Spanking Video Review – Cyber Discipline IV

Spanking Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Paris Kennedy
Approximate Running Time: 40.02 minutes

Cecil B had been cyber traveling when he met Paris Kennedy, and they chatted online for a few days.

Now, he’s waiting for her to arrive. She’s agreed to let him spank her.

A knock on the door – and she’s arrived.

She’s a dark haired beauty and is already dressed for action. When she takes off her coat, all she’s wearing underneath it is a cerise colored bra and matching briefs and her legs are encased in white lacy topped hold ups.

Cecil B wastes no time as she drapes herself over his knee and the spanking begins.

This spanking gives her a sore bottom

It doesn’t take him long to turn her smooth unblemished bottom into an ever reddening inferno.

It’s a pity that she shows no resistance whatsoever – not so much as a wriggle, just a squeal every time his hand makes contact with her bottom.

Spanking with a hairbrush leaves marks

As her bottom is becoming visibly sorer with each spank – so is his hand and he keeps changing from his right to his left – without missing a beat.

The spanking continues after he tells her to stand up and remove her bra. He changes from using his hand to spank her to using the back of a hairbrush.

At one stage, he very considerately uses an ice cube on her bottom that rapidly melts in the heat. Then he brings a leather strap into play.

Strap spanking turns her bare bottom cherry red

The spanking comes to an end.

However, keep watching because you will be treated to several clips from other movies in the series – just to whet your appetite.

Spanking Video Review – Tardy Gets Caned

Studio: Desade Productions
Approximate Running Time: 12 minutes

Tardy, well that’s not her real name, but because of her always being late, her boyfriend decides that name suits her very well indeed.

He goes a step further as he is exasperated at her tardiness in every situation and lecturing her has had no effect on her whatsoever.

A spanking is in order

Now is the time to show his displeasure – by putting her in otk and giving her bare bottom a sound spanking.

He has two new implements to use on her, a wooden backed hairbrush and a hefty wooden spoon.

The spanking is getting through to her

It doesn’t take him long to turn her bottom into a rosy red, while all the time he’s spanking her, she’s squeaking and squealing.

Eventually, she promises to leave home ten minutes earlier in future and no more excuses.

Spanking Video Review – Tiffany’s Fantasy

Tiffany’s Fantasy

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Tiffany and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 19.48 minutes

Tiffany is very excited.

She’s telling her best friend all about what had happened the night before.

Oh how she longed for a spanking – had done for a long time, but her boyfriend showed no interest or inclination – that is until last night.

Her friend asked her why last night was different. So Tiffany explained.

She had found a schoolgirl outfit in a charity shop and by the time her boyfriend arrived, she was all dressed up, wearing an ultra-short pleated skirt, a white blouse, white lacy-topped stockings held up by a white suspender belt.

At long last positions her for an otk spanking

Now her boyfriend was interested. Once he had her over his knee, he began the spanking slowly and gently on top of her short skirt. Occasionally she would give a little moan, more from pleasure than pain. The only time she wriggled about was when he held her arm behind her back, making her helpless and so unable to avoid the stinging spanks.

Her boyfriend would sensually stroke her cherry red cheeks arousing her big-time.

The spanking turns them both on

As she is telling her friend about the previous night, she is getting hot again, just thinking about it.

He is coming round that evening for an action replay.

Tiffany is very excited.

Spanking Video Review – Spank Me Hard

Spanking Studio: Paradise Web
Approximate Running Time: 18.38 minutes

Part One

Sitting at her very cluttered dressing table, she’s blow-drying her hair, when the man of the house comes home from work.

Asking her what she has been doing all day, she admits she’s been drying her hair all day.

He starts picking things up then replacing them on the dressing table – then he sees them – a packet of cigarettes. He’s shocked. She had promised to give up smoking.

For her own good, he realizes that it is up to him to nip the filthy habit in the bud.

A spanking is a must

Therefore, he starts spanking her. She squirms about – kicking wildly with her legs, in an effort to escape his punishing hand.

He turns her white bare bottom to a deep red.

Eventually, he stops spanking her and pulls her up so that she is sitting on his knee, instead of lying over it.

Then telling her she deserves a treat he lights up a ………..

Part Two

Couple number two are having a bit of a domestic. Lying on the bed, he wants to take control of the TV Remote, but she is not going to just hand it to him.

Who is going to win this battle?

They are both determined to win this battle, however, because he’s bigger and stronger than she is, she finds herself being rolled over onto her tummy, so that her squirming bottom is available to his hard hand.

She struggles violently – so much so, that he has to hold onto her to keep her in a decent spanking position.

The spanking comes to an end – only once he’s satisfied that she will give in to his demand for the remote.

Like all quarrels between two lovers, they end up kissing and cuddling and ….

Stand Corrected

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Erica Scott and Devlin O’Neill

Approximate Running Time: 56.12 minutes

Erica is amazed that her boss Devlin is not exactly overjoyed with her treatment of his precious manuscript.

Her job was to proofread his book – correcting spelling and grammar errors. However, at no extra charge to him, she went a step or ten further and added her opinion on some of the statements he had made.

He's had enough - she's about to get a spanking

Devlin is incensed with her actions, because she even took it on herself to send the doctored manuscript to the publisher without his knowledge.

She defends herself – arguing her case – oblivious to his seething anger that is on the verge of boiling over.

Eventually, it does erupt and she finds herself pulled off her chair and unceremoniously tossed into an OTK spanking.

He shows her no mercy with this spanking

He accuses her of being conceited and too self-opinionated. It doesn’t take him long to pull down her scanty knickers and proceed to spank her bouncing bottom cheeks – that are rapidly turning from a creamy white to a deep cherry red.

All the time he’s spanking her, he’s lecturing her. He was under the impression that his manuscript was a serious piece of writing, but, because of her input, the publisher had categorized it under humor and he is not amused.

However, although her bottom is being blistered by her angry boss’ spanking, she keeps up with the answering back, determined to defend her actions to the end. And he finds himself having to readjust her position over his knee – due to her wildly kicking legs and squirming about.

When Devlin realizes his right hand is getting tired and sore, he changes to spanking her with a hairbrush and a paddle, yet still she carries on with her incessant banter and insults.

Almost an hour later and he's still spanking her

In total, she spends the best part of an hour having her bare bottom spanked by this extremely irate man, until she finally gives in and grudgingly apologizes and promises to rewrite the manuscript as a second edition, at no extra pay.

I think Erica is a very talented actor and she sure can take a long hard spanking, while, some of the things she says had me laughing at her audacity.

For the OTK spanking enthusiast, this movie has the lot. Enjoy!

Behind Closed Doors

Spanking Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Barbara, Bill and Hilary

Approximate Running Time: 44.51 minutes

Hilary comes home from shopping and is very surprised to find her workaholic husband is already home – and it’s only the middle of the afternoon.

While she was out ‘shopping’ she had been caught shop lifting. And now Bill was about to carry out his threat to give her a really hard well deserved spanking.

He reminds her of a previous spanking he’d given her for the same reason and he demands to know why she did it again. She tells him how lonely she gets – stuck in the house all day – never seeing anybody, and she accuses him of neglecting her. She wants his attention.

Spanking his naughty wife

Now he’s prepared to give her the attention she’s craving for – he explains to her that he’s going to spank her and use various implements including the cane.

But, before he starts the spanking, he phones Mr Carter the shop owner in order to tell him of his plan to spank her. And to add to the humiliation, he insists that she speaks to Mr Carter and confirm that she is about to be soundly spanked.

Therefore, he starts off by giving her a warm up spanking – over his knee. He doesn’t hold back any and soon her bouncing bottom cheeks are turned into a dark very sore looking rosy red.

spanking with the hairbrush

She’s squealing loudly and begs him not to make so much noise. This does not stop Bill who’s determined that this is going to be the second and last time he’s going to have to spank her for shop lifting.

After the hand spanking, he sends her to the bedroom to get the hairbrush. Back over his knee, the hairbrush further reddens her cheeks.

For the paddle, she has to bend down with her hands on the seat of the couch.

Still the spanking continues

Then he very considerately, sends her to stand facing the wall – to contemplate why this is happening to her and to give her a rest.

When the phone rings, it’s Barbara from next door. She’s heard the familiar sound of a spanking taking place and wants to know the details. Barbara wears the trousers in their house. If her husband George steps out of line – he’s the one who gets spanked.

Hilary is at least glad that Bill doesn’t invite Barbara over to watch her humiliation.

For the caning part of the punishment he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch – her bottom well up in the air.

However, despite her squeals of pain – her quivering bottom is extremely sore – he carries on giving her the full number of strokes he promised her.

Having been severely spanked she is now very sorry

Spanking over, he takes her in his arms and gives her a much needed hug.

Spanking Video Review – The Spanking Professor

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane

Spanking Stars: Raven, Erica Scott and Steve Fuller

Approximate Running Time: 43.29 minutes

Charlotte has been summoned to Professor Woodward’s home. Her expectations of how the meeting would progress – are a far cry from what she would have liked to happen.

He explains to her that the way she has been stalking him is an embarrassment and he’s asked her to come and see him – with the intention of persuading her to stop her foolish behavior.

But Charlotte is not listening. She declares her undying love for him. Eventually he comes to the realization that the only way to deal with her is to give her a spanking.

She thinks that’s a wonderful idea because after all isn’t a spanking just part of foreplay that then leads on to lovemaking, which is what she most desires in her foolish young heart.

However, once she is sprawled over his knee, it doesn’t take her long to come to the conclusion that she wasn’t getting a play spanking and it hurt like hell.

Getting the spanking she deserves

But being the brat that she is, she still tries to change his mind – offering herself to him.

As her bottom is bared and the spanking proceeds, her lush cheeks are becoming redder and sorer looking by the minute. He tells her he intends to keep on spanking her until she promises not to stalk him anymore.

At first it seems like stalemate, but his punishing hand relentlessly making contact with her bottom means she has no choice but to give in and promise to leave him alone.

A brat to the end – she tells him his own wife is the talk of the campus – as she is free and easy with her body, with all the men and boys.

Part Two

Faculty Wife

Professor Woodward was not at all happy to be informed by one of his own students, of his wife’s infidelity. So he’s waiting for her when she comes home.

She’s been shopping and is very keen to show him what she has bought.

However, he’s in no mood to be cajoled – his intention is to stop her sleeping around so ensuring that the only man in her life is him.

He his cheating wife a spanking

She tries coaxing him. When that fails she tries insulting him, which makes him livid.

Even when she finds herself lying over his knee, she still keeps up with the cheek and brattiness.

He thinks she should get a job to help out with the household expenses. Now this idea does not sit well with her at all. If she had a job, she wouldn’t be able to have her various coaches eg tennis, swimming and a fitness coach. And there is where the problem lies – her coaches are all men.

After a long hard spanking, she agrees to change her coaches to all women instead.

So they compromise – she will be faithful, keeping herself only unto him – he agrees that she doesn’t have to get a job.

Therefore, they are two happy bunnies.

Spanking Video Review – Late Night Spanking with Cecil B

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Isis and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 57.10 minutes

Beautiful Isis has been invited to appear on Cecil B’s Late Night TV Show.

The idea is to demonstrate to the viewers – how a spanking should be given and more importantly, why.

Initially, she is asked to sit and be interviewed by Cecil B. During this interview, he draws from her that she first got into spanking as a part of sexual foreplay; and this had the effect of making her and her boyfriend’s love making more pleasurable than ever before.

Then the viewers are treated to a practical demonstration of a spanking.

Practical Spanking Demo Part 1

Cecil B takes her over his knee and starts to spank her on top of her skirt. At first she is inclined to giggle as his spanks are not too hard – although as we later see, her bottom is becoming very red and sore looking.

She is then allowed to get up and sit down again – while he interviews her even more – trying to convey to the viewers just what makes Isis tick.

This is followed by practical spanking demonstration part two. During this session her knickers are pulled down and the spanking is delivered onto her already sore red bare bottom. By now she has stopped giggling and instead is squealing with the pain.

Now she has a bare bottom ready for spanking

Sitting back in her chair, the third part of the interview takes place – and she reveals even more golden nuggets about herself.

For the third and final part of her spanking, she is told to remove all her clothes. She then spends a considerable time bending over the back of a chair while he uses a hairbrush, paddle and strap.

Her poor bottom is so red and sore looking from this spanking

The interview and spanking demonstration is over. She rubs her very sore red hot bottom.

Yet, she is still willing to give another interview and demonstration at another time.

Spanking Video Review – Worse for Wear

Spanking Studio: California Star Productions

Spanking Stars: Nicole and Christian

Approximate Running Time: 24 minutes

Nicole is visiting her old friend Christian. She’s on a mission.

Her boyfriend Spencer is not keeping her happy like he did when they first met. In fact, she’s finding him rather boring.

However, Christian is a different story. He’s what she considers to be a real man. He listens to her ranting on about poor Spencer, and then tells her she should make more effort herself.

This answer is not what Nicole wants to hear from him.

Christian’s phone rings, and it happens to be Spencer. Feeling that things have not been going well with him and Nicole, he is phoning Christian for advice on how to handle her.He positions her for an otk spanking

Christian’s expression changes and he listens carefully.

At the end of the call, he looks at Nicole very sternly. He tells her he’s shocked by what Spencer has told him – she has emptied his bank account.

He’s so indignant on behalf of his friend, he believes that Nicole deserves punishment via a corporal spanking on the spot

Nicole finds herself lying over Christian’s lap, ready for a well-deserved over the knee spanking.

He is spanking her with a paddle

His bare hand spanking changes Nicole’s bare bottom from pink to a deep cherry red. She squeals in protest, but doesn’t try to escape the spanking she knows she deserves. Christian notices and accuses her of deriving pleasure from his spanking punishment.

A brutal caning

After using an assortment of implements on her sore bare bottom, including a cane, the spanking comes to an end.

Sitting side by side on the couch, each with a glass of wine in their hand, he indicates that he has other ideas of what he’s going to do with her glowing bare bottom.

Who’s Afraid of the Spanking Neighbours?

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Katrina Rosebud, Rubee Tuesday as Rita, Butch Simms and Ralph Marvell

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Katrina is in a lousy mood and takes it out on her doting husband Ralph.

They have just said goodbye to their new neighbors from the flat next door. Now Katrina and Ralph are alone, she accuses him of eyeing up Rita. Despite Ralph denying the accusation, she still insists that he doesn’t love her anymore.

As he can’t make her see sense, he drags a dining room chair into the middle of the room – sits down on it and hauls her over his knee. She is very indignant at being treated like a naughty child and protests loudly. But Ralph knows from past experience – when she won’t listen to sweet reason – the only thing left to do, is to spank her.

The spanking starts

He starts off by spanking her over her short black lacy dress. It isn’t long before he pulls up her skirt to reveal a beautiful shapely bottom that is already showing signs of becoming a very sore beautiful shapely bottom.

As the spanking progresses, he pulls down her flimsy black knickers – her poor bare bottom is now a deep cherry red. By this time she’s calmer and apologizing to him, however he isn’t finished spanking her yet – not by a long chalk.

His spanking hand is sore, so he starts using various spanking implements; from the birch to the paddle and onto the tawse. If her bottom was sore before, it was surely more sore after.

The spanking continues

A little later, a much more reasonable and sweeter Katrina – Ralph starts doing other things to her bottom and sopping wet pussy, other than spanking it.

The Movie Part Two

Rita and Butch – the new neighbors from next door are back in their flat.

Rita and Butch find a common interest in spanking

While Butch is not in the room, Rita can hear some intriguing sounds coming through the thin walls. Butch coming back into the room finds her with her ear pressed against the wall.

He’s used to it. He tells her that Ralph has to spank his wife often to keep her in order.

One thing leads to another and unbeknownst to Butch – Rita is into spanking too. He’s found a kindred spirit.

The sound of spanking rings out

Soon the sound of bare hand spanking raw bottom, echoes round the flat.

Both are turned on big time and the spanking turns to finger fucking and cock sucking.

Their imaginations take off as they think of the fun they are going to have when their next spanking get together happens with Ralph and Katrina.