misbehavior, Karen is in for a pleasant surprise when she learns that the principle intends to warm her bottom. The Principle starts off applying the ruler to her skirt covered bottom but when this illicit only smart remarks from the girl, she elevates the intensity with a ruler then a cane. The little minx is getting turned on even though her bottom is covered with welts. The Principal gets a bit worked up as well concludes the session by impaling her little charge on the end of her strap-on dildo.

Stars: Valerie, Zara, Veronika Carso, Lolly Cat, Lucy Lee (ii), Laura M., Madam Domina, Andre Baylock

What A Mess

Video: What A Mess
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Clothing on the floor, clothing hanging on the door and cascading out of drawers. This is the mess Headmaster Tom encounters when he cautiously enters Jodi’s room. She pleads no time but this is a case for punishment.

Headmaster throws her across his lap and gives her a hearty hand spanking on her rear end, eventually lowering her panties. When he is finished he gives her five minutes to repair the room. Or else.

Stars: Jodi, Headmaster Tom

Das Fickommando – Versaute Amazonene Auf Spermahagd

Video: Das Fickommando - Versaute Amazonene Auf Spermahagd
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Studio: Foxy Media
Some Women were just born to fuck! And Foxy Media is very excited to present Das Fickommando - Versaute Amazonene Auf Spermahagd. These ladies are the fuck commandos! If there’s an operation that’s too dangerous for most soldiers, these sexy and uninhibited ladies are more than willing to do what it takes to get the job done! If you like your ladies with camo and body paint, this is the one for you!

Blue Monday – Blue Bottom

Video: Blue Monday - Blue Bottom
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Headmaster Tom hurries towards and into a large warehouse. He calls up a long flight of stairs for Jenny who comes down minus her knickers. She has been spotted with two boys during school hours.

When she returns without her skirt, Headmaster Tom administers the cane to her bare bottom as she climbs the rungs back upstairs.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Gayle And Joy’s Tag Team Domination

Video: Gayle And Joy's Tag Team Domination
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Studio: Iron Belles
Gayle Moher and tag team partner, Joy, are being stalked in Vegas and they bring their stalker into their room. They throw him to the bed and proceed to tag up together against him in an action-packed tag team domination video clip. Watch Gayle take the lead and instruct Joy on how to dominate this stalker. Gayle also puts him in various scissor holds, head locks, spankings and even some foot fetish along the way.

Stars: Joy, Gayle Moher

Master X & Sub Samantha

Video: Master X & Sub Samantha
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Studio: BDSM.XXX
BDSM fans get ready for another female getting dominated and humiliated the way she should be! Samantha is a dirty, dirty girl and needs to be punished! The masked Master X is ready, willing and more than able to teach this naughty brunette a lesson she won’t soon forget! Usually it's the subs who take that sort of thing so seriously for anonymity sake, but in this instance the mask Master X wears has a different role to play. Master X knew he would have a hard time keeping a straight face the first time he put Samantha Bentley into service. He bends her over for a good spanking before she’s bound Shibari-style with rope! Next, she’s subjected to a fingering while her clit is Hitachi’ed to drive this dirty little bird over the orgasmic edge.

Stars: Samantha Bentley, Master X

The New Disciplinarian

Video: The New Disciplinarian
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Sophie sits and waits for Headmaster Tom. When he arrives he tells her he has a surprise! She is not excited when she finds out that the surprise is a new disciplinarian. His name is George. Tom runs down Sophie’s history and makes a note that she still has the same bad attitude after one year at GBS.

After putting Sophie in the position, bent over a chair with her skirt up, Tom leaves Headmaster George in charge. He uses the cane first over her panties, then pulls them down to spank her bare bottom. Soon it is covered in welts, but Sophie is still disobedient.

Stars: Sophie, Headmaster Tom, Headmaster George

All Mine

Video: All Mine
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

Miss Mea literally has Richard by the balls. They’re strung up by a rope that has him kneeling on all fours before her, the discomfort evident in his taut muscles – telling him to relax would be cruel. His smooth white skin calls out for a whipping and she begins to whip as well as kick him. His helpless balls come in for their share of kicking from behind as he twists and turns but cannot get away. She moves to the bench and he is allowed to worship the high heels that have been causing him so much anguish.

Slave Rrichard kneels at Miss Mea’s feet worshiping Her high heels as She whips his back and grins. She leans in and spits into his open mouth and slaps his naughty face. Then she stands and locks her long lean legs around his neck and whips his ass hard. He is then allowed to inhale the musky goodness of her pussy as a reward. She places him over her knees and begins to spank his tight bare ass with her hand. She switches to the hard spanker and hits his ass several more times.

Miss Mea spanks his ass OTK style with a round spanker and then orders him to his back on the bench. She sits her gorgeous ass down on his face but he gets no enjoyment as she is out to smother him thoroughly. She slaps and punches him and he squirms under her perfect cheeks but she has no mercy; lots of face sitting and a very happy Mistress on top.

Now standing, slave is ordered to produce a big load for her amusement. She tells him to begin jerking himself and he gets hard immediately. She spanks the back of his cock head with a hard round paddle to slow him down. He is very close as she rises and fastens bell nipple clamps to him. She smacks them several times and he yelps in agony. She is in total control of his orgasm as she beats his meat down each time he looks like he is ready to shoot his wad. Finally She allows him to cum and stretches her long legs up in front and he shoots an enormous load of jism into the cum plate. She reaches down after the last shiver has coursed through his body and tells him to get on his knees. Reaching out with the plate she tells him to start eating the mess.

Stars: Miss Mea, Slave Richard

The Receptionist

Video: The Receptionist
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Medical Receptionist Mei heavily padded her resume to get a job as a medical receptionist in Dr. Veronica's busy office. Now Mei is completely in over her head and the strict doctor is quick with punishment for every infraction.

1. First Day

Mei managed to get hired as a receptionist at Dr. Veronica's office by overstating her qualifications. On her first day, her inexperience is showing right off the bat when she shows up in an outfit that is completely inappropriate for the office. Dr. Veronica should have warned Mei that this might sting a little.

2. Lunch Break

Mei felt entitled to an extra long lunch since Dr. Veronica had kept her overtime the night before. But Dr. Veronica is not at all pleased with the unauthorized break and gives the naughty receptionist a strapping on the spot.

3. Misfiled

Mei has left all of the patient files either incomplete or mixed up with one another and it has led to complete chaos in the office. Dr. Veronica takes a paddle to the naughty receptionist's bottom for the mishap.

4. Faxed Over

Mei had the important task of faxing patient prescription refills to the pharmacy at the end of the business day. Unfortunately, Mei faxed all of the prescriptions to the office supply company instead leading to much confusion and patients being without their medications. Dr. Veronica is furious and spanks her with a heavy oval paddle to teach her the importance of paying attention to detail. When Mei's bottom is sore and marked after her paddling, Dr. Veronica provides a little first aid and comfort by rubbing soothing cream into her punished cheeks.

5. Pharmaceutical Rep

Dr. Veronica had requested not to be interrupted by anyone so that she could catch up on charting. But instead of having a quiet time to complete her work, she ended up spending hours with a pushy pharmaceutical representative that Mei ushered into the office. Once Dr. Veronica frees herself from the chatty rep, she brings Mei in for a hand spanking for allowing the disruption.

Stars: Veronica Bound, Mei Mara

Broken Glasses

Video: Broken Glasses
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Amy tiptoes across the patio and past a dozing Headmaster Tom. She gently pilfers the door keys from his hand. After she enters she removes her shoes to make her way quietly through the house and to the china cabinet to steal some candy. And then it happens… She breaks some glasses and wakes up Headmaster Tom.

When he discovers Amy inside he wonders why she is not in class, but in the forbidden lounge. She is almost speechless with fear for she has broken the Headmaster’s very expensive glassware. Amy positions herself for her punishment – bent over, skirt in the air. Was such a severe caning worth a bit of candy?

Stars: Amy, Headmaster Tom