Elite Pain Interviews – Rodney

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Rodney
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Rodney isn’t a middle aged male comedian, she’s a cute MILF dipping her toe in the dark side of sex. She works as a secretary for her day job. But now she’s visiting the master for a taste of domination. He takes out his whip and leaves her red and quivering, having bit off more than she could chew. And what will her boyfriend think when he sees the whip marks?

Stars: Rodney, Maximilian Lomp

Smoking Is Forbidden From Spanked Cuties

Video: Smoking Is Forbidden From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Alucia gets home from school and sneaks a quick cigarette while Mom’s not home. Unfortunately mama chooses the same moment to return, and catches her daughter puffing away. Having banned her teen from smoking, she immediately gets to work reddening the girl's bottom. She lifts up her skirt and drops her white school knickers to give her a nice handspanking. She then retrieves a thin bamboo cane and, having stripped the busty teenager, uses it effectively to place a good number of strokes across the naked brunette's ass, bruising and welting her young bottom.

Stars: Alucia

Elite Pain Interviews – Rebecca

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Rebecca
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
They are back with another interviews, Another interview another participant. Our great virtuoso Lomp has another subject in dire need of cash. Today we have 30 year old Rebecca, bartender. The challenge is the same to endure all the suffering and make loads of money or quit. So what you think will Rebecca pass the test or will she be reduced to tears?!

Stars: Rebecca, Maximilian Lomp

Dark Dance Of The Heart 2

Video: Dark Dance Of The Heart 2
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Chapter 1: A Love Rekindled - It has been several months since Joelle sent Bianca packing during a snow storm. She has regretted that ever since. She felt that her book and life were now incomplete. Against the advice of Audrey, her editor, Joelle departed New York for the secluded house in the woods. Upon encountering the lovely red head in town one night, they resumed their passionate and combustible relationship. After spending the night together, Bianca asked if Joelle would spank her. She hoped that this would absolve her of the guilt she has carried since that snowy day several months ago and this would show that Joelle still loved her. Once Joelle finished punishing her lover, she led Bianca to the corner by the bed where she could admire her handiwork and satisfy her carnal desires.

Chapter 2: Literary Criticism - Bianca asked Joelle to read her short story and offer a critique. When Joelle's response to Bianca's work was less than positive, the fiery red haired girl called her lover a bitch. Joelle decided that Bianca needed a special lesson. She was made to prostrate herself on the floor, head down and bottom up. After Joelle removed the girl's panties, she was completely exposed and vulnerable. Joelle proceeded to discipline Bianca with the crop and her hand. Bianca found it hard to contain her fear as she was punished in this most submissive of positions as Joelle punished her with the crop and hand. Joelle felt that the problem with Bianca's short story was that it was about nothing. Once her punishment was over, Bianca was required to remain in her exposed position. Joelle noted that once she is granted permission to get up, she'd be happy to help her lover with her story, as she now has something to write about.

Chapter 3: Social Faux Pas - Joelle couldn't wait to get Bianca home. The two had attended the gallery opening for one of Joelle's friends, and the tall redhead was exceedingly rude to all. When questioned at home about her behavior, Bianca admitted that she was jealous, wondering if there was any woman in the art scene that her lover hadn't been with. For behaving like a child, Bianca was made to change into her nighty, then go over Joelle's lap for a spanking with the hairbrush. Joelle spanked her red-haired lover with the hairbrush and hand until the color of her bottom matched her hair. For Bianca, the worst part of the punishment was that there would be no pleasure after her spanking as Joelle sent her to another bedroom to contemplate her actions.

Chapter 4: The Audrey Complication - Audrey had come into Joelle's retreat house in the woods unannounced only to find Bianca resting in bed. The tall redheaded told Audrey to leave or she'd hit her. She made a half-hearted attempt at striking the powerful editor from New York and soon found herself pushed onto the bed with Audrey on top. Soon the two were exchanging passionate kisses when Joelle came into the room wielding her crop. Joelle was aware of the attraction between Bianca and Audrey and felt that the best way to break that spell was to thoroughly humiliate her dear friend and editor. It is clear that Joelle and Audrey have a complicated relationship, and it is also clear that relationships of this kind are the only sort that Joelle has. In front of Bianca, Audrey was made to slowly remove all of her clothes, allowed to cover nothing. Audrey protested when she was made to go over Bianca's lap for a spanking. She protested even more when she was instructed to spread her legs while being spanked, for Joelle's pleasure. Then Audrey screamed when she felt the powerful hands of Bianca descend upon her. As Audrey screamed from the humiliating punishment at the hands of the tall redhead, she also felt lost. Joelle told her that she was suffering for the good of their relationship and this helped center her. At the end of her very humiliating punishment, Audrey was put on display as Joelle and Bianca admired her well punished bottom and punished her further by rubbing their sharp nails into her tender flesh and exposing her most private of places.

Chapter 5: The Gift Of Memory - Joelle was shocked and angered when her lover, Bianca, announced that it was time for her to leave. Joelle tried to dismiss Bianca, but she found that her lovely ex had a need to show her appreciation for her former mentor and lover. She did this by taking the entitled artist over her lap so that her memory would be forever etched in her mind. After Bianca finished administering her parting gift to her ex-lover, she touched her face lovingly and went on her way. Upon her departure, Joelle realized that she had been given many gifts, an ending to her book and the warm feeling from her bottom that will forever remind her of Bianca.

Stars: Bianca, Audrey, Joelle

Goodbyes & Hello From Spanked Cuties

Video: Goodbyes & Hello From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Sophis has been called into the office; she has a very large file since she’s been living at the boarding school. She’s told that her time is done at the girl’s boarding school. Sophie is told she will have a probation officer for three months. The next thing for Sophie is she’s put over Mrs. Wilson’s knee for a spanking and from Headmaster Tom. She’s spanked till her bottom is nice and red.

Stars: Sophie, Mrs. Wilson, Tom

Elite Pain Interviews – Tara

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Tara
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Tara is a former dancer who’s looking for a career change; she wants to be an actress! She thought dance had taken her to the limit and shown her that she could handle any amount of physical or mental pain. Until she met Maximilian Lomp. He puts her through clamps, whippings, and spankings to see how much she TRULY wants to be an actor.

Stars: Tara, Maximilian Lomp

Double It – Cane And Paddle Punishment

Video: Double It - Cane And Paddle Punishment
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Studio: Spanked-At-Home.com
When this brunette comes home, she’s has some punishment to look forward to. Not only will she receive a merciless spanking, but she’s getting a double treatment of a cane and paddle! Her big, round bottom will be sore for weeks after this one. It will be a long time until she sits down properly again!

A Bad Day Spanking

Video: A Bad Day Spanking
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Studio: Spanked-At-Home.com
Just when this sexy redheaded schoolgirl thinks her day couldn’t get any worse, she comes home and is told that she’s in for a hard spanking for her bad behavior. She reluctantly stands up and reveals her bare bottom to which a paddle is firmly applied. By the end she is all tears and red cheeks, and wants nothing more than for this bad day to end.

The Spanking Girl

Video: The Spanking Girl
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Scene One: Violet Takes Nikki's Spanking For Her

You have seen little Violet, being clinically disciplined by Dr. Nikki, and taught lessons by Mistress Nikki, the life coach. In this case, she is Nikki's surrogate for a hard spanking.

Nikki was born to play this role. She's extremely comfortable having someone else bare her bottom to take the spanking, paddling and strapping she herself has earned. She gets completely involved in directing the play, as her husband accepts the gift of the exquisite, pale blonde girl, to punish as he chooses.

Scene Two: Violet Bound and Plugged

Nikki finds she likes witnessing the punishment so much, that she decides to confess to all recent acts of domestic rebellion or disobedience, so that Violet may receive an even more interesting form of discipline, i.e., rope tied to a spanking bench and plugged in her tight, tiny bottom before additional corporal punishment.

Scene Three: Nikki Gets Spanked, Violet enjoys the show!

Arthur finally spanks and paddles the truth out of the small submissive, as to why she is really taking Nikki's punishment for her so willingly that day. Suffice to say, Violet blurts out as much truth, at last, to make sure that Nikki will indeed be spanked.

Nikki is all protests and indignation as her husband pulls her across his lap and begins to smartly belabor her voluptuous bottom with his very hard hand, then a leather paddle. With her tiny, shapely, fully nude, creamy body on display, rosy nipples erect the whole time, Violet watches with glee as Arthur bares Nikki's beautiful bottom, spanks her on the pantyhose, bikini's and then, stunning bare backside.

Stars: Nikki Rouge, Violet October, Arthur Sire

Hunter’s Spankings

Video: Hunter's Spankings
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Chapter 1: Just You Wait

Hunter was with her friends when one was caught shoplifting. Upon arriving home, she was sentenced to a bare bottom spanking despite her assertion that she had nothing to do with the theft of the expensive lipstick. She was sent to the master bedroom to await the arrival of her father, the parent who carries out the punishments for the more serious offences. Hunter's heart sank as she entered the room to see the "punishment underwear" she was to wear for her spanking. She thought that the waiting was the hardest part of the punishment until her father arrived, her bottom was bared, and her spanking began. Soon, her cries could be heard echoing in every corner of the house.

As her spanking progressed, with tears streaming down her eyes, Hunter promised to never put herself in such a position again and she had learned her lesson. Her father was unmoved and quietly went about the task of punishing his daughter. Once done, he dumped her from his lap and then placed the sobbing girl in bed.

Chapter 2: Detention with Miss Audrey

Hunter was summoned to the residence of the headmistress. Miss Audrey confronted her with the fact that she had cut class and left the school grounds. Hunter thought she was to suffer through a week in detention, but Miss Audrey had other intentions. She reminded Hunter of page fifty-two in the student handbook that called for the use of corporal punishment. Hunter was stunned and noted that she thought that was there as a way of scaring the students. Hunter soon learned that this was no joke. She was taken over Miss Audrey's lap and spanked with an oak over-the-knee paddle. By the time Miss Audrey lowered Hunter's panties she was already in tears and promising to be good.

Audrey spanked Hunter with the paddle until she was certain that the sobbing girl's promises not to skip school were sincere. After her punishment was over, Hunter was placed in the corner with her bare, marked bottom on display.

Chapter 3: Discipline At The Firm

Hunter was asked to Audrey's house for the evening. She thought this was a reward for her hard work on a high tech IPO. Instead, Audrey, the head of the department, instructed that she was aware of her insider trading. Hunter was confused for a moment, but Audrey pointed out that her boyfriend had invested and made a significant amount in this transaction. Hunter remembered that she had bragged to him about her work but never expected him to act upon this information. Hunter feared that she was soon to end up in jail, but Audrey quickly assuaged this concern. She noted that she was to be spanked for this transgression. At this firm, this was a low level form of punishment. Audrey spanked the young associate so hard that the tears formed immediately in addition to many apologies.

Hunter had hoped that she could maintain a modicum of dignity by not raising too much a fuss while she was being spanked. Unfortunately, Audrey spanked her so hard that all she could do was cry, plead, and promise. Once her spanking was over, Hunter found herself decorating Audrey's living room, with her red and sore bottom on display by the fireplace.

Chapter 4: The Cost Of Laziness

Hunter was so very excited to have been given the afternoon off to attend the country fair with her boyfriend that she forgot to close the chicken coop. When she arrived home, her Uncle David was waiting for her. Because of her carelessness a, large Fox made its way to the chicken yard and killed all of these valuable birds. She was taken to the woodshed, and made to lower her trousers and panties for a good strapping. Soon, her cries could be heard across the valley.

As the strap landed many times on her bare bottom, Hunter pleaded and promised that she would never make such a mistake again. Uncle David was undeterred and proceeded to give the careless girl the punishment he felt she had earned. Hunter screamed at one point that the strap had landed in between her crack. After her punishment, Hunter was made to walk back to the house without her pants so that she would feel the shame attendant to her carelessness.

Chapter 5: Hunter’s Stripes: Caned In Malaysia

Hunter was arrested at a tourist bar after a ruckus broke out. She was taken to the US Consulate where her options were given to her. She was informed that she could stand trial in a week or two, and most likely be caned in the public square after she was convicted, or Mr. Pierson could cane her right now and have her on a plane that night. Finally, she agreed to the caning by Mr. Pierson. She was made to remove all of her clothes and kneel on a chair with her bottom thrust out to give a target for the cane. As the first stoke landed, Hunter screamed and pleaded not to have to suffer further. Unfortunately for her, the sentence needed to be carried out.

As each stroke of the cane landed Hunter screamed and writhed. She was shocked that the pain of each stoke worsened for several seconds after the blow had landed. After her sentence was carried out, Hunter, very aware of her nakedness, apologized to the people of Malaysia and then bent over to show the damage that had been done to her bottom.

Stars: Audrey, Hunter (Female), David Pierson