Keith’s Girl Friday

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Samantha Woodley

Approximate Running Time: 53.55 minutes

Keith takes Samantha into his confidence – he needs to lose some weight – and he’d like her to go shopping for him. He gives her a list of the kind of food he should be eating. She assures him that she understands and will go to the shops immediately. He gives her some money, but she tells him she needs more – so he ends up giving her $300.

She comes back loaded with parcels. He’s had nothing to eat for several hours, so he’s looking forward to starting on his new eating regime.

Spanking bent over a chair

But as she brings out one packet at a time – he’s beginning to despair – it is either loaded with fat, salt or sugar. When she brings out the final item – she has hit the jackpot. It’s a piece of turkey and he can eat it without killing himself.

He asks her for his change and she hands him $3. He’s horrified to think he has paid $297 for a load of unsuitable food. However, she corrects him; the food only cost a few dollars. So where’s the rest of the money gone – she spent it on herself because he doesn’t pay her enough.

That’s the final straw – he determines to show her what can happen when he’s an angry, hungry man.

Sore spanked bottom

She finds herself bent over a chair, with him hand spanking her. Her bottom changes from creamy white to pink and to red. A change of position and she is lying over his knee and despite her squirming about and protesting, he carries on spanking her relentlessly.

Then comes the second story in the series. Keith has been relying on his Girl Friday to make sure that a very important contract is typed up ready for work to begin the following day.

Apprehensive about this spanking

He thought that she was busy with the job, as she had been typing for a solid six hours. How wrong he was, she’d been chatting online to her latest boyfriend.

She again finds herself bottom side up – her nose only inches from the carpet. His hand again changes the colour of her bottom to a deep cherry red.

She is told that the job must be finished before morning, as he’s going to arrange for the various workmen to start the work first thing in the morning.

But his right hand girl further hinders his progress by not completing the work she was supposed to do.

Her third OTK spanking

He is livid – when next morning the workmen arrive ready to start work, but thanks to Samantha’s help a lot of things were not in place – so he had to pay the men and tell them to go home again.

Now for the third time, Samantha is on the receiving end of a hard bare bottom spanking. He also uses an assortment of implements – finally giving her six hard whacks with the cane.

He explains to her that her job is essential to the smooth running of his business.

At the end of the third spanking, her bottom is indeed very sore and the scene closes with him hugging her.

The question is – did Samantha deliberately set out to get spanked?

Rescue Me

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Amanda Morrison and Arthur Meeks

Approximate Running Time: 46.50 minutes

Marcus is impatiently looking at his watch; he’s expecting someone, a female someone, to arrive – but she’s not due for another hour yet.

Lost in thought, he’s startled when there is a cursory knock on his door and before he can respond to it – the door bursts open and this very attractive young lady runs into his room.

He can’t get a word in edgeways as she is hell bent on telling him why her rather dramatic entrance was necessary.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

April gives him a right cock and bull story – she’s due to go to a party in an hour’s time, but she doesn’t fancy the guy who was supposed to be her partner. So, she hopes that Marcus will rescue her and provide a sanctuary for her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is getting redder

He tells her she’s a spoilt brat and deserves a spanking for being so cruel as to hurt the feelings of her intended escort.

So she’s draped over his knee, her short skirt pulled up away from her bottom – revealing to him an expanse of creamy white cheeks. The hand spanking starts, her bouncing orbs are turning from creamy white to pink, through to an ever reddening hue.

Spanking Videos - she is helplessly tied up

After a prolonged otk hand spanking, he uses mild bondage on her. She is helpless – with her wrists fastened to her ankles, he is able to use an assortment of implements on her by now slightly bruised bottom.

Spanking Videos - the little leather paddle does its job

A couple of times, he has to remind her that she’s a human being and so capable of speaking – rather than grunting and yelping like an animal. What he’s wanting is a response from her.

Spanking Videos - He flogs her

Eventually, he tells her that she is going to go to that party and she’s going to be sweet to the lonely young men there – and when the party is over, she must return to him.

Spanking Videos - His kiss is gentle

She agrees to this and they kiss passionately.

Mischief Makers 2 – Judgement Day

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Crystal, Melissa and Claude

Approximate Running Time: 53.09 minutes

I loved every minute of this movie – and if you too enjoy seeing two lovely young ladies – or as they called themselves ‘Angels’ getting a long hard bare bottom spanking – this movie is a must watch.

Crystal and Melissa have promised to help Claude run his hotel for a while, until they start back at university in the autumn.

Their reputation has gone before them, but when they coyly smiled at him – using their feminine charms to turn him around, being only a red blooded man, he succumbs and promises to give them a chance.

His instructions are simple. They should be up out of bed by 7 o’clock the next morning, in order to make the beds and prepare breakfast for the guests.

They turn up for ‘duty’ mid afternoon the following day. As Claude had been busy making beds and breakfast for the hotel’s guests, he was in no mood to listen to excuses. So he threatens them with a spanking. The two girls looked at each other in disbelief.

Taking Crystal by the arm, he drags, pulls and pushes her out into the garden – then sitting himself down on the side of the picturesque fountain – to her surprise, he hauls her over his knee.

Spanking Videos - Crystal's Spanking Starts

What follows is a prolonged bare bottom hand spanking. She kicks her legs wildly and squeals loudly, to the accompaniment of the sounds of the fountain in the background.

It was a pleasure to see her lovely cheeks – spank by spank, turning from a creamy white to a deep cherry red.

When he is finished with her – it’s Melissa’s turn to get her luscious bottom well and truly reddened.

Spanking Videos - Side by Side they are Spanked

Eventually, the two girls are rubbing vigorously at their red hot bottoms and ready to promise Claude the sun moon and the stars, if he’d only let them stay until university starts.

By which time, he had cottoned on that their mischievousness was fueled by the thought of the spanking that was sure to follow.

Therefore, will the two friends be an asset to Claude’s hotel?

Spanking Videos – A Lover’s Quarrel

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Shannon Rose and Max

Approximate Running Time: 48.59 minutes

Max is busy sorting out bills that need paying and writing out cheques.

Shannon is also busy, goading him. She is being a total brat and seems to be determined to get some reaction from him, but the silly girl doesn’t know when she’s gone too far.

When he finally snaps and tells her he’s going to give her a very long overdue spanking, she still doesn’t take him seriously – that is until she finds herself upended lying over his knee.

Spanking Videos - He is serious about spanking her

Despite her wriggling about over his knee, it’s a battle of wills between them and he tells her he’s going to keep on spanking her until she is sincerely sorry for being such a cheeky brat. When he asks her if she understands, her nonchalant reply is ‘Whatever’. That is definitely one word that Max dislikes intensely. So that lengthens the spanking even more. He goes on to tell her that everytime she uses that word in future – she will be spanked.

Half an hour later, still dangling over his knee, with her knickers pulled down to mid thigh and her bare bottom is a deep rosy red, she has stopped being cheeky, so he let’s her get up and go to bed.

Next day she gets home from work – she’s in trouble again. He has an envelope in his hand – it’s addressed to her. He recognises it as being either a speeding fine or a parking ticket. She tries to lie her way out of trouble, but when he insists on her opening it, she does so very reluctantly, which is not surprising as it’s a speeding fine. She was going at 95 miles an hour in a built up area.

Spanking Videos - back over his knee again

So, even though she had had that long painful spanking the day before, she was soon lying back over his knee for another spanking. He has trouble getting her to understand that when she’s speeding, she is not only endangering her own life but that of other people too.
However, she is still anything but contrite and he’s determined to keep on spanking her until she sees sense.

A wooden backed clothes brush makes her reddened bottom redder still, but has she learned her lesson?

Spanking Videos - Will his belt make an impression?

No way. When he removes his belt from his trousers and ……

If you are a bare bottom otk enthusiast, this movie is a must watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Spanking Videos – Favorite Spanking Fantasies

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Amanda Morrison

Approximate Running Time: 56.00 minutes

Fantasy 1 – Darling Disobedient Daughter

Twenty-two year old Heather has her father wrapped around her little finger.

She’s going out for the evening and asks her doting dad to let her use the jeep. He agrees, but because there have been several hijacking incidents recently – especially of jeeps, he asks her to contact him if she’s going to be home later than 2.00 am. So off she goes with a generous wad of notes to help her enjoy herself.

Dad is waiting up for her. It’s well past 2 and she’s not home yet – nor has she phoned as promised. He becomes very agitated when there is a news flash on the TV about a jeep being hijacked. Is it Heather? In his worry, he contacts the police. He has just replaced the receiver when in she comes.

She tells him she was with her boyfriend. He is very annoyed with her for being so thoughtless, so he decides that a spanking is in order. She protests about being too old to be spanked, but he’s made up his mind.

Spanking Videos - Spanking his daughter Heather

She watches him apprehensively as he slowly pulls his belt out of its loops. Doubling it, he tells her to bend down with her hands on the seat of a stool. This is just a warm up. Although I must admit, much as I love receiving the belt, it usually follows a hand spanking otk.

After the spanking; her previously white creamy never before spanked bottom is now a deep cherry red.

She apologises for worrying him and they kiss – they’re friends again.

Fantasy 2 – Sophisticated Discipline

Amanda and Keith are discussing her spanking needs. What does she like, what doesn’t she like? He also asks her if she has a safe word and she tells him what it is.

He points to a bag in the corner of the room and invites her to have a rummage through it – choosing which implements she would like him to use on her.

Then the spanking starts. Firstly with her over his knee.

Spanking Videos - Now it's Amanda's Turn to be Spanked

There is a great deal of him stroking her sore bottom – causing her to gyrate her hips as she is obviously being turned on by his caresses.

He progresses through an assortment of implements – with her in a variety of positions. She even accepts some light bondage, when he fastens her wrists together.

Being a cheeky brat, she often would say something, knowing full well she was earning herself a few extra strokes of whatever he is using at the time.

Spanking Videos - He uses an assortment of implements

At the end of the spanking session, she is a very happy bunny – looking forward to the next time she needs his services.

Spanking Videos – How Spanking Saved the Planet

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Beverly Bacci as Bree and William West as Will

Approximate Running Time: 38.07 minutes

To Will it made perfect sense – Bree should move in with him and it would save on the household expenses.

But first he made it clear to her that he ran a green house. She was happy with that idea and said she wanted to grow orchids. However, he pointed out to her that that wasn’t the kind of green house he meant. He meant conserving energy. So she nodded her head and agreed with what he said. She even suggests that if she wastes energy, he could put her over his knee and spank her. She then totters out of the room on her high heals – she has an appointment with her Personal Trainer.

Six weeks later, Will comes home from work, to find her with all the lights on all over the house and the fire is on in the lounge, despite it being a warm evening.

When he tells her off, she pouts at him and says she has to be warm and have plenty of light or she is miserable.

He’s exasperated with her. After their discussion about conserving energy, he’s received his utility bills and they are almost double what they used to be. So, he decides a good spanking may drive the lesson home – and as he says to her – it was her idea anyway.

He hauls her kicking and squealing over the knee. She is very indignant and protests that she was only joking about spanking her.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

But he is deadly serious and sets about turning her pretty pale cheeked bottom into a very red very sore looking one.

Initially he starts spanking her on top of her dress. Then as the spanking progresses he pulls up her dress and carries on spanking her on top of her pale blue frilly knickers – followed by them being pulled down and the remainder of the twenty minute spanking is on her bare bottom.
She wriggles and squeals, but he has a very firm hold of her and there is no escape.

He has a breakthrough with her, when she seems to be ready to negotiate with him about how she could help save energy in future.

So that spanking comes to an end.

Six weeks later, he again comes home from work – to find her lounging about with the heating full on. He asks her what she had done that day, and she says she went for an interview, because what they feared had happened – she was laid off from her previous job. She also went shopping and bought some new shoes.

He shook his head in disbelief at her wastefulness.

Then taking her by surprise, he upends her and she finds herself lying over his knee again. She is in for another long hard spanking, with his hand – then the hairbrush.

Spanking Videos - She finds herself over his knee again

He wanted her to do some work around the house, eg washing the dishes, making the bed, even some gardening. But being a spoiled brat, she tells him she doesn’t do housework and hasn’t a clue how to do gardening.

They are both as determined as the other. He intends to go on spanking her until she gives in and she has no intention of giving in.

But the fire that has been ignited in her poor bottom finally becomes unbearable and she reluctantly agrees to going to the kitchen to wash up and prepare the evening meal.

Meanwhile, Will hopes that his spanking her has helped save the planet.

Watch this Spanking Video HERE

Free Spanking Videos – Master of Paris

Free Spanking Videos - Master of Paris
Click for Free Spanking Video

Hired for her good looks rather than her housekeeping skills, new domestic Paris spends her first morning at work doing exactly what you’d expect her to do, which is not much. But her boss Butch Simms has guests coming that evening and needs for the house to be perfect, so he keeps following her around and catching her being lazy and inattentive to her duties. Finally, after the third or fourth time she annoys and exasperates him, Simms threatens to spank his new employee, who looks fantastic in her clinging uniform, with her voluptuous bosom (pushing against its buttons), her gracefully tapering waist and her shapely bottom so seductively outlined by her glove-tight skirt. After repeated warning and scoldings, Paris pushes the envelopes a little too far, letting her strict new boss catch her smoking a joint in his back yard. It is all over now but the kicking and screaming.

Butch drags Paris back into the house and straight to his bedroom, administering a good, hard, OTK spanking to the idle, rule breaking house maid. Paris feels Mr. Simms’ hard hand through her fishnet tights and panties and then on creamy bare bottom, until it is cherry vanilla.

Spanking Paris (and intermittently finger fucking her to wetness) gives Butch a giant erection and another good idea, so taking full advantage of his position, he demands she pleasure him with her sensuous mouth. Paris proves a lot better at giving head than she was at dusting and sweeping and in no time at all her employer’s lusty hard-on grows even more robust.

In characteristic style, Butch initiates several rounds of pile-driving sexual intercourse, in a series of classically revealing positions, all of which expose the ravishing allurements, including the tight, pink pussy, of the fully nude, auburn-haired beauty to perfection. After a number of rounds of vigorous and completely explicit sex, during which the luscious young lady lubricates like crazy, Paris inspires her employer to gush with praise for her, at least in respect to her skills as a partner in bed.

This slightly hard-edged but basically traditional male dominant-female submissive scenario features an adorable gen-x aged spankee enticing, submitting to and subsequently satisfying an athletic, well-endowed and virile older man. It’s Paris Kennedy’s first sex and spanking video and it is drenched with her own brand of Hollywood bad girl charm. We first featured with Paris in “The Mischief Makers” (SLV-096), which was shot when she had just come out in the scene and started making movies. Six years later she’s become daring enough to star in a movie like this one, playing every spanking man’s costumed fantasy girl, a delicious submissive who goes all the way in a scene.

Our Sorority Summer Camp — Shadow Lane

lesbian sorority spanking

As with any great dramatic work, the audience for this movie will be helped by a playbill with the cast of characters. So here goes:

Kat — hot Asian babe, spanker, older sorority sister
Bella — bookworm, gets spanked, doesn’t want to garden
Violet — pale brunette party girl, gets spanked
Natasha — hot brunette, older sorority sister, spanker
Sybil — hot-bodied redhead, party girl, gets spanked

In the opening scene of this well-written and well-acted spanking film, we learn that three sorority sisters are essentially in a sorority summer school for under-performers. The three underachieving sisters are Bella, Violet and Sybil. Violet is a pretty girl with dark hair and ivory skin. Sybil is a tall, slender, well-built, hot-bodied redhead. Bella is a plus-sized young African-American woman with a beautiful and wonderfully-expressive face.

Three women oversee the summer session. Two are older sisters in the soroity, Kat and Natasha. Natasha is an attractive brunette. Kat is a slim, hot Asian babe. The third overseer is Stephanie, the house mother. She is also a professor who gave the two of the girls less than stellar grades for their less than stellar academic performances.

While Sybil and Violet are party girls who neglected their studies, Bella is a bookworm whose failing seems to be that she studies too much and neglects her non-academic personal development.  All three need to improve in order to stay in the sorority.

In the first spanking scene, Kat, the hot Asian, spanks Sybil, the hot redhead. Did I mention that there are a lot of hot girls in this video? And yeah, the scene is hot, too.

Kat begins spanking Sybil while Sybil kneels on a picnic bench. It starts out light, but gets more serious.  “Take off your shorts,” Kat orders. “Now!”  “Hurry it up,” she barks, sounding like quite the little dominatrix. She uses her hand and a paddle on Sybil’s exquisite rear end. She orders the lovely Sybil to stay still. The spanking ends quickly, but in this movie, there’s plenty more to come.

Next, Natasha spanks Bella, who was reading when she should have been gardening. Bella is wonderfully vocal. She protests her spanking articulately and with injured dignity. She tries to maintain that dignity even when her pants are pulled down, her bare bottom revealed in all it’s glory, while being spanked with the book she was reading.

Many plus-sized women call themselves “big and beautiful”, but Bella truly is.   Her rear end is beautifully large and well-shaped. Her visage is not just comely and cute, but full of character as well. She frowns and knits her brow as she’s spanked. She’s full of emotion.  Her pretty little face shows her discomfort. She emits sexy, squeaky little “ow’s” and gasps. Her scenes are among the most erotic in this very sexy video.

Next, Natasha spanks Violet. Both girls wear shorts and skimpy, clingy tops. Violet’s shorts come off at Natasha’s direction. We see a barely-there thong underneath. Violet squirms and kicks on the picnic bench. A paddle is used. It’s not a hard spanking, but the two hot girls make it sexy.

In the next scene, Bella gets caught reading again when she should be gardening. Kat finds her and spanks her by hand and with a paddle. Again we hear Bella’s articulate protests. We see her injured dignity. We hear her high-pitched squeals and ow’s.

Kat is a busy spanker. Next, she spanks Sybil in library. Again, these hot girls are wearing skimpy clothing. Kat has Sybil remove her skirt and top, so she’s in just her bra and thong. This spanking is longer and more forceful than Sybil’s last one. It has Sybil breathing hard. Kat makes her remove the thong. Sybil has beautiful buttocks. She moans, breathes audibly, emits little gasps. Nobody says it out loud, but both girls seem to be turned on.  I don’t blame them.

The next scene in this non-stop spankfest features Bella and the professor. Bella is ordered to remove her summer dress. She protests, she argues, and of course, she loses. She’s wearing a lacy white camisole underneath. Her plus-sized breasts are virtually spilling out of it.

She gets spanked over the knee, with both a hand and a paddle. Here rear end turns pink. She squeals from the blows. Her breasts come out of the camisole.

The professor makes Bella take off her shoes and expose her feet to the professors touch. Bella’s feet are ultra-sensitive. Touching them makes her squeal and kick. She tries to keep them away. She’s ordered to present them again. She submits. Her veneer of autonomy is slowly stripped away. With her bare bottom and her sensitive feet at the professor’s mercy, Bella is helpless. The professor makes Bella say that she loves gardening. With no more will to resist, the once-proud Bella complies.

In the next scene, Natasha spanks Violet over the knee on the sofa. Violet wears a sexy summer dress at the beginning. The dress gets pulled up, her undies get pulled down, and she gets spanked.  First by hand, and then a hairbrush is used.

Sexy Kat comes in. Violet’s dress comes off completely, so she’s just in her bra and panties.  Violet is another hot young beauty. Kat leaves briefly and returns with Sybil in tow. Now both party girls get spanked together in the same room. Natasha works on Sybil, and Kat has her way with Violet.

It’s a somewhat chaotic scene. The slaps come hard and fast. All four women are super sexy, so much so that it’s a little overwhelming for the senses to handle. Kat and Natasha decide to make Sybil and Violet chant the sorority cheer: Lambda Sigma Zeta forever. They are forced torepeat it three times, while being spanked, until they get it right. Lambda Sigma Zeta forever!!! I couldn’t agree more.

I have bottomed the best

While I enjoy working as a model for my own company, I stopped working for others in 2007 and one of the main reasons was I had been spanked by the best. I can think of a few more men I’d like to be spanked by but as far as women – with the exception of Dana Sphect who only spanked me off camera at a Shadowlane party where people were lining up to get over her knee-I have been spanked by some of the hottest players in the industry. I remember when I did my first video for Bobbie Tawse and there was a short scene where she spanked me. I can’t remember what I did to deserve it but Bobbie spanked very hard and since she was my director on the shoot I wasn’t about to cut. She didn’t go that long as I think she could sense we were at the edge of my limit and and she was most considerate but after the shoot I was telling people “Bobbie is a really hard spanker.” Their reaction was “Um, Yeah- you should have done your homework”

I knew it was going to hurt with Kelly Payne and I was up for it. She spanked me with her little hand that packs a wallop, hairbrushes and paddles. It helps that Kelly compliments your “luscious ass” between takes and at the end of the shoot I would have let Kelly do anything she wanted to me and I’m not even bisexual. Now that’s a spanking! Sorry guys- all Kelly wanted to do was get to the next scene where Anastasia Pierce got it long and hard!

Lana is one of my models that people are dying to see me spank and me have never explored that territory but before I ride the Lana ride again- we will. She is the space mountain of spanking as you are hurled all over the place and barely have time to catch your breath. She makes you laugh a lot as well so it’s a challenge not to hyperventilate. You get the most amazing endorphin rush from a Lana spanking and I know just what my models are going through when they buck and kick over her knee. I love being behind the camera when Lana works her magic but it may be a while before I grow the balls to get over her knee again.

Recently I have been surrendering the booty to Miss Chris for scene on a few of my sites. She is so skilled and fair you really feel like she is the absolute right person to be issuing the correction, and she is going to take you past your threshold in a safe and sane way. I love to have Miss Chris play characters like a cop or a hardworking mom as i feel she is exudes an upstanding citizen vibe, and her spankings help me grow as a person. Maybe that is why so many people seek real life counsel from Miss Chris. I am sure she could have been a judge but i am so glad she’s a domina.

I’ll end this piece with fond memories of Chelsea Pfeiffer. Although I haven’t been spanked by Chelsea lately, we are proud of the video collection we have together. While our true chemistry is as switches, she is a harder spanker than I am and when she had me over her knee I always knee two things. One- I was getting a great spanking and secondly, we were making fans happy. I also switched with the gorgeous Veronica Daniels and a switch video with a broad my age my favorite thing to work on. And as Kelly would say, when I get a cougar over my knee she always has “A luscious ass.” I mean that with no disrespect to the gorgeous little cupcakes I have switched with thru the years, some who really tear up Momma Clare’s ass, but that’s a different subject and I’ll write about it when I have a few drinks down the hatch to ease the special humiliaition that comes from being spanked by a 21 year old…


A Spanker’s Paradise

A Spanker’s Paradise!
By Chelsea Pfeiffer

I just recently returned from attending the Shadow Lane party in Vegas. Actually, I returned last weekend, but only just found the time to write about my adventures there.

If you’ve never been to a large, organized spanking party weekend, you wouldn’t believe all that you hear about them. Think of a big group of people who are into spanking descending on a hotel and taking it over. You’re walking down the hallway after checking in and you hear the sounds of spanking coming from room after room. A sly smile spreads across your face. You’ve just had your first indicator that you’re among friends…YOUR kind of friends. That’s only one of the many amazing things you’ll hear, see and, if you’ve done your social networking before attending, get to do.

Okay, about that social networking. If you’re serious about actually getting in on some spanking action, a first time attendee, especially, but even someone like me who has attended almost every Shadow Lane party since they began throwing them, has to do a little pre-party networking. In my case, it’s so that I actually know whose lap I’m climbing over. I won’t have trouble spanking, or getting spanked. But, I might find myself in a situation that is not to my liking. There are only so many situations in which one has time to engage, so I like to make sure the ones in which I do are satisfying to me and the other person involved. The SL site itself is a good place to begin, but anything from MySpace, to Fetlife, to Twitter will help you make acquaintances and appointments to meet those acquaintances once you’re at the party. It’s essential. Otherwise, you’ll walk into the Friday night meet and greet they call the Vendor Fair completely clueless. Trying to meet people and hook up at that point is very, very difficult unless you’re an established spanking star, or extremely gifted with good looks, charm and spanking savvy.

Some people get there a couple of days ahead of the actual Friday night start. They like to get an early start on the spanking festivities. Being a responsible spanking producer and Webmistress, I don’t have the luxury of being able to get there any earlier than Friday afternoon. My husband Larry and I took longer getting away from the business than we planned. We got to the hotel at 6:15 p.m. for a 7 p.m. begin to the Vendors Fair. The Friday night meet and greet is called the Vendor Fair because it affords crafts people (paddle, cane and strap makers) and movie producers to set up tables and sell their wares as people mix and mingle. Larry and I opted not to do a table this year. We felt the need to return to our spanking roots and attend as party-goers only. We had the opportunity to meet the people we’d connected with online without having a large imposing table in front of us. Face to face was much cozier and it worked. A couple of hours later we found ourselves at a privately hosted party in a large suite that was oriented towards couples only. We met the lovely couple who hosted the party and exchanged spanking partners with another couple (I was spanked by him and Larry spanked his wife). Fun and thrillingly kinky. Oh yeah, and stingy for me!

Larry and I awakened rather late on Saturday, due to carrying on rather late the night before. We pulled ourselves together to make a reasonable appearance before going to brunch. When you’re at this kind of event, you never leave your room looking anything less than your best. Okay, my eyes were still a little puffy, but I clean up pretty nicely if I do say so myself. Larry looked relaxed and coolly casual. Cool. We made our way to the hotel’s café where we saw several groups of the people we’d met, or spanked, or been spanked by getting their nutrition before the spanking (and drinking) began again. Shortly after brunch, about an hour and a half later, we went to another suite party. This one was hosted by a New York spanking club, SSNY. They have regular parties, big events that they put together for East Coasters. Their parties are getting more and more popular, though, so even West Coasters are making their scene, lately. We had to check them out. I was spanked by one of the main organizers of SSNY. Ouch! He spanks hard! But, I wasn’t done for the weekend. Don’t worry. We pretty much had to leave that party soon after, though. We needed to rest up for the BIG PARTY, the formal Saturday night event that is really the highlight of the weekend. Larry was in a napping mood, but I was too excited to nap. I left him in our room and tried some time at the slots. Usually I’m pretty good. This time? No luck. Pooh! So, I found Clare Fonda’s room and hung out with her and her gang for a couple of hours. We chatted and a little spanking happened…even some tickling, but it was mostly very laid back. Soon, it was time to get back to my room to get fancified for the main event.

Saturday night, everyone gets all dressed up. Everyone looks amazing, some women in evening gowns and some men in tuxedos even. There’s a banquet and a great DJ and dancing. A little vanilla party activity before everyone starts to make their way to the various private parties held in suites and rooms throughout the hotel. Some people make arrangements to meet for very private, one on one, spanking get-togethers before making their way to the big parties. Larry and I did that. We’d made an appointment to spank a lovely woman from Kansas who wanted to do a mother and father role play scene. The three of us went up to our room and Larry and I tag-teamed her. I spanked her first, scolding in as motherly a manner as I could muster. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get into a role play when there are so many distractions (i.e., the rest of the party going on everywhere), but it was very pleasant spanking her perfect, fair-skinned bottom. Larry then took his turn. He was rather more strict with her than I. She was pleased. We hugged and went back to the main ballroom. There, Larry and I ran into Sarah Gregory, whom we’ve worked with on several occasions. She also wanted to go up to our room and play out a mamma, poppa scene. Seems tag-teaming was popular this year. Sarah’s a beautiful, statuesque brunette. Young and playful, but still a grown woman. We had a great time with her (pics included in this post)!

When Sarah had had her spankings, the three of us went to a very large suite party. This hotel suite was amazing! There were bedrooms on both ends and a large living room and kitchen area all gorgeously decorated with all the luxury amenities. Wow! There, I was spanked by someone a friend had recommended. Erica didn’t lead me wrong. The spanking this gentleman gave me was hard, but good. If you’re into spanking, you know exactly what that means. Larry ran off for a while. I lost track of him as he had fun with a couple of ladies in need of party-style discipline. During that time, Sarah asked me to do another scene with her. This time, she wanted a public spanking in the middle of the whole large suite where everyone who wasn’t engaged in spanking or being spanked was able to observe. I told her she was an attention whore and she laughed at me. So, I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to a good spot for me to sit and spank, yanked her over my knee and began giving her the hardest hand spanking I could muster for being so needy for spanking attention. Our little scene was a hit! Pun unavoidable. Sorry.

All too soon, it was very late and the party was over. Larry and I zigzagged our way back to our room in a post party meander. Sleep came quickly for both of us and we awakened on Sunday with just enough time to enjoy each other, order room service and check out on time. The drive back to L.A. was most pleasant, both of us enjoying a good post party glow of one type or another and the beautiful desert scenery, too.