Bars & Stripes — Sent Down 2

Women behind bars! Sadistic guards! Predatory prison gangs! Shower scenes! Confrontations in the yard! This movie has none of those things. It’s actually about the intake portion of prison. Y’know, the new prisoner reporting, the initial “interview” and orientation, the strip search. No shower scenes, but there’s still a whole lot of potential for some good, sexy material.

Sent Down 2 has three segments, and in the first segment, the potential for erotic spanking drama is realized. It features prisoner Gina Moon, a white collar criminal reporting for her first day of incarceration. She shows up with a business suit and a haughty attitude — just the kind of attitude that gets eviscerated by the harsh but humdrum routine of prison intake. Stand with your feet on the white line, ask no questions, speak when you’re spoken to, respond with Sir or Ma’am. These kinds minor details work delicious magic on the prisoner’s attitude, turning her from a powerful bank executive into a submissive nobody.

The transformation is also done through the slow stripping away of her trappings of power from the outside world: her clothing. First she loses her business suit jacket, then her skirt, and then everything else except her bra, before she is allowed — allowed, mind you (she has to be given permission) — to put on her extremely short orange prison dress. This humiliating forced nudity and search is brutal without being brutal — it’s all psychological.

Well, not all psychological. Along the way she makes various mistakes in prisoner etiquette. She is reprimanded, yelled at, forced to assume the position, spanked and eventually paddled on her bare butt. She is made to count strokes and say “thank you, sir”, in a voice that becomes smaller and more submissive as the punishment continues.

It’s a great scene, but the next two segments don’t quite live up to it. Prisoner number 2 is Amy Hunter, who is supposed to be a kind of fictional representation of the real life criminal and tabloid queen, Amy Fisher. This Amy is young-looking, displays a sullen attitude, and has a hot body reminiscent of the Long Island Lolita.

But the scene never really took off for me. The guard in the segment is annoyingly loud and full of himself. The girl’s personality is sullen and vaguely rebellious, but not much else. The camera angles are limited, so we only really see Amy’s face in profile. And the potentially-delicious strip search and clothing change scene that I enjoyed so much with Gina is cut short.

Amy gets spanked and paddled, She was sullen before it, she’s sullen during, and she’s sullen afterwards. The guard yells and tries to act tough before, during and after. The matron is snide and mean before, during and after. You get the idea? Not much happens. Amy is paddled, but the camera angles aren’t great, the acting is annoying, and the “story” never really jels. Amy is hot, though.

Scene 3 is also a disappointment, especially after my expectations were high from scene one. The prisoner is an attractive brunette with a German or Eastern European accent. The audio quality isn’t great, so a lot of the dialogue is hard to follow. If she has an identity and a personality that I’m supposed to be interested in, I wasn’t able to pick up on it. She may have a hoity-toity personality similar to Gina, because at one point she’s told to remove her clothing and she replies “I beg your pardon?”. But she’s not dressed to portray that image, and her voice and don’t manner don’t carry it off either.

She’s also stripped in the course of intake. She’s also spanked and paddled for her breaches of prisoner etiquette. But with the poor audio and limited camera angles, I never feel like I know her well enough to be particularly interested.

Overall. this video has a great first scene that’s well worth watching. It also has a lot of potential for the future. I really like the disciplinary aspect — grown women forced to obediently tow the line of prisoner etiquette. Rebellious spirits being broken, through humiliation, forced nudity, mandatory submission, and of course, spanking and paddling. I plan to check out other episodes and see if this series lives up to its promise.

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  1. Mark says:

    I was a member of this site for a while. I must admit, although they have some sexy girls, seeing them spanked leaning forward onto the desk does nothing for me. They should be over the knee.