Doctor of Discipline — California Star

doctor spanking

A girlfriend once told me about a medical check-up she’d
had. She undressed for the doctor. He touched her
manipulated her, examined her. She did everything he
asked, willingly and submissively.

I told her I was jealous. “Okay,” she challenged me, “what
would you do if you were a doctor and I were your
patient?” Thus began one of the most erotic episodes
of my life.

I love role-playing the doctor/patient relationship. I
love the transfer of power that occurs when a woman walks into a doctors office and presents herself as a patient.

He tells her undress. He tells her to lie down. He
touches her as he deems appropriate. And, in Doctor of
Discipline from California Star, he spanks her as well. Spanks her, straps her and canes her.

The first patient in the video is Miss Larson, an attractive and professionally-attired blond in her twenties. She’s been to this doctor before. She claims to not be getting any better, but the doctor thinks she’s simply not been taking her medicine. This is the pretext for her punishment.

There are numerous nice touches in this video. One is that Miss Larson has a throat condition. When asked to
undress, or when her naughty areas are touched by the
doctor, she asks questions like “is this really necessary?”
Of course it is, she is reassured. And she submits.

Another nice touch is the presence and activity of the office nurse, who is complicit with the doctor. She wants the spanking to happen. She backs him up in whatever he says. The reluctant, questioning patient is in effect double-teamed by both doctor and nurse.

It’s a furthering of the loss of power that a patient undergoes. She’s outnumbered, at the mercy of two white-garbed professionals. If she questions one, the other sides against her. The patient’s helplessness is more complete. The nurse even helps hold Miss Larsen down during the punishment.

Another nice touch: after Miss Larson’s caning, she is allowed to stay for in the examination room for the next
patient. And who will be the next patient? Lisa James,
chronic bed-wetter.

Miss James is a beautiful young woman with long dark hair,
pale skin and a great smile. She takes a short but hard
session of spanking, strapping and caning. Her grimaces
are deliciously sexy, as are her moans and gasps.

Miss Larson, the first patient, watches and even takes part in certain aspects of Miss James’ “therapy”. Again, it’s a furthering the patient’s helplessness, a complete invasion of her privacy. Not only is she stripped and spanked, but strangers get to watch and even take part.

After the two patients are spanked, the haughty office
nurse gets a session from the doctor as well. It seems
that the doctor feels she is in need of some “therapy”.

“Oh, Doctor”, she moans over and over as he swats her bare bottom. “Doctor, please.” Previously, in the office,
she’d been in control. Now she’s gasping in pain. It’s a
pleasure to watch the turnabout. He straps her and she
wriggles like mad, begging him to stop. “I’ll never be
late again,” she promises. When it’s all over, she
remains in position, a dreamy, faraway look in her eyes.
“Oh doctor, you’re the best,” she says.

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  1. Martyn50 says:

    A fantastic arse. Not fat nor thin very spankable