Cryin’ Eyes

Real Spanking Films

If you like to see girls spanked till they cry, you will LOVE this feature from Real Spanking Films. The box cover sums it up nicely: “9 girls, 75 minutes.”

Each scenario is unique, however, just as each bottom handles abuse differently, and each girl has her own breaking point where composure crumples & raw emotions burble up. All are well-filmed, with excellent sound & editing. Scenes are tight and self-contained, so you can easily pick & choose the girls you wanna watch and enjoy an action-packed sequence for whatever mood you’re in.

First comes adorable, mop-topped Bobbi. The scene opens upon her lovely, distressed face. Another female’s voice in the background says they’re ready to move onto harder implements.

The view changes: Bobbi’s naked from the waist down. She kneels on all fours — a lean little piece, shaved smooth between her legs. She quivers on a yellow-quilted twin bed, with a lacy pillow, pink stuffed animal, and collection of fearsome wooden paddles.

Her ass cheeks are already flaming, and immediately deepen in color as a woman we barely see pounds on Bobbi’s bottom with a heavy wooden paddle.
This woman spanks soundly. She doesn’t say much. Occasionally, she corrects Bobbi’s posture and disputes her frantic apologies. She needs to make sure she’s REALLY sorry, and shows little mercy on her tortured butt.

Bobbi cries out with every smack, and is soon all snot & snuffles. I love the use of two cameras, one on her bottom & the other on her face. Bare feet flail behind her, as she trembles and winces upon contact. A tongue ring glints in her gaping, blubbering maw. “I’ve learned my lesson, Ma’am!”

Ma’am switches to an oblong paddle, and orders Bobbi to count out ten strokes. With great difficulty, she sobs her way through her punishment. “Is that gonna be enough?” she’s asked. The camera zooms in on her contorted, penitent face.

Brandi’s segment has more set-up. A pony-tailed school girl sits on bed, reading a magazine. “Room check!” a woman announces from the hall. Ma’am charges in, and immediately lays into Brandi for clothes on her bed, trash in her room, kitchen contraband and a book left open on its spine. “You will be cleaning this room up,” she says, “but first you’ll be getting spanked, let’s go!”

Brandi is a dark-haired cutie with a tidy little figure in her kilt, vest and crisp white shirt. She bends over her bed, and Ma’am flips up her skirt to reveal smooth tight cotton panties. Ma’am spanks her over her underwear, hard. First she hits slow & deliberate, but then she fires off a quick, forceful spattering across Brandi’s cheeks that reduces her to tears.

Unfortunately, the camera on her front isn’t quite close enough to really show her face so we never get a good look at her anguish. We hear it, though, and she’s certainly upset. From behind, her ass is red & battered, especially after her final ten capillary-busting strokes. Brandi’s told to remove her panties, and the camera zooms in….

Caroline’s got a tattoo. She’s also just been told to remove her clothes –all of ’em– and get into position: kneeling naked on an office chair.

Ma’am smacks her full, plump (already pink) ass with a wide leather strap. A close-up camera on Caroline’s pretty blonde head reveals her pain & anxiety, while the camera on her bottom provides an awesome view of reddening cheeks above dainty bare feet.

She huffs & puffs, trying to maintain her composure, but with each stroke her cries get louder & louder. Soon, she’s groaning & outright screaming. She takes awhile to cry, but when she does, her sobs are genuine, as are the tears that streak her cheeks.

Claire, an auburn-haired beauty with creamy white skin, sits nervously on a stool while a man, off-camera, explains how they’re going to re-create an authentic, old school spanking experience. They discuss her fear of wooden paddles, and he says that by the time they’re done today, she’ll either be over this fear or she’ll be even more spooked than ever. Well, duh.

They get started. First, he asks her to pull her pants down & show her lightly pink cheeks for the camera, just a little sore from some bare-handed spanking she received earlier. Her pants go back up, and then she bends over, hands on stool, for six strokes of a large, heavy wooden paddle — twice the number that she received when she was punished as a schoolgirl in New Mexico.

She grunts when the first blow hits, and continues to cry out with each subsequent stroke. He hits hard, and her whole body bucks forward upon contact. By the third stroke, she is weeping and on the fifth, the paddle breaks. No matter, he has another paddle for the sixth & final strike. She pulls her pants down again; her ass is burning red now.  She signs & dates her paddle obediently.

Donna is a sexy brunette with smokey eyes, great tits and an even better ass (already pink). She bends, naked, over a metal folding chair, grimacing into the camera in front of her. Another camera captures Ma’am’s wide leather strap slamming against her tender bottom.

Donna endures serious swipes, but she’s a model of composure, barely wincing and just sniffling a bit throughout most of her punishment. Eventually, though, she’s breaks down into tears, which smear the smoky makeup around her gorgeous blue eyes. Her butt cheeks are a mess… Ma’am sits her down, and the scene fades out on Donna’s moist eyes & naked vulnerability.

Ah, Jessica. When her scene opens, she’s kneeling on a bench, facing the wall, her skirt lifted behind to reveal a round, girlish ass that’s still rosy from a previous spanking. A large, bitchy woman breezes in. “Get up!”
she barks, “Get over here! I have no sympathy for you…”

She throws Jessica over her lap, and spanks her as butt with a clear, acrylic paddle. The poor girl howls & sobs, gnashes her teeth & grips the tie-dyed bedspread with shaking hands. Such a fuss! Ma’am is unfazed, and continues administering strong, solid swats till she feels Jessica’s learned her lesson. Still crying, she’s led back to her bench, where she whimpers as the camera zooms in on her burning red cheeks.

Kathy has been called before the Coach (I think that’s who he is) — a fit middle-aged man with a firm, stern demeanor & a whistle around his neck. He scolds her for chronic lateness, and though she defends herself spiritedly, it’s no use: she broke the rules and therefore must be punished.

Last week, she got a hand spanking for being tardy and that evidently did not teach her anything. So now, she gets the strap. “Bend over and assume the position…” Nice position! Kathy’s wearing a gym outfit — clingy Lycra, lotsa skin showing, her cheeks already pink.

Coach’s leather strap strikes her tight black shorts with hard, deliberate strokes; she breathes thru it. Next, he hits across her white cotton panties, and she cries out in pain. Finally, he delivers ten strokes to her bare ass, ouch! She weeps like a little kid, wheezing as she draws in her breath between sobs. Afterwards, she & Coach have a “guidance counselor moment” where she just cries & cries.

Kailee’s segment is a laid-back, open forum with a buncha babes into spanking. Three girls, one Ma’am and a whole pile o’ leather straps. Ma’am encourages them to dig in, check ’em out. She asks each girl to select a favorite that she’ll then use on their bottom. “Who wants to go first?”

A cute, curly-haired girl in clingy black trousers pops up, bends over a stool, and takes a dozen or so whacks with a thick black leather strap, then they try a wider leather one with holes in it. They discuss how each feels, which hits harder, etc.

Next, Kailee bends over for a two-strapped tawse across her jeans. A hot chick in sexy black boots watches with great interest, and the camera zooms in to catch her stroking herself every so discreetly… Ooh, it’s Claire, and now it’s her turn! Claire’s in a short, tight skirt that provides a great view while she’s spanked with a special “MyLady” contoured strap.

Now, the first girl and Kailee go around again, this time with their pants down. Fantastic asses! Nice ‘n rosy from their warm-up, they grow redder & redder before our eyes. Wow, Ma’am hits a lot harder than before, and Kailee’s ass, in particular, looks painfully battered. But they’re not done!
She pulls up her jeans, and takes another strapping.

This time, Ma’am hits hard & fast, throwing her whole body into each stroke.
“You tell me when to stop,” she tells Kailee, and then hits & hits till she grows winded, her hair comes undone, and then finally Kailee’s had it. She breaks outta her pose, spins around, and shows her tears to the camera. She tries to get a hold of herself, but the tears overcome her & she has a little (off camera) meltdown. They discuss her feelings afterwards, and how she was driven to cry.

At last, it’s Lori, who sits nervously before the Dean, a tall, casually cold man. He tells her the dorm mom requested a “Friday punishment” with him, but thought it wasn’t warranted and let her off the hook. Now, however, he’s received more complaints about her behavior, which will now be addressed most severely.

Of all the girls in this movie, Lori looks most to me like an actual school girl, young & plump. Plaid skirt; white knee socks; prim, shiny ponytail.
She cringes & trembles, bending over a chair, as he flips her skirt up behind her. He picks up a leather strap: “We’ll start with ten…”

He hits hard and fast, wow, really whacks her good. She cries out on the first blow, and is soon blubbering. She even screams a little. He whips down her panties, delivers ten more to her bare cheeks with a thicker strap. When he changes to a clear acrylic paddle, red & purple swirls appear across her bottom right before our eyes. Lori’s face contorts in distress, tears streaming.

Lastly, she endures a flurry of violent spanks with a small, shiny wooden paddle — about the size of an average hair brush. She’s openly weeping by the time he’s done, her ass quite literally black & blue. She’s left sitting directly on her most sensitive area, hands above her head, sobbing and sobbing and sobbing as the camera drinks her in.

Whew, intense! What a rare treat, to witness such emotional releases, so
genuinely expressed, so proficiently filmed.

2 Responses to “Cryin’ Eyes”

  1. Michael Angel says:

    Lady D….the Best….what can I say????

  2. anna d. says:

    From watching R/S videos, is is clear that Kailee is a girl with SERIOUS attitude issues. Perhaps a few years of severe, prolonged punishments that stop just short of causing her permanent harm will help her learn her lesson.