Spank It: Hard Spank for Bad Girls

interracial spanking movie

Spank It: Hard Spank for Bad Girls by

666 Productions

I found this video exciting to view, as I love watching over the knee spankings, almost as much as I love being over someone’s knee.

During the 65 minutes running time, there are two separate stories.

In the first story, there is a disaster in the kitchen, when this pretty, long haired young lady tries to set fire to the house, while cooking dinner.

Her shrieks of fear alert her partner. He comes into the kitchen – a fit young man, wearing light coloured trousers held up by a thick leather belt and a khaki vest. Across his muscular shoulders and arms he is covered in tattoos. Seeing what’s happening he pushes her aside and puts out the fire, by blowing on it? Who needs the fire brigade? Then, despite her having burnt her hand, he ignores that and proceeds to start a fire in her bottom instead.

So, he puts her over his knee for a l-o-n-g spanking; half an hour to be precise.

The Spanking Begins

Starting off using his hand, he delivers a few swats on top of her shorts he then uses sign language to tell her to remove them.  His gesture is particularly sexy. She looks over her shoulder at him, and you can see a slight tremble, as she contemplates her impending punishment.

Once she has removed her own shorts, he yanks her back over his knee, and carries on spanking her with his hand.

He spanks her – from one cheek to the other, interspersing this with stroking, kneading and pinching her bottom. He also every so often, pulls aside her black thong, revealing a good view of her pussy.
Somewhere along the way, he helps her remove her top, she isn’t wearing a bra.

Also, several times during the movie, he lowers his head and bites her bottom. This makes her squeal louder than ever, so I can only assume he bit her hard.

As it is such a small kitchen and he has long arms, he is able to reach out to the draining board and gets various weapons of bottom destruction, in the form of, wooden spoons, spatulas etc and he even does a John Wayne, when he uses a frying pan instead of a shovel, as McLintock did, when spanking Maureen O’Hara in the film of that name.The camera man, several times, moves in close, treating us to some great views of her pain contorted face.

Kitchen Utensils Come to Hand

Every so often, he changes position, from spanking her over his knee, to pushing her over the kitchen table to leaning her over the kitchen sink. All these changes in positions and implements used on her bottom are done with no dialogue passing between them. I think that there is a time and a place for silence. It can add a finer point to the discipline than vocal chastising often can. But, in the context of this movie, and the way the scene is played, the silence just comes across as a sort of lack of involvement.

A Slipper Is Brought Into Play

After thirty minutes of this continual ill treatment of her backside, it is a very sore looking rosy red. Pulling her up off his knee, he throws her clothes at her, then, walks out of the kitchen, leaving her kneeling on the floor, rubbing her poor bottom that has a raging fire in it.

It was a big disappointment to me because he didn’t take his belt off to her. I believe the makers of this movie missed something there.

It would have been greatly improved if he had made her watch him slowly taking the belt out of its loops, then putting her back over his knee for a few strokes of it. Phew! The thought of it makes me go all of a quiver.

Another pretty young girl, this time with short auburn hair is in the same kitchen supposedly washing up. Well, she moves things around, attempting to pile up some pans and dishes that defy gravity so that they keep toppling over with a loud clatter.

Then while rummaging in a cupboard, she finds a bottle of wine and sitting at the kitchen table she takes a long swig from the bottle.

In comes another girl, who quickly takes in the scene.

She pushes the young girl over the edge of the table, and starts to spank her. She also uses an assortment of kitchen utensils, including a plastic chopping board.

Getting Spanked for Drinking Alcohol

During this prolonged spanking session of again, around thirty minutes, the young girl’s clothes come off until she is wearing only a very sore red bottom. A very lovely bottom indeed. She’s got gorgeous, smooth curves that seemed designed specifically for the sweeping touch of a hungry palm.

Her Clothing Is Removed

Again, this second spanking is done in silence, except for the obligatory ‘owws’ and ‘ouches’. Not too much thrill or excitement in the scene.  I have to say that I’m a huge fan of sincerity. Perhaps this seeming lack of enthusiasm could be chalked up to bad acting, but I sort of get the feeling that the models aren’t really into the lifestyle, but are just paid asses.

I found this lack of dialogue between each of the two couples spoiled things. Apart from each girl being spanked – saying ‘Owwww!!!’ every time her bottom was attacked by the spanker’s hand or kitchen utensil, there was silence, except for the background music – that rather grated on me.

I would also have liked both girls, to have shown some more spirit. A bit of bratting; swearing, struggling etc, although as we know that earns extra spanks, but to me it is more natural.

Wearing Nothing But A Sore Red Bottom

However, if you enjoy seeing a bare bottom, over the knee spanking, where the bad girl ends up with a very hot sore bottom, then you will enjoy this movie

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