Spanking Videos – Hands and Feet

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Keagen & Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 10.41 minutes

Poor Keagen is in trouble again.

Headmaster Tom is in her room – surveying the dirty footprints on her bathroom and bedroom floor.

Spanking Videos - Footprints on the floor

Furious with her slovenly ways; he calls for her. He has had to pay the maid an additional $50 to clean up Keagen’s mess.

As she can’t afford to reimburse the money, he’s going to teach her a lesson that she won’t forget in a hurry.

Spanking Videos - First on her hands

Using a leather tawse, he hits her – first on her outstretched hands, then on her feet.

Spanking Videos - On her feet

He repeats this sequence another few times.

Spanking Videos - She cleans the floor

She’s in agony, but he is determined to make sure it doesn’t have to be repeated.

After the punishment is over – he orders her to fetch a bucket of water and get on her hands and knees and clean the floor – she has two minutes to complete the task.

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Spanking Videos – Hands Up!

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Kathrin and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 6.09 minutes

Kathrin is a new student at Girls Boarding School and Headmaster Tom and the teachers are delighted with her. In her tests she is getting ‘A’s’ for all her subjects.

Spanking Videos - Waiting for HM Tom

However, there is a problem that despite encouragement from the teaching staff, her handwriting is so bad; it took Headmaster Tom two hours to decipher her latest test answers. She has got a very neat handwriting as she proved at one time – but she must take her time and not be so slap dash over it.

Spanking Blog - she holds out her hands

Now, he has decided that as talking is not working, it’s time to take action.

Spanking Videos - She changes hands

He uses a leather tawse on the palms of her hands. When she begs him to stop as it is hurting so much, he tells her to take down her jeans and knickers. This is meant to remind her that if she complains anymore, he will be using a cane on her bare bottom instead.

Spanking Blog - The end of the punishment

So he leaves her with two very red, very sore palms.

She is to go back to her room and rewrite the latest test in her best handwriting.

Helping Hand

Studio: Drop Seat Productions

Starring: Chase Brocco and Artemis Antoine

Approximate Running Time: 34.59 minutes

For the otk lover, this movie is a real treat, because there are actually four scenarios – with different situations and accompanying clothing.

Scenario One

He struggles to open the front door as he juggles with an assortment of bags and cases – while shouting for Sharon to come and give him a helping hand.

Eventually, inside the house, he kicks the door closed behind him, then, putting down the luggage he again shouts for Sharon.

After several minutes of him shouting for her, she saunters in casually.

He is annoyed at her attitude when he asks her why she didn’t come to help him when he called.

She’s obviously in a rebellious mood. Poutingly, she tells him she’s not meant to be at his beck and call.

However, he’s in no mood to put up with her back chat – he’s hot and tired and as the breadwinner, he believes her role as housewife is to look after the house and be there for him when he gets home from work.

She has to be spanked

With a toss of her head, she turns away from him. That’s his cue to take action. Catching hold of her arm, he spins her round – tucking her head under his arm – her trouser covered bottom is wriggling violently in an attempt to escape from the vice like grip he has on her.

He then unceremoniously, pulls her trousers down to mid thigh – revealing a close fitting pair of white knickers.

His big hard hand descends onto her wriggling bottom time and again, until by contrast to her white knickers, her bottom is getting redder and redder. Despite her leg kicking out involuntarily and her constantly putting her hand behind her in an effort to shield her poor sore bottom from the spanking he is giving her, the punishment continues.

She has a very sore bottom

When he does release her, she is horrified to realise that her spanking is not yet over. Now he sits on the arm of the couch and puts her over his knee.

The spanking is only over when her struggles to escape stop and her defiance has also ceased.

Scenario Two

He has given her a present. When she excitedly tears off the wrappings, she brings out from the tissue paper a pair of pink baby doll pyjamas. She kisses him and tells him she loves them.

When he tells her to try them on, she doesn’t hesitate to obey him.

Of course he quickly finds a reason to spank her, making her quivering bottom turn from a smooth creamy white to a deep shade of red.

When he gently strokes her red hot bottom, this turns them both on so much; it turns into a love making session.

Scenario Three

Once again she has given him a load of lip and he has no intention of letting her get away it.

Ordering her to go and change into her pyjamas and come back to the lounge with the tawse; reluctantly, she hurries to obey him.

The pyjamas offer no protection

When she returns wearing these blue all in one pyjamas he insists on her baring her bottom for another session over his knee, this time using the leather tawse on her naughty little bottom.

Scenario Four

They have returned home after a visit to her aged aunt. She knows she’s in trouble when he tells her to go and change into her punishment clothes.

The idea of this outfit is to make her look and feel like a naughty little girl. The dress is so short it barely covers her bottom – so that when he puts her over his knee, the hem of the dress is already clear of her bottom.

Raising his strong right arm, he brings his hand down on her upturned quivering cheeks – alternating from one cheek to the other.

She has to be taught some manners

He believes it’s his duty to teach her some manners and a little tact. He goes on to lecturing her while he continues to spank her hard. She should learn to think before she opens her mouth and says something hurtful.

He only stops spanking her once she has agreed to write a letter to her auntie apologising for being so rude.

Flight into Trouble – Part Eleven

The story so far ……

Christine the chambermaid at the Plaza Hotel had regained her hearing and speech.

She asked Pete to spank her and he happily obliged. Meanwhile, Joe the doorman was kept busy spanking Margie and Tazeline.

The sound of hands spanking bare bottoms and the shrieks of the girls almost drowned out the sound of the grandfather clock at the top of the stairs booming out five o’clock.

There was panic as Margie and Tazeline’s plane was due to depart from Heathrow at six thirty.

Luckily it was only a short car ride away.

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Flight into Trouble – Part Ten

The story so far ……

Margie, Tazeline, Pete and Joe were surprised to see that Christine the chambermaid who was a deaf mute, was not crying but laughing.

They were even more surprised when she went and stood in front of Pete – she opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, but no sound came out. Pete looked around at the others hoping someone would tell him what was going on.

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Flight into Trouble – Part Nine

The story so far ……

Margie, her friend Tazeline, Pete, Margie’s boyfriend and the Plaza Hotel’s Door Man Joe were having a spanking good time, when they were disturbed by the chambermaid Christine, who is a deaf mute.

Joe hid in the wardrobe and the girls rearranged their clothing then Pete opened the door and let Christine come in and change the towels.

Christine surprised them all by picking up a forgotten leather tawse, bending down and starting to self spank.

Pete called for Joe to come out of the wardrobe – which scared Christine.

So Joe cuddled her and calmed her down.

Christine with a big smile on her face – again bent down and self spanked herself.

Joe took the initiative and pulled her over his knee ……

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Flight into Trouble – Part Eight

The story so far ……

The sound of hand making contact with bare bottom echoed down the corridor at the Plaza Hotel.

There was a knock on the door. Margie scrambled up off Joe’s knee and Tazeline froze while lying over Pete’s knee.

Christine the chambermaid who was a deaf mute had slid a note under the door – she wanted to come in and change the towels.

Joe said he’d handle it and was almost at the door when Pete stopped him, suggesting that maybe she’d like to join them.

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Porn Magazines

Studio: She's sitting on the couch reading

He wants to know what she’s reading. She tells him she’s studying her homework – while trying to make the magazine do a disappearing act.

Not being too convinced about her explanation, he asks to see the magazine; reluctantly she hands it to him.

He puts her over his knee

He’s disgusted with her – a girl at Girls Boarding School daring to read a porn magazine.

Putting her over his knee – his big hard hand strikes her poor defenceless bottom, time and again, and when he pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her, her bottom can be seen to change from a soft white to a deep shade of cherry red.

her bottom is red and sore

However, despite her piteous cries and pleas for clemency he keeps on spanking her.

She thinks it’s over when he tells her to stand up, but it is only a signal that the spanking part one is over.

Part two has her kneeling on the couch with her bottom up high – on the receiving end of the leather tawse.

Waiting for the tawse

Her wriggling about and squeals of pain increase, but he is not prepared to bring the spanking to an end until he thinks she has learned her lesson.

He leaves her crying

But all bad things come to an end and confiscating the magazine, he leaves her curled up on the couch rubbing her sore bottom and crying.

Spanked Lady Friends 2

lesbian spanking
Title: Spanked Lady Friends 2
Running Time: 30.27 minutes
Starring: Unknown

Hello Dear Reader this is your Humble Narrator Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot once again to give you the lowdown on the many spanking movies from Now I have been away for a few weeks, and I assure you that it was indeed not intentional. The real reason of course is that I was busy moving back to my beloved city from my adopted New England.

Now having one’s computer (hence life) in pieces being dragged by a bunch of rather large men into a truck is indeed unnerving thus it has taken a bit to re-assemble the many parts. But alas it is done and I have been going through a bit of spanking withdrawal. So today I bring you Spanked Lady Friends 2 which features a very unhappy girl getting her bottom brutally beaten by a rather blonde attractive lady.

Dialog in this movie is somewhat lacking since there is no lead up to her spanking. But who needs dialog, sometimes Dear Reader you simply KNOW that a girl needs a spanking. The movie of course begins with a lovely naked brunette laid out upon a coffee table, hands at her side and rather despondent look upon her face, thus it is obvious she knows what will befall her bottom by the rather attractive blonde with a tawse!

Our spankee in this movie looks a bit familiar but from her reaction to being struck it seems to me she is either a good actress or perhaps this is indeed her first spanking since each impact seems to truly shock the girl on how much it hurts.
After enduring a pretty hard strap, some forcible touching and being made to kiss her tormentors stomach (which I probably wouldn’t mind doing but she indeed would be getting the spanking) , Tears begin to well up in our poor girls eyes as she is made to stand and endure yet more bottom beating fun.

Now why this movie is called Spanked Lady Friends is somewhat of a mystery to Your Humble Narrator since these ladies simply don’t appear to be quite friendly, Actually Blondie seems quite hostile toward her ward though never giving up an opportunity to run her hands around her body or insert her finger in an orifice or two. So perhaps this movie should be renamed hostile lesbian lady or some such thing. But I digress.

Put in the dreaded diaper position with her legs held high by her own hands our young unfortunate brunette waits for the inevitable sting to her bottom while Blondie takes her sweet time heightening the girls dread. Spanking with slow but hard strokes the viewer can see the pain in the poor girls face when the strap or hand comes in contact with her already sore bottom.
But as many a spankee knows this position cannot be held for very long and once again she is stood up and forced to kneel over the couch for some more punishment of her now glowing bottom.

The grand Finale is Your and my favorite, an OTK spanking. Put roughly over Blondie’s knee and her hand pinned behind her back to keep her from interfering with the blows upon her bottom she is spanked soundly though I will have to say the slow ass spanking that she gets with the strap really doesn’t work in this position since at least in my opinion such spanking should be given hard and quick.

So I guess the question Dear Reader is if I enjoyed the movie. Well to tell you the truth Dear Reader is wasn’t a bad little flick. At running 30 minutes it is a nice quick diversion to whatever you are dreading to do. Giving one that satisfying feeling when one simply needs a bit of spanking to keep him going throughout the day.

3 Stars

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