The Kama Sutra of Spanking Positions

After thinking about all kinds of possible implements (read my last posting here) I began to consider all the different possible spanking positions. What I discovered is that there are a lot more than one might think. I currently have a list of 17 different spanking positions assembled. Okay, so maybe I’m not the Goddess of Spanking (unless you like to worship at my alter…then I am), so I might have missed one, or two. Or, I might have them in the wrong order. Or, they might just be a bit too much of an insight into how my sordid little mind works. See what you think.

Here we go:

The Classic OTK
OTK is spankers lingo for over-the-knee, as most of you know.
Hey, somebody might be completely new to all of this. It’s possible.
Anyway, back to the position. Many spanking aficionados think this is the ultimate position…the only possible position. AND, some of them believe that it isn’t a proper OTK unless it’s administered with the spanker sitting on a straight-backed chair.
Huh…so rigid. Still, certain kinds of rigidity can be very nice. Hehe.
That’s Lena Ramon pictured getting her OTK.

The Classic OTK, on couch with legs up
This is what I like to call “the lovers spanking position,” because it’s comfortable and intimate for both parties concerned…well, at least until the spanking begins. Then the one draped over the legs of the spanker might not be so comfortable anymore.
Shane Ryder assisted in my sharing of this photo.

The Classic OTK, on couch with legs down
This position is also very comfortable for both parties, but even more so for the spanker. It’s easier to get a good swing going when you don’t have the back of the couch to hinder you.
Ariel X is pictured here. She takes a great spanking in any position.

The Classic OTK, on couch with legs up and spread
This is a delightful position if you happen to be holding a camera and filming while a gorgeous, panty-less girl is getting her bottom righteously reddened. Some girls just position themselves this way. Charming habit, I say.
Molly Matthews is the beautiful woman who elected to spread her legs so fetchingly in this photo.

The Classics OTK, on couch with legs up and spread
I couldn’t resist sharing another fine and pretty example of this revealing position.
Carolyn Reese, pictured here, also has a penchant for spreading her legs. She’s very naughty!

The Classic OTK with the legs pinned
It’s insidious to the one being spanked to have their legs held down by the spankers leg. But, at the same time it’s kind of exciting to be held in such an intimate manner. As a spanker, it’s a very effective way to make sure you don’t get bonked in the head with a flailing, high heel clad foot. Oh, and it also frees up a spanker’s swing, too, with nothing behind the shoulder to get in the way.
These two ladies are Eve Ellis (being spanked) and Johnni Black (spanking).

The Classic Bent Over
A very popular position! It’s very good for administering strappings, paddlings with large paddles and also for flogging. Oh, and it can be very revealing, as well. Once a lady is bent over, she’s very hard pressed to avoid showing us a little pink.
Gorgeous Jade Indica is posed perfectly to help demonstrate in this photo.

The Classics Bent Over – legs spread
This is another very charmingly revealing position and great for using a crop, which is easier to aim and can be used “intimately,” to pleasure. Still, when snapped down upon a bared bottom will definitely deliver a true sting, often accompanied by a yelp, or at least a good gasp from the person who received that snap of the crop. I wouldn’t use a flogger, here. The ends of those things can really hurt the kitty and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Ashley Fires, pictured here, is another lady with quite a penchant for leg spreading and I still say it’s a charming habit.

The Chair Kneel
A woman often looks as if she might be on her knees praying in this position. And, she may well be. “Please don’t spank my poor red ass anymore!” Perhaps that’s part of its appeal. I like it as a good taste of variety. One can do too much OTK, you know. Some people don’t feel that way, but believe me when you’ve made as many spanking movies as I have a little variety is a good thing. Trust me.
Lena Ramon is helping demonstrate again. Thank you, Lena.

The Pin Down
I actually hadn’t initially planned to include this position, as I haven’t used it very often. But, in bed it is quite effective to keep your intended target from squirming away. I have had it used on me and it’s quite insidious. One simply can’t escape if the top is bigger and stronger.

Kayla Paige is the one pinned down and she’s taking it from the able handed Cherry.

The Pin Down 2
Okay, I couldn’t resist adding this one. I got this bright idea one day during this shoot with Amelia Jane Rutherford and it turned out to be much harder on me that she. I was on my knees on a desktop, because I would never sit down on her completely. That would just be rude. I sported bruised knees for quite some time after. Poor me!
As I said, that’s Amelia Jane Rutherford with me sitting on top of her. Good sport that Amelia!

The Tummy Down
This position is actually the position that I first imagined when I began fantasizing about spanking. Probably because it’s good for strapping, which I associate with having a belt used on me. A man removing his belt to deliver a strapping to a nude, or nearly nude woman on a bed with her tummy down melts my mind, dissolves everything for me except that moment.
Who better to help illustrate a tummy down strapping than Sinn Sage, whose very favorite thing is being strapped. She likes leather, I guess.

The Double Tummy Down
If one is good, two is certainly better in this situation. No?
Sinn Sage, again, is pictured and she’s sharing her strapping with pretty Sarah Gregory.

The Doggie Style
This is a lovely, sexy position that is good for more then just fucking. I highly recommend it, as it brings out the submissiveness in any submissive. Oh baby!
That’s Sinn Sage, again. We have a lot of Sinn Sage photos and she likes to get into this position a LOT!

The Double Bent Over
As with the Double Tummy Down, two is usually better than one if you’re up to it. It can be challenging to administer two spankings at once; especially if the tolerance level of each girl is different. It can be downright tiring if both ladies can take a hard one. There, you’re forewarned.

Sinn Sage, again! This time she’s sharing a paddling with Natalie DeMoore.

The Diaper Position
This is another sexually suggestive position, obviously. That’s what I like about it. My sweetie and I used to play like this when we first got together and I remembered it one day before a shoot. Yes, the hubby and I have been together so long we forget various positions and implements from time to time as we zero in on what always works. Marriage is like that and maybe now I have shared too much. Sorry! But, that day, as our very able and gifted camera man, that position pleased my man more than just a little. He got very good angles of it and I was proud of him.

Ah, the beautiful and very sexy Charlotte Vale was game for assisting in the illustration of this position.

The Diaper Position with add-ons

Do you see where you can go with this position? Just look at that picture, that’s all I’m saying.

Sinn Sage is the guilty party once again!

The Wheelbarrow
I personally never imagined this position. Someone emailed describing it as best they could and requesting that we try to use it in a future production. I’ve since seen other photos and I see where we went wrong with this particular attempt. The spanker should have been sitting on the edge of the bed, or better yet, on a chair. Then the spankee must place their hands on the floor as their legs straddle around the spanker. Then, it even looks kind of like she’s playing wheelbarrow and improves the spankers prospective, certainly. Mmmm.

Bodacious blonde Carolyn Reese is the receiver and Vanessa Vanowen is the able giver in this photo.

There you have it. Seventeen positions. Can you think of anymore? Did I forget something obvious? I certainly hope not! If I did, please be so kind as to point that out.

Spanking Postions

As a producer I get a lot of mail requesting various positions and while most viewers seem to feel that bottoms are great any way you look at them, they do seem to have their favorites.  I get a lot of requests for the diaper position and we rarely show it as it seems to be a hard one to spank from and not so traditional.  Since I also do an erotic diaper site I have tried to incorporate this position more on there.  I have nothing against it and I will say as a sub it feels wonderful, but as a domme I just don’t have the coordination to give a girl a good, long hard spanking with her legs up in the air.  This is something I will investigate further and I will say Leia-Ann Woods is very diaper-position friendly!  I hope she’s not cross at me for saying that.  Oh yes, I forgot – I’m the domme- on your back, girl – toes pointed.

Doggie style is a hot one with the model giving us a great view of everything when she is on her hands and knees, offering herself with very little cushion on her bottom and this spanking produces some great reactions.  Once when I shot Kailee she said this was her favorite position and the Cameraman took full advantage.  A tough girl like Kailee will keep herself firmly planted and take her whacks but I flew across the room after a blow from Miss Chris- fear as much as force  Some girls make better doggies than others!

Bent over a chair or the couch is popular and I feel best to do at the end of a shoot once the model trusts you.  I think it can look effective on video if you deliver sold whacks.  Amber Pixie Wells and Kailee are two girls who I have had nice scenes with while they are bent over the end of my bed taking it hard with a hairbrush. They are two models who need things taken to a higher level so they can find the right head-space.

OTK on the bed is popular as it is common and intimate to spank someone in their bedroom no matter what type of spanking this is. This is a favorite though for a mother/daughter settings when mom or aunty comes into the bedroom, lectures and then spanks.  I also love when someone is peeking through the door. I would think it is thrilling to be on the subby end of the spanking with someone watching in a subtle manner.

over the kneeOf course, our viewers tend to go for OTK on a hard-backed, armless chair more than anything. I like this as a top as it helps my posture and I also like it as a producer because if girl has an ounce of lazy in her she won’t be able to pull off an effective scene. Most models want to pull off best scene possible and a hardworking model will enjoy being on camera so much that she will kick and wiggle and make sure we see her pretty face.  The fact that girls can do this while the scene really hurts, just shows that fetish modeling is not an easy gig.  Enjoy the shot of Lana and Ace. I shot there scene a week ago and am still buzzing from it