Spanked Lady Friends 2

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Title: Spanked Lady Friends 2
Running Time: 30.27 minutes
Starring: Unknown

Hello Dear Reader this is your Humble Narrator Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot once again to give you the lowdown on the many spanking movies from Now I have been away for a few weeks, and I assure you that it was indeed not intentional. The real reason of course is that I was busy moving back to my beloved city from my adopted New England.

Now having one’s computer (hence life) in pieces being dragged by a bunch of rather large men into a truck is indeed unnerving thus it has taken a bit to re-assemble the many parts. But alas it is done and I have been going through a bit of spanking withdrawal. So today I bring you Spanked Lady Friends 2 which features a very unhappy girl getting her bottom brutally beaten by a rather blonde attractive lady.

Dialog in this movie is somewhat lacking since there is no lead up to her spanking. But who needs dialog, sometimes Dear Reader you simply KNOW that a girl needs a spanking. The movie of course begins with a lovely naked brunette laid out upon a coffee table, hands at her side and rather despondent look upon her face, thus it is obvious she knows what will befall her bottom by the rather attractive blonde with a tawse!

Our spankee in this movie looks a bit familiar but from her reaction to being struck it seems to me she is either a good actress or perhaps this is indeed her first spanking since each impact seems to truly shock the girl on how much it hurts.
After enduring a pretty hard strap, some forcible touching and being made to kiss her tormentors stomach (which I probably wouldn’t mind doing but she indeed would be getting the spanking) , Tears begin to well up in our poor girls eyes as she is made to stand and endure yet more bottom beating fun.

Now why this movie is called Spanked Lady Friends is somewhat of a mystery to Your Humble Narrator since these ladies simply don’t appear to be quite friendly, Actually Blondie seems quite hostile toward her ward though never giving up an opportunity to run her hands around her body or insert her finger in an orifice or two. So perhaps this movie should be renamed hostile lesbian lady or some such thing. But I digress.

Put in the dreaded diaper position with her legs held high by her own hands our young unfortunate brunette waits for the inevitable sting to her bottom while Blondie takes her sweet time heightening the girls dread. Spanking with slow but hard strokes the viewer can see the pain in the poor girls face when the strap or hand comes in contact with her already sore bottom.
But as many a spankee knows this position cannot be held for very long and once again she is stood up and forced to kneel over the couch for some more punishment of her now glowing bottom.

The grand Finale is Your and my favorite, an OTK spanking. Put roughly over Blondie’s knee and her hand pinned behind her back to keep her from interfering with the blows upon her bottom she is spanked soundly though I will have to say the slow ass spanking that she gets with the strap really doesn’t work in this position since at least in my opinion such spanking should be given hard and quick.

So I guess the question Dear Reader is if I enjoyed the movie. Well to tell you the truth Dear Reader is wasn’t a bad little flick. At running 30 minutes it is a nice quick diversion to whatever you are dreading to do. Giving one that satisfying feeling when one simply needs a bit of spanking to keep him going throughout the day.

3 Stars

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