Self Spanking – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 07.35 minutes

Justine is home alone and she’s feeling bored and horny. She wants and needs a spanking, but Arnold is out. Without him, she decides to do some self spanking.

She kneels on the bed. Clutching a wooden spoon she’s taken from the kitchen drawer, she takes aim – swinging her arm backwards she hits one cheek, then the other.

Self spanking was not easy as Justine found out

However, try as she might, she couldn’t do it hard enough to hurt, so that makes her feel frustrated. Oh, how she wished Arnold was there right now!

As the saying goes – be careful of what you wish for or you might surely get it.

At that moment, Arnold walks in and sees what she’s doing – or trying to do. Spanking Justine is his job, so it’s his duty to help her out.

Arnold to the rescue - much better than self spanking

He takes the wooden spoon from her hand and smacks her ass with it. Now that does hurt and poor Justine whimpers after every stroke!

Then Arnold goes to the kitchen and comes back with a wooden breadboard. It’s so big that he hits both cheeks at once when he hits her bottom with it.

The breadboard really hurts - much more than selfl spanking

Now she’s complaining that it’s hurting her. Some people are never satisfied.

Kneeling on the bed with her hands on her head and her ass glowing bright red, Arnold leaves Justine to think about what just happened.

Which is better – self spanking or being spanked by Arnold?

Spanking Video Review – Tardy Gets Caned

Studio: Desade Productions
Approximate Running Time: 12 minutes

Tardy, well that’s not her real name, but because of her always being late, her boyfriend decides that name suits her very well indeed.

He goes a step further as he is exasperated at her tardiness in every situation and lecturing her has had no effect on her whatsoever.

A spanking is in order

Now is the time to show his displeasure – by putting her in otk and giving her bare bottom a sound spanking.

He has two new implements to use on her, a wooden backed hairbrush and a hefty wooden spoon.

The spanking is getting through to her

It doesn’t take him long to turn her bottom into a rosy red, while all the time he’s spanking her, she’s squeaking and squealing.

Eventually, she promises to leave home ten minutes earlier in future and no more excuses.

Speaking of Spanking – The Economy and Handy Household Spanking Implements

Spanking Pics - Sore red bottom after kitchen spankingEveryone knows it. It’s been drilled into our collective psyches over the last couple of years, hasn’t it? The economy sucks! The question is, then, what do we do when we need a new spanking implement and can’t afford to buy one of those flashy, creative artisan paddles online? Get out of our funk and get on with it, I say!

Welcome to the world of household implements! When you can’t buy a pretty hairbrush with a cute spanking picture appliqué on it, go to your local beauty supply store and buy a (much) cheaper wooden hairbrush. It’ll have a sturdy backside to apply to your favorite backside and even some bristly boar’s hair bristles. (Picture the rest of the wild boar in the imu oven at the luau you attend during your next Hawaiian vacation. Or, maybe not. Sorry, I just HAD to go there.) So, the wood isn’t mahogany. Who cares? It’ll still works just fine. Trust me. I have a LOT of experience…a serious LOT of experience. In fact, that’s exactly where I bought my most favorite hairbrush and I’ve had it for 17 years. Possibly less time than most of you reading this have even been of age for participating in adult consensual spanking. It has seen more spanking action in that time than I can even begin to wrap my mind around. As hard as it’s been used, it’s never come close to being broken. A good bath brush is always effective, too. They’re usually even thicker than hairbrushes and easily available at your local drug store. I have a couple of those and believe me; I don’t use them for bathing.

Then it’s time to go to the kitchen. Oh yes! The kitchen is full of wonderful, worthy spanking implements. The most obvious, of course, is the wooden spoon. A good, thick wooden spoon will always get the job done. Just be sure to wash it after the spanking before you use it for cooking again. Eeeww.

But, my favorite is one of those kitchen implements is one of those new fangled heat-resistant spatulas. Those things sting! They’re thick, unyielding and snappy. Snap one of those down on a deserving behind and you’ll have contrition in no time.

How about rolled up newspapers, or magazines? Well…maybe, but kinda clumsy. They’re good for quickies. Rulers or yard sticks? Gotta use those carefully. They tend to break over tougher tushies.

I almost forgot. There’s always the good switch obtained from the tree in your backyard. Ouch!

There! Economy, eeeshmonomy. Get your spank on, I say!

Oh, and you creative spanking implement artisans out there, please forgive me. I promise to promote anyone’s efforts if they’re willing to send me some new implements for free. Wink, wink.

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Carolyn Reese gets the wooden spoon and the heat-resistant spatula. The spatula produced tears! And, uh, the cast iron frying pan was never intended to be used and never was. Carolyn, wise woman that she is, ran away. Hey! I was only joking with that one…

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No Privacy

Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring: Alex and Kathrin

Kathrin, a pretty girl with short dark hair has been spanked and is in urgent need of relief. She knocks on Alex’s bedroom door and calls his name; getting no reply she walks into the room and sits on the end of the bed.

She enters the room

She first removes her shoes, then pulls her top off over her head and drops it on the floor at the side of the bed. Her black bra is also taken off and is tossed on the floor to join her top. Standing up, she turns her back on the camera and pulls down her trousers, stepping out of them, they also add to the pile of clothing on the floor. Finally, her black panties are taken off and discarded.

she removes her clothes

She relaxes and lies back on the bed. Her fingers wander down over her flat abdomen, moving ever closer to her throbbing pussy. Parting her black pubic hair, her finger wanders into her hot wet cunt, finding her pulsing clit; she plays with it, getting more and more excited. Her hands move upwards – cupping her tits with them, she squeezes and kneads them, taking her stiffened nipples between her thumb and forefinger, she gently pulls on them – causing them to stiffen even more.

She lay there pleasuring herself

Her hands move downwards again to pleasure herself. Lying there, softly moaning, getting very close to coming, but Alex coming into the room startles her and she tries in vain to cover herself with her hands.

He catches hold of her ankles

She attempts to stand up, but he pushes her back down onto the bed. Catching hold of her ankles, he pulls her legs upwards and starts to hand spank her – first one cheek then the other. Her already sore red bottom, from a recent spanking, is now becoming redder and sorer each time his hand makes contact with her bottom.

He carries on spanking her

Telling her to stand up he instructs her to go and get a wooden spoon. He shouts to her to hurry up.

Over his knee

Coming back into the room, she hands him the wooden spoon. He is sitting on the end of the bed.

Her bottom is getting redder

He orders her to lie over his knee. He moves her around until he is satisfied with her position. He then proceeds to spank her with the wooden spoon, again from one cheek to the other. Trying to fend off the blows, she puts her hand back; but catching hold of it he holds it out of the way of the target area. In her ever increasing anguish, her leg comes up and he pushes it back down again.

Her ordeal is over<img

Her bottom is by now, so red and very sore looking, but he hasn’t finished with her yet. Violently flinging the wooden spoon across the room, he then goes onto hand spanking her again.

Her bottom is a deep shade of red, when he stops spanking her and tells her to get up and leave the room. She quickly jumps up and scurries out of the room without a backward glance.


Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring: Justine and Arnold

Running Time: 07.35 mins

Justine a pretty red headed girl is alone and feeling bored and randy, so she decides to remedy this by trying her hand or should I say a wooden spoon at self-spanking.

Justine starts spanking herself

Dressed in just a vest and a pair of pink lacy panties, she kneels on the bed, holding on to the headboard with one hand, while with the other hand she begins spanking her own bottom with the wooden spoon.

In order to even things up, she has to keep changing hands in order to spank the other cheek.

She has to keep changing hands

However although her bottom does become slightly pinker, she obviously gets little or no satisfaction from her self treatment.

Arnold takes over

Then Arnold arrives home. Taking in the scene he comes to the rescue. At his request she hands him the wooden spoon and he then proceeds to show her how it should be done. Her squeals, owwwws and ever reddening bottom are proof that he is doing a better job of it than she was doing on her own.

After a while, he leaves the room and comes back with a large wooden chopping board. As it makes contact with her bottom – it covers both her cheeks with each spank.

He spanks her with a chopping board

He then tells her to count each stroke and to say thank you after each one.

Finally, after another half dozen strokes he tells her that in future when she is in need of a spanking she must ask him and not help herself.

The spanking continues

He then again leaves her alone – she is trying desperately to rub the soreness out of her well spanked bottom.

She rubs her sore bottom