Mature Spanking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 30 minutes

She’s a mature blonde lady – sitting on a couch reading a sexy magazine and wishing for some action for herself.

Her imagination runs riot.

Enter a young dark haired girl. She pushes the older woman over the arm of the couch and pulls up her short skirt – revealing an ample portion of bare bottom. Initially using her hand, she causes the creamy white flesh to become red and blotchy – with the signs of bruising occurring.

A Much Needed Spanking

The older woman cries out – squealing and moaning as the spanking continues.

Then the younger woman bends down, bringing out a paddle from under the couch.

Implements are Now Being Used

She then uses an assortment of implements on the rosy red cheeks of the older woman.

Bringing out from under the couch some restraints, that she fixes to the wrists and ankles of the older woman – whom she then orders the trussed up lady to lie down on her back, with her legs pulled up in the diaper position – unable to escape or defend herself, she’s at the mercy of her young assailant.

Sexual Satisfaction Guaranteed

And so the spanking continues until the young girl gauging the right time, removes her own trousers and underwear, she straps onto herself an artificial cock and rams it into the wet engorged pussy of the older woman, thrusting and pushing the cock in and out until the older woman comes to a noisy climax.

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