Blonde Spanking

hot blonde spanking

Title: Blonde Spanking
Running Time: 30.25 minutes
Studio: Scorched

Now to tell you the truth Dear Reader I am more or less obsessed with spanking those ladies with red hair. You see there is something about our firecrotches that burns in your humble Brushstrokes loins. But that is not to say I don’t enjoy putting a bleach blonde bimbo over my knee on occasion and our next movie does just that. A nice bit of F/f spanking from scorched by the name of Blonde Spanking.

Like many of our tales we begin with our hardworking boss who is quite spankable herself. Being a non-native of this country she violates the first rule of hiring secretaries. Do not hire platinum blondes with bodies that kill if you want someone competent rather than nice to look at. Quickly we learn that our boss woman is quite unhappy with her secretary though given the fact that she is in a micro skirt and quite revealing top it would be hard to understand why. But alas our buck some blonde is in for a bit of spanking.

Our little boss lady really hauls off and belts our blonde. I mean quite hard, even when the jean skirt that protects her incredible ass comes up boss lady really spanks her hard over the desk. The spanking however is intermittent since they stop for a little light lesbian touching which indeed is quite hot.

Now HR cannot be pleased with boss lady’s attraction to this young blonde and the copious amounts of rubbing she does to her naked body. But fear not Dear Reader for she is indeed not finished with this naughty secretary and with an ass like this why not indeed show it off, perhaps by making her get on all fours on the desk for the next round of bottom beating.

Now the one thing I keep saying here and on my blog The Spanking Spot is that those producers entering into the spanking niche have to learn that more is not always better. That is not to say that more spanking is not better (it is) but instead I speak of the number of positions. Pick at the most 3 in a 30 minute move and stick with them. Spanking folk have a myriad of positions they like as diverse as an HR sensitivity training class. You simply cannot make everyone happy all the time. The best you can do is concentrate on the spanking.

That being said our blond girl is put up against the wall and smacked hard a number of times with her hair firmly in the grasp of the boss lady. This of course doesn’t last long since she is then put on the floor and spanked with a heavy strap that looks like it came out of a science fiction movie.

Now our bosslady is a tough little chick, I am actually impressed how hard she spanks. Her blows upon our beautiful blondes ass are almost as strong as her tiny little body can make them. Hard enough mind you that your humble narrator would not enjoy being spanked by such a woman.

After a few more positions and a bit of softcore lesbian domination our poor blonde is getting bruised and sore. For a grand finale our blonde gets put over the boss lady’s knee and spanked quite soundly in my favorite position OTK style. Though another suggestion to our budding spanking producers, make sure that the bottom is on your spanking hand side. A cross body spanking is indeed not as effective and to tell you the truth looks rather silly.

So indeed did I enjoy the movie. Well I would characterize this movie as a femdom/spanking hybrid. Nothing indeed wrong with it. The spanking is quite hard and the girl getting spanked is quite hot. Not really my cup of tea but that is simply a personal preference Dear Reader. There are indeed plenty of spanking movies out there that had high production values and some good spanking that didn’t peak my interest. But simply because it is not my “brand” of spanking does not mean that the movie was not indeed good. This also fits in this group of otherwise excellent spanking movies. Personally I feel if you are into F/f spanking even without the femdom part of it this is quite a worthwhile movie.

3 Stars


With An Ass Like That! — Firm Hand Studios

firm ass spanking

A husband comes upon his wife snooping amongst his things. She’s an attractive 30 something with highlighted blond hair tied back in a bun. She’s wearing a white blouse and a short, black skirt.

The found-out woman looks back at her husband with a mischievous smile. She doesn’t appear sorry to have been discovered.

“Now you must be punished”, he tells her. He steers her against a table, bends her over and starts spanking her.

“No”, she says, but she submits. The spanks are soft, like love taps, but she reacts vocally, with oh’s and ow’s that sound heartfelt. She’s faking it, but her voice has a wonderfully seductive lilt to it. She sounds like she wants to turn him on.

It turns me on. I like this woman. She’s a MILF who will soon be approaching her middle years, not a candidate for the catwalk. We all have our preferences, and she happens to be mine.

He continues the love taps. She continues to act like it hurts, with that come-hither voice. He flips up her skirt. She’s wearing plain white panties.

domestic spankingI remember the days before Victoria’s secret catalogs, before lingerie was chartreuse or lavender or turquoise. Hell, it wasn’t even lingerie then. It was underwear, just bra and panties, and it wasn’t colorful. The first panties I ever saw grace a girl’s hips were white, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for that sight.

“Stop,” she moans and begs. You can hear her gasp her litle ohh’s as you see her beautiful round buttocks sheathed in sheer white.

The husband turns her around to face him. The come hither look is in her eyes, in her smile. He spanks her again. We get a side angle of that wonderful rear end. She keeps up her sexy little moans and soft pleading cries.

She begs and pleads for him to stop. The love taps continue. But they seem to be getting harder. Her moans and cries have begun to sound a little more plaintive.

He calls her a bad girl. She denies it. He stops spanking and orders her to remove her blouse. “No”, she say, but her fingers go to her buttons.

She’s wearing a lacy white bra. She shows it to him, to us. Beautiful. The first bra I ever fumbled to remove was white.

He makes her remove her skirt. Ahhh, she’s down to her bra and panties. She’s beautiful. She gets down on the bed on her hands and knees. The love taps resume. Her cries of pain resume. They’re continuous, but not monotonous. Some are short and exclamatory. Some are drawn out and breathy. All sound sincere. Her pain may not be genuine, but it’s convincing enough that I don’t care.

He makes her remove her bra and panties. She does so with the right amount of petulance. Again she shows him, and us, the unwrapped gift. Again, I love it.

paddle spankingHe starts using a paddle. She’s bent over a bed, her breasts hanging over the headboard. She’s exclaiming in pain and breathing hard with each blow. She seems in a struggle to maintain her composure. She fidgets and grimaces and cries “oohh” and “stop” and “please” with each blow.

He give her a break from the blows She stands with her hands on her head. She’s nude. The camera explores her.

bed spankingNext he makes her lie on the bed, on her back, in the diaper position. Her legs are sticking up in the air, her orifices on display. He uses the paddle, though not particularly hard. She continues to exclaim in pain, continues to plead for the spanking to stop.

He switches paddles. This one is heavier Her complaints become more pronounced, her cries more elongated.

Another position change. He beds her over at the waist and uses a strappy-looking paddle. She spreads her legs shoulder width and spreads her ass cheeks with her hands. The spanking continues for a while this way, her moans and cries accompanying the strokes.

He stands her up and faces her toward us. She’s breathing hard, but still flashing her flirtatious smile. She looks relieved to have a little break. She wipes her flushed, pretty face, possible even wipes a tear away.

She promises to be good, but he doesn’t believe her. He bends her over the bed. He continues paddling. Her reactions remain pronounced. She shakes and shudders. She stands again. She appears to be crying. She’s saying no, but he makes her bend over again, giving the camera another opportunity to explore her naked body. Again her hands are on her head submissively.

At this point the video seems to end, apparently due more to technical difficulties than to any final resolution.

So how good was it? Well the spanking is not severe, perhaps not even moderate. This video seems to be about a lovers spanking more than anything else. The husband holds back, giving his wife just enough pain to get her hot and bothered, but still not breaching her limits. And the wife gives the husband what he wants, breathy moans, pained cries, and heartfelt, plaintive pleas for him to stop. And when she can, she also flashes that mischievous, flirtatious smiles. Overall, I found this video very erotic.

A Matter of Taste —

brat otk
A Matter of Taste

This is a sexy little video about a sexy little lady who steals a drink of beer from some authority figure and then denies it. Dad, or maybe he’s an uncle or a legal guardian of some sort, decides to spank some discipline into her.

Lisa, the petty thief in question, is a dark-haired, green-eyed, bewitching little imp. She spends the first five minutes of the video (and the whole thing is less than 20 minutes total) sneaking around with her tight little body looking very sexy in short shorts and a midriff-baring top. She’ll get your blood pumping.

Dad (or whatever generic authority figure he is) is ready to enjoy his cold glass of beer by pool. He discovers some of it missing and confronts Lisa. She denies drinking it at first, and then admits to a “sip”. The man feels that a cautionary lesson about alcohol and lying is in order here.

He tells her to stand up and remove her shorts. She does. Her teardrop-shaped buttocks, framed by skimpy pink panties, look phenomenal. First she has to stand with her hands on her head. Then she is ordered to go into the house and wait for her punishment.

Mischievous Lisa stands and waits. She had looked cocky and carefree before. Now she looks preoccupied. She plays with her hair nervously. Her apparent anxiety heightens the tension of what’s to come.

Authority figure guy arrives in a bad temper. He yells at Lisa and orders her to remove her underwear and get over his lap. The submissive girl does so without protest. He begins to spank.

The over-the-knee swats are hard. Lisa gasps — sexy little ohhh’s. The swats continue. Her gasps become more shrill. “Please” she pleads helplessly. She wriggles as she lays across his lap. She has a slender waist, long legs and a shapely ass. She looks great.

The camera angles are great, too. They vary. Rarely are they redundant or boring. We get different views. The resolution is very clear. Lisa herself looks pretty from any angle.

The spanking continues. Lisa gets progressively more upset. Her head shakes back and forth with each blow. Her pigtails flop around. She says she’s sorry. She kicks her legs in pain. She’s very vocal and reactive. She’s sobbing. She’s breathing hard. The audio is great. It picks up all of her reactions.

Authoritative guy ends the otk session and orders her to stand against the mantle. He tells her he’s getting the strap. “The strap!? Please, no!” she begs. She moans softly and rubs her sore bottom while she waits. She sniffles. The camera runs up and down her lithe figure.

Mr. Authority returns with the strap. “Bottom out” he orders. He strikes her. She promises to be a good girl. He says he’ll “make sure” she’s a good girl. She calls him “sir”. She cries out with each blow. Her sobbing resumes.

He orders her to count her final strokes. He makes her thank him. “Thank you for my punishment,” she sobs.
At the end she stands against the wall, hands on her head. The once-mischievous Lisa has promised to be good, promised not to move. She remains in place, sore bottom on display, tearful and sniffling.

Authority figure guy goes back to drink his beer by the pool. He’s quite satisfied. For the most part, so am I.

So how good was it? It was very good in all technical respects, from audio to shot composition to editing. And the girl is hot.

It would have been nice, though, if she protested a little more prior to the spanking. I mean, she’s teenager. She’ll talk back if you ask her to help out with the dishes. But when she’s asked to remove her pants, she doesn’t even blink. Some acting on her part, some lines uttered in character, would have been nice, and could have heightened the dramatic tension. In spite of her attractiveness, in spite the flawless production value, the spanking felt too much like a foregone conclusion. We know it’s a spanking video. We know she’s going to get spanked, just like we know that James Bond is not going to get killed by the bad guy. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want some suspense along the way. This movie delivers on the spanking, but it could use some work on the drama that gets us there.

otk brattingbratting videogorgeous ass spanking

House Rules — Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

House Rules
Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Ashley getting spanked

Don’t smoke in Aunt Chelsea’s house! Cute co-ed Samantha makes that mistake when she’s hanging out with her friend Ashley. Chelsea discovers the dirty deed and orders Samantha into another room for a little “talk”.

By the way, Samantha is about as cute as a girl can possibly be, and her friend Ashley is not far behind.

Samantha apologizes, but she’s still too sassy for Chelsea’s
taste. Chelsea orders her over the knee. Samantha refuses at first, and there’s a bit of token resistance before Chelsea gets her way.

Samantha starts out in jeans. They come down. She’s
wearing sheer panties and has an absolutely glorious rear end. Chelsea spanks hard. And she spanks a lot. Rapid-fire, open-handed blows to the buttocks. It doesn’t seem to bother Samantha much, though. Yes, Samantha says “ow” in adorable little gasps, and yes, Samantha makes cute, forlorn, puppy-dog faces, and yes, Samantha says it hurts and asks Aunt Chelsea to stop, but over all, it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much.

There’s some stilted dialogue, but there’s also some good, natural dialogue as well. I liked when Samantha calls Chelsea by name, and the response is “That’s Aunt Chelsea!” And yes, Samantha uses “aunt” from then on.

While Samantha gets spanked, peeping Ashley spies through the cracked door. Observing the spank action, Ashley’s hands venture to her most intimate of places as she watches. Mine do, too.

Another nice touch: at the end of Samantha’s spanking, she stands before Chelsea, naked from the waist down. She’s being lectured for what she did she did wrong, and admonished to do better. Afterwards, in a rather small and pleading voice, she asks for permission to put her pants back on. There’s no more sass in this girl.

Later that night, or is it a different night, Ashley brings up the fact that she watched the spanking. She wants to spank Samantha, too. There’s some back and forth between the girls, but without too much ado, submissive Samantha agrees.

This scene is good. The dialogue is natural and unforced. They really seem like two young women experimenting. There is no exaggerated sexuality, no porn star moaning, no fake orgasms. Samantha is over Ashley’s knee and they are
enjoying themselves, but it doesn’t seem contrived.

Ashley spanks Samantha, pretending to be Aunt Chelsea in an amusing way. She playfully imitates Chelsea and her “house rules” lecture. But the real Aunt Chelsea walks in on the girls in mid-spanking and does not approve of what she sees. Such naughtiness is not allowed in this house, etc. Apparently it’s worse than smoking. Chelsea proceeds to spank them both.

The girls bend over the bed with their feet on the floor, rumps sticking out. Chelsea spanks them in turns like a percussionist with multiple drum heads in reach.

Chelsea orders the girls to undress in stages. They end up
in just their bras. I’d have loved to see each totally naked, but I can’t complain. Both girls are extremely hot. Face, body, ass, legs — neither girl has a bad angle.

So how good is this video? Well, in spite of Ashley’s last name, there are no “fires” in this movie. A few sparks here
and there, but nothing really ignites. The girls are beautiful, and they get good, long, hard spankings. But they don’t seem very challenged by it. Yes, they get the
“sass” spanked out of them, especially Samantha, but they
never seemed to have that much to begin with.

The audio is clear throughout the movie. The camera angles are varied and well-composed. The acting is good. The production is professional in every way. But it’s not an
inspired movie — just another day’s work for a group of professionals who are all very good at what they do.

After watching this video, I watched Soccer Mom’s Spank
Off, also by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. I wanted to see the dominant “Aunt” Chelsea turned over the knee and spanked.

First, I watched her spank Clare Fonda to tears. Hard
whacks with a really big hairbrush. Now that was an erotic
spanking! Then Chelsea took some of the same medicine from Clare. And I know I’m in the minority on this, but I prefer women of Clare and Chelsea’s age group to those of Ashley and Samantha’s demographic. Fine wine, etc. But for those of you who want to see the young, flawless beauties get lectured, scolded, humbled and spanked on their gloriously naked rear ends, House Rules would be a great choice for you.

House Rules
Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment