Setting An Example – Red Stripe

great spanking video

This is a great video, for a number of reasons. First, it includes a misbehaving student who really and truly is a misbehaving student. She’s mouthy and whiny and disobedient, and she does something that really gets on my last nerve: she plays dumb. When Miss Thompson, the young and attractive phys. ed. teacher, tells her to touch her toes, Wendy does it by bending her knees.

“You said to touch my toes, but you didn’t say how”, says the smirking and smart-assed Wendy.

Apparently that kind of thing gets on Ms. Thompson’s last nerve, too, because a spanking will soon commence.
otk spanking girl

Before the spanking, however, we gets some good views of Wendy going through her exercise routine. Wendy is an attractive brunette in a tight, white, skimpy gym suit. She does various calisthenics, and the camera captures her youthful body in all its glory.

We get some great views of Miss Thompson, too. She’s wearing a black and equally tight exercise outfit. She has a great body, and her womanly curves are exhibited in all their glory as well.

After Miss Thompson takes Wendy OTK, the girl’s clothing starts to come off. First her tight, white shorts, then her white panties. Wendy complains throughout the spanking, but shows no remorse. Yet.

tawse spankingMs. T. bends Wendy over a stool and starts smacking her exposed rear end with a tawse. Now we get some remorse. “I’m sorry,” cries Wendy. “I didn’t mean to … I won’t do it again.” A split screen is used to capture both Wendy’s butt and her face while this is going on. It’s a nice effect, though I would’ve preferred her grimacing and sorrowful face to be in the larger window, rather than the smaller.

It’s a nice spanking of mouthy, smart-assed student, but it’s just a warm-up. Y’see, the headmaster walks into the room while Wendy is over Ms. T.’s lap, squealing like a piglet. It turns out that the attractive Ms. T. does not officially have the authority to use corporal punishment on students. And now the Head is going to use his authority to teach the both a lesson.

The Head orders both women to get changed and report back to him. They do. Ms. T. is wearing a black blouse that shows her cleavage, a short, tight black skirt, and sheer, black stockings. Wendy also reports, in her schoolgirl outfit.

The Head is wonderfully authoritative. He lectures both women. It’s a pleasure to see the formerly-dominant Ms. T. become quiet and attentive in his presence.

First, the Head spanks Wendy. It begins with a hard hand-spanking on her once-again exposed rear end, as she’s bent over the office furniture. Then he proceeds to employ a paddle. The splitscreen effect is used again to show both Wendy’s face and her butt at the same moment. This time we see her sniveling and close to tears as the Head whacks her with the paddle.

It’s not over, though. He uses the cane on her as well. And he uses something else, too: stern lectures. The Head’s voice drips with sarcasm and derision as he describes Wendy as, among other things, a “wretched creature”. By the end of her session, she is standing before him, swearing to be good. The promises tumble out of her mouth like water from a brook.

The Head then turns his sarcastic attention and authoritative demeanor upon the attractive and seductively dressed junior faculty member, Ms. Thompson.

He seems immune to her seductive charms. In fact, just the opposite — they seem to make him angry. He thinks she dresses inappropriately and sets a bad example for the students. He speaks to her in a loud, demanding manner. She answers. Her voice is softer now, smaller than when she was in charge of Wendy..

He informs Ms. Thompson that she has broken the rules, and that she is going to be spanked as well. In front of Wendy, she protests, shocked. The answer is yes. But I’m a member of staff — this is going to be all over school, she sputters. She is practically begging, but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Ms. T. reluctantly assumes the same position as Wendy, bending herself over a table. She attempts to maintain her dignity, to appear icy. But her armor slowly cracks. She gasps as the slaps rain down. She tries to hold her head up. The Head orders her to bend over. She does. Her skirt has been flipped up, exposing her black underwear.

The Head asks her condescending questions, like “Are you starting to learn the error of your ways.” She has to answer him. “Yes”, she says, through clenched teeth.

He starts to peel down her panties. “You can’t do that,” she protests, in her clipped, British accent. “It’s outrageous”.

“Do you like working here?” the Head replies, just as icily. “Yes sir”, is her eventual reply. And the panties come down, exposing the proud woman’s beautiful, bare reaqr end.

The Head continues to bully and chastise Ms. Thompson both physically and verbally. He lectures her about her style of fashion, making her promise to dress more conservatively. She tries to defend herself, but spankees never win these kinds of arguments, no matter how well-spoken and intelligent they may be. Again, “yes sir” is the humbled teacher’s reluctant but eventual reply.

The humiliation continues. He breaks out the strap and shows it to her. She becomes quiet. “You don’t mean to … she begin to stammer. But the Head talks right over her. Meanwhile Wendy is watching and grinning through Ms. Thompson’s ordeal.

tawse spanking“Oh”, the teacher groans, as the strap makes contact. “It hurts”, she murmurs. She shifts with each blow, breathing audibly and struggling against the pain. The lectures and sarcasm continue as well. “Oh God”, she groans. He instructs her to keep still.

The Head pauses after the tausing and gives her permission to rub her bottom. She does so, standing before him, her panties down. But now he is brandishing the cane. Oh no, she groans. He instructs her to bend over and hold the edges of the desk. He also orders her to count strokes. She does so, with a pained cry each time the cane connects.

“You’re learning, aren’t you, Ms. Thompson”, he taunts her. “Yes sir”, she replies. She gets 18 strokes, and then he’s finished. So am I.

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