Spanked for Twerking– A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Joelle Barros, Christy Cutie , Sarah Gregory, Keith Jones

Approximate Running Time: 53.38 minutes

Sarah is meant to be an example to her two younger cousins – Joelle and Christy. Unfortunately, she leads them into trouble and they all end up being spanked for twerking.

They didn’t know how to twerk, so Sarah gives them a demonstration. After some practicing and giggling, the girls decide to go out clubbing and show the other clubbers what twerking is all about.

Joelle and Christy realise the being spanked for twerking is not fun

However, their Uncle Penwyn sees a video of the three girls in action on YouTube. He is utterly disappointed with his three nieces and texts Sarah with strict instructions to spank the two younger girls. Sarah admits that she was the one who put the video on YouTube. So, as per Uncle Penwyn’s orders, she reluctantly gives them both a good over the knee spanking – by hand, hairbrush, and cane on their bare asses.

Now it is Christy's turn to be spanked for twerking

Unnoticed by them, Uncle Penwyn comes into the room unannounced. As he has been stuck in traffic for over three hours, he’s not in a good mood. He announces to them that his secretary was the one who found the video of them “tweeking.” The girls giggle as he asks about the dance and then try to explain it to him. He is disgusted that his own kin would partake is such a classless activity.

As Joelle and Chrisy’s bottoms have gone back to their normal pale colours, he’s not convinced that she has spanked her naughty younger cousins. So, he takes it on himself to spank all three of them – so they will know they have been spanked for twerking.

He gives each girl in turn a severe hand spanking – leaving Sarah, the ringleader, till last.

As they all have four years to go at university and he has paid for their studies, he expects them to get straight As.

All three girls have sore red bottoms – and they end up having a family hug.

After all lthree girls had been spanked for twerking, they have a family hug

Once Uncle Penwyn has gone back to the office, the three naughty girls – with a great deal of giggling-make plans to go clubbing, despite having been spanked for twerking – have they learned their lesson?

Discipline Within the Home — California Star

Discipline Withing the Home
California Star Productions
OTK Video

If you find this movie on and look up the review, you’ll see that AVN (Adult Video Network) gives it a very low rating — one star. Such a low rating. Must be a bad movie, right? Wrong! This is a good, sexy, erotic spanking video.

Sexy redhead spankingIt begins with Uncle Joey confronting his niece, Natalie about her misbehavior at the university. Natalie is a college age hottie. She’s tall and slender, with a slim waist, long legs and a small but shapely derriere. In spite of the slender frame, she has large, full breasts that strain against her white shirt. She has quite a beautiful face as well — almond eyes, symmetric features, fine cheekbones, highlighted honey blond hair. She could almost be a fashion model.

sexy okt spankingBest of all, she has the kind “whatever” attitude you often
encounter in beautiful young women. She rolls her eyes and looks bored while Uncle Joey lectures her about her behavior. She makes excuses that are transparently false. She doesn’t even respect him enough to make good excuses. She just doesn’t any put energy into it. She even asks him tauntingly “so what are you going to do about it?” Natalie makes clear that she doesn’t respect the school’s rules or her guardian’s authority. In fact she really doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself.

The email that Uncle Joey gets from the school says that although Natalie deserves a good session of corporal punishment, which they think is the only way to get through to her, they’re not allowed to dole it out. But as her legal guardian, Uncle Joey is allowed. In fact, they recommend it. And he decides to follow their advice.

sexy bare bottom
Uncle Joey orders Natalie over his knee. She puts up very little protest, which is surprising in a college-age girl, especially one who is a niece and not a daughter. I would have liked and expected to see a bit more indignation and reluctance on her part, but you can’t have everything. She does as she’s told, and the spanking begins.

Uncle Joey hikes up his niece’s short skirt and reveals little
black panties underneath. She doesn’t protest when the skirt comes up either. She’s not much of an actress.

Given Natalie’s lack of acting skill, I suspect the pain she complains about is real. She doesn’t seem to have any talent for playing a role. She moans and groans and says ‘ow’ as she gets spanked. Her pretty face grimaces in pain.

He pulls down her “knickers”. Again, no complaints from Natalie. But her gasps become more high-pitched, her breathing more labored, and her groans more piteous. She says she’s sorry, but she doesn’t sound sincere enough yet. The spanking continues.

Uncle Joey orders Natalie to stand up and remove her skirt and knickers completely. He orders her to bend over the sofa. He stands behind her and uses the paddle. Her involuntary cries begin to sound more childish. Her “sorry” is starting to sound sincere.

I am liking this video. Beautiful, aloof Natalie is getting a hard paddling, and she doesn’t like it one bit. Her sophisticated, university-student veneer is crumbling. And the paddling continues.

bare bottom switchUncle Joey gets another implement, a rod with a little hand on the end. It seems to hurt Natalie more than the paddle. Her grimace is more pronounced, her little gasps more pitiful. You can see the anticipatory fear in her face before each stroke. “I’m going to cry,” she says. She can’t help it. No more aloof college girl.

You hear her sniffle. Her little bottom is becoming red and
welted. She doesn’t have much padding down there. Her pain receptors must be quite close to the surface. But things are about to get even worse for the once-haughty Natalie. Uncle Joey gets the cane and orders her to stick her bottom out.

The cane hurts Natalie even more than the prior implement. She breaks her position. She looks back at Uncle Joey pitifully and says she’s sorry. He tells her to brace herself for more strokes.

She says she’s sorry more than once. Her apologies are labored now, coming out in between her gasps and cries. Her body begins to tremble and shudder. She starts to sob and sniffle harder. Her voice breaks and her “ow”s come out in a breathy, elongated fashion. She sounds like a young, crying girl.

She rubs her now-striped bottom with her long, elegant, model-esque fingers. Her nails are manicured. She cries out in long, breathy gasps –ahahahaha. He lectures her more. The “whatever” attitude is gone. She tells him she’s sorry again, in between sobs. He tells her she can get dressed. She sniffles as she dresses in front of him, pulling her clothes gingerly over her sore bottom. He orders her to leave the room and do her homework. She agrees submissively and walks away, still sniffling.

In the next scene, Uncle Joey confronts his wife, Angela, over her spending. She’s bought a great deal of expensive clothing lately. It seems that Angela fancies herself a “trophy wife” who has to look good for her husband. This rationale cuts no mustard with Uncle Joey.

He goes through a similar ritual with wife Angela that he just went through with niece Natalie. First Angela goes over the knee, then she gets the paddle, and then the cane. It’s a perfectly good spanking. Angela is an attractive woman– nice cleavage, nice rear end, pleasant face. And Joey knows how to dole out the pain. The cane especially makes Angela gasp and squeal. Her voice also breaks as the “ow”s issue forth. Her breathing becomes
audible and labored.

It’s a perfectly adequate spanking, but it’s an anti-climax after the session with Natalie. It’s not as long or as hard, and Angela, while attractive, does not have Natalie’s sex appeal, or perhaps I should say “spank-appeal”. In another video, the Angela session would be a highlight. In this video, after sexy Natalie gets her tearful and heartfelt comeuppance, Angela’s spanking is just an afterthought.