Merrilee Meets Santa and Trouble – Part Six

The story so far:

Merrilee was in a most unusual position for her – lying over Pete’s knee having her bare bottom spanked.

Father Christmas became impatient with Pete and reminded him that there was still a lot of work to do – as Christmas Eve was almost here.

He handed Pete something and suggested he try it.

What has he given to Pete?

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Merrilee twisted her head round trying to see what it was Father Christmas had given Pete.

‘Stand up Merrilee,’ Pete stood her on her feet.

‘W-why?’ Merrilee looked bewildered.

Taking hold of her arm, Pete led her across the room, at the desk he stopped and swept the piles of letters onto the floor. He then bent Merrilee over the desk so that her bare bottom was stuck up in the air.

‘Right young lady, you’ve been asking for this for a long time.’

Merrilee struggled to get to her feet, but Pete pushed her back down again.

‘Stay right there or it will be all the worse for you.’

She realised that she had no choice in the matter as Pete’s big hand was in the small of her back holding her down.

Hearing a whooshing sound, she then felt a sharp hot pain across her right bottom cheek and before she could register what caused it, she felt another burning pain on her left cheek.

‘Ouch, bloody hell that hurts,’ she screeched.

‘But of course it does my sweet,’ Pete agreed with her. ‘Now, that’s two down – four more to go.’

Craning her head round, she saw he was holding a whippy cane in his right hand.

‘No more please,’ she pleaded. ‘I’ll be good, I promise, I’ll never be cheeky again.’

‘Oh no my sweet, I’ve heard you say that so often I no longer believe you.’

‘Oh, piss off,’ she said.

‘You see my sweet, your big mouth runs away with you, and as you are only cheeky because you want me to spank you – I’m only too happy to oblige.’

Merrilee felt him raise his arm again and again there was the searing pain as the cane landed on her right bottom cheek, in exactly the same place as the previous stroke. This time Pete hesitated in order to let the sting of the cane penetrate. Merrilee gasped as the burning sensation rippled like waves through her bottom.

Despite her struggling, she was unable to escape and the fourth stroke on her left cheek left her pleading for mercy.

Pete delivered the final two strokes of the cane in quick succession.

By this time, Merrilee was in floods of tears.

‘Okay my sweet, I think a session over my knee will be a fitting end, don’t you?’

Merrilee mumbled something, but Pete’s sharp ears picked up what she said.

‘Hmmm! Maybe another six strokes of the cane might stop that motor mouth of yours.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ she wailed.

‘And you’re going to be a whole lot sorrier,’ Pete said.

He laid the next six strokes across her already welted bottom causing the blue white lines to criss cross each other.

Pulling her to her feet, he gently led her across the office – sitting down on the straight backed chair again, he put her over his knee. Lifting his right arm, he gave her six spanks, alternating from cheek to cheek.

As the sixth spank landed, he didn’t raise his arm again but let his big right hand start a circular stroking movement. His middle finger moved closer and closer to the crack between her cheeks. But just as she thought he was going to let his fingers stay there, he’d teasingly move them away again.

Father Christmas had been watching the two of them, now he interrupted.

‘I’ll go and get on with the work,’ he said. ‘I’ll give you another ten minutes Pete, no more do you hear me, or it might be you getting the cane?’

Hearing this, Merrilee got a fit of the giggles. ‘Now, that’s something I’d like to see,’ she said.

‘And it’s something you’re not going to my sweet. Now where were we?’

‘You were stroking my poor sore bottom,’ she reminded him.

‘Ah thanks,’ he said.

The middle finger of his right hand started moving slowly down the crack between her bottom cheeks, teasing her by almost entering her very wet pussy, but moving away again – leaving her gasping with disappointment.

She could feel her clit beginning to throb and pulsate. Her legs involuntarily parted, giving him easier access to her steaming slit.

His finger entered her waiting pussy, finding her swollen clit; he let his finger strum on it.

She felt the floodgates open as she became sexually excited. While Pete’s finger was stroking her clit – his index finger slowly entered her love tunnel and he started to finger fuck her.

Merrilee could feel herself edging closer to an orgasm. Her nipples had stiffened and as she lay squirming over Pete’s knee they were pressed against his leg – making them stiffen even more.

The muscles in the walls of her pussy gripped onto Pete’s finger, drawing it further into her pussy towards her womb.

‘I’m coming,’ she gasped.

Her orgasm came in waves – washing over her and she lay there over his knee her body jerking.

As her orgasm ran its course, she went limp and relaxed.

It was then she remembered what Father Christmas had said to Pete.

‘Pete my darling, would you like me to suck my lollipop?’

As his cock was already showing as a bulge in his trousers, he watched her kneel down between his legs and unzip his trousers allowing his swollen manhood to escape from its confines.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she took his throbbing cock into her mouth.

‘Pete,’ thundered Father Christmas coming back into the room. ‘I said ten minutes, you’ve had twenty.’

Poor Pete jumped and his swollen cock deflated rapidly.

What will happen now?

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