Our Sorority Summer Camp — Shadow Lane

lesbian sorority spanking

As with any great dramatic work, the audience for this movie will be helped by a playbill with the cast of characters. So here goes:

Kat — hot Asian babe, spanker, older sorority sister
Bella — bookworm, gets spanked, doesn’t want to garden
Violet — pale brunette party girl, gets spanked
Natasha — hot brunette, older sorority sister, spanker
Sybil — hot-bodied redhead, party girl, gets spanked

In the opening scene of this well-written and well-acted spanking film, we learn that three sorority sisters are essentially in a sorority summer school for under-performers. The three underachieving sisters are Bella, Violet and Sybil. Violet is a pretty girl with dark hair and ivory skin. Sybil is a tall, slender, well-built, hot-bodied redhead. Bella is a plus-sized young African-American woman with a beautiful and wonderfully-expressive face.

Three women oversee the summer session. Two are older sisters in the soroity, Kat and Natasha. Natasha is an attractive brunette. Kat is a slim, hot Asian babe. The third overseer is Stephanie, the house mother. She is also a professor who gave the two of the girls less than stellar grades for their less than stellar academic performances.

While Sybil and Violet are party girls who neglected their studies, Bella is a bookworm whose failing seems to be that she studies too much and neglects her non-academic personal development.  All three need to improve in order to stay in the sorority.

In the first spanking scene, Kat, the hot Asian, spanks Sybil, the hot redhead. Did I mention that there are a lot of hot girls in this video? And yeah, the scene is hot, too.

Kat begins spanking Sybil while Sybil kneels on a picnic bench. It starts out light, but gets more serious.  “Take off your shorts,” Kat orders. “Now!”  “Hurry it up,” she barks, sounding like quite the little dominatrix. She uses her hand and a paddle on Sybil’s exquisite rear end. She orders the lovely Sybil to stay still. The spanking ends quickly, but in this movie, there’s plenty more to come.

Next, Natasha spanks Bella, who was reading when she should have been gardening. Bella is wonderfully vocal. She protests her spanking articulately and with injured dignity. She tries to maintain that dignity even when her pants are pulled down, her bare bottom revealed in all it’s glory, while being spanked with the book she was reading.

Many plus-sized women call themselves “big and beautiful”, but Bella truly is.   Her rear end is beautifully large and well-shaped. Her visage is not just comely and cute, but full of character as well. She frowns and knits her brow as she’s spanked. She’s full of emotion.  Her pretty little face shows her discomfort. She emits sexy, squeaky little “ow’s” and gasps. Her scenes are among the most erotic in this very sexy video.

Next, Natasha spanks Violet. Both girls wear shorts and skimpy, clingy tops. Violet’s shorts come off at Natasha’s direction. We see a barely-there thong underneath. Violet squirms and kicks on the picnic bench. A paddle is used. It’s not a hard spanking, but the two hot girls make it sexy.

In the next scene, Bella gets caught reading again when she should be gardening. Kat finds her and spanks her by hand and with a paddle. Again we hear Bella’s articulate protests. We see her injured dignity. We hear her high-pitched squeals and ow’s.

Kat is a busy spanker. Next, she spanks Sybil in library. Again, these hot girls are wearing skimpy clothing. Kat has Sybil remove her skirt and top, so she’s in just her bra and thong. This spanking is longer and more forceful than Sybil’s last one. It has Sybil breathing hard. Kat makes her remove the thong. Sybil has beautiful buttocks. She moans, breathes audibly, emits little gasps. Nobody says it out loud, but both girls seem to be turned on.  I don’t blame them.

The next scene in this non-stop spankfest features Bella and the professor. Bella is ordered to remove her summer dress. She protests, she argues, and of course, she loses. She’s wearing a lacy white camisole underneath. Her plus-sized breasts are virtually spilling out of it.

She gets spanked over the knee, with both a hand and a paddle. Here rear end turns pink. She squeals from the blows. Her breasts come out of the camisole.

The professor makes Bella take off her shoes and expose her feet to the professors touch. Bella’s feet are ultra-sensitive. Touching them makes her squeal and kick. She tries to keep them away. She’s ordered to present them again. She submits. Her veneer of autonomy is slowly stripped away. With her bare bottom and her sensitive feet at the professor’s mercy, Bella is helpless. The professor makes Bella say that she loves gardening. With no more will to resist, the once-proud Bella complies.

In the next scene, Natasha spanks Violet over the knee on the sofa. Violet wears a sexy summer dress at the beginning. The dress gets pulled up, her undies get pulled down, and she gets spanked.  First by hand, and then a hairbrush is used.

Sexy Kat comes in. Violet’s dress comes off completely, so she’s just in her bra and panties.  Violet is another hot young beauty. Kat leaves briefly and returns with Sybil in tow. Now both party girls get spanked together in the same room. Natasha works on Sybil, and Kat has her way with Violet.

It’s a somewhat chaotic scene. The slaps come hard and fast. All four women are super sexy, so much so that it’s a little overwhelming for the senses to handle. Kat and Natasha decide to make Sybil and Violet chant the sorority cheer: Lambda Sigma Zeta forever. They are forced torepeat it three times, while being spanked, until they get it right. Lambda Sigma Zeta forever!!! I couldn’t agree more.